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  1. UPDATE: These speakers are under deposit. If/When sale is complete, I will mark them "sold." I have just listed my Klipschorns on U.S. Audio Mart: https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649648153-1976-klipsch-klipschorn-speakers-consecutive-serial-s-brand-new-type-aa-crossovers-tweeters-and-squa/ -- see that listing for details and pictures. In that listing, I offer to replace, as needed, any tweeter and/or squawker driver(s) that may be worn out (though all the drivers sound to me like they're working fine). But instead of this modest guarantee (worth no more than $210 to replace with same from CritesSpeakers.com), as a gesture of my appreciation to the members of this forum, I am instead offering a 15% discount off the top of the asking price of $2,875: that works out to $2,443.75 for Klipschorn speakers (must have already been a member of this forum as of this past Thursday, 8/20/2020). Pick up only. I live in Easthampton, Massachusetts. PM me if interested.
  2. I recently acquired a single Klipschorn SN1703 from about 1960 with the K-5-J mid horn and K-500/5000 crossover. I know it's a long shot, but I'll looking for another single speaker like this one to make a stereo pair. Please let me lnow if you have one to sell or if you can give me advice on where I might find one.
  3. I have a set of (very not stock) K-Horns that I'd like to sell. I have a set of Heresy's that I'm converting to Claude's Super Heresy and think it's time to let their big brothers go to someone who will love them as I have. I'm hoping one of the community members here can help me understand what they are (model type, mod/abomination) and what I can do to make a proper sale. Big thanks to anyone who can help me sort this out. Pictures: Album here The cabinets aren't labelled, no sticker, and don't have binding posts built in. Does this mean they're speakerlab or maybe a custom build or is it possible that they're original k-horns? This is the most important question I have because I don't want to misrepresent something that I'm trying to sell. The crossovers are type AA The tweeters are the k-77, unmounted. The mids: Altec 511b horn, 808-8a driver Woofers: mismatched Electrovoice EV15, I replaced the other with a Crites 1526c The midhorn and drivers were replaced with an Altec Voice of the Theater combo 808-8a driver and 511b horn. Is this common? I have an extra set of k-55 mid drivers that I made some adapters for to fit on the horn. Should I probably sell with those on it instead? The grill cloth is worn out. Should I redo it before selling? Am I overthinking this? Last question: if I want them to sell in the next few months, how much should I try to get for them? I'm willing to deliver if that makes a difference.
  4. I am looking at a pair of La Scala that came out a of a local theater. They are 1974 units. One is missing one of the K77 tweeters otherwise everything is pretty much untouched. They are black plywood/ lacquer paint cabinets, have little Klipsch badges on the wood in the top corners. How difficult is it going to be for me to find one or a pair of K-77 AlNiCo tweeters from that era? Currently running HK730 with KG4s and HK430 with KG2s. Really would like to own these La Scalas as a natural progression into Kilpschland. Still debating with guy he wants $1,000 for them. Would like to grab them for around $600. Any opinions?
  5. Have a new to me set of Khorn, and looking for clarification on brochure info. 1980 version (ish). See picture, its states when placed in corner the "walls and floor" become part of the "extention". Given how room treatments effect things, and damping cabinets effect bass ect, I'm wondering if a simple sheetrock wall corner is fine, and carpet on the floor, or if these surface treatments can be altered for different performance (extension)
  6. According to the "KLIPSCH HERITAGE REFERENCE DATA - (V.3 - 23 Aug 2013)" found here on the forum: "July 29, 1955 was the last day for the four digit serials (i.e. 1811). After that the "number- letter-serial" system went into effect (2 August 1955). The first "number-letter-serial" speaker was produced on the 2nd of August 1955; that serial number was 1A812." Despite this I continue to see documented Klipschorns delivered after that date with four letter serial numbers (including my #1251 manufactured in 1957 and the subject of the last thread; #1751 delivered March 29, 1963 ) Maybe just the singles (both xx51...curious...) continued with the 4 digit serial numbers? When was the last four digit khorn built? Any thoughts?
  7. Two 1950s Khorns with different specs being sold together for $3000. Is it me or is that price pretty high? https://baltimore.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-klipschorn-speakers/6656096730.html No affiliation, just thought it was a curious ad and wanted to share.
  8. Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I'm looking for a pair of used Klipschorns, which are willing to be shipped over to the UK. Any help will be much appreciated. Many thanks
  9. Hi everyone - I got rid of my nice floor standing speakers a few years back when I remodeled and put in wall / ceiling speakers. Well they are fine to watch TV - but man I sure miss listening to "good sound." So I have decided to purchase some nice Klipsch speakers. Im leaning toward the Klipshorn - but I am worried about my room layout. The room is about 20x30 - the speakers would be about 15 feet apart - one side - perfect corner to go in - the other side - is like a 3/4 corner - what I mean by that is one side of the corner is normal but the other side the wall sticks out only about 18" - so the speaker would stick passed the wall about 8 to 9 inches. Beyond the little 18" wall it opens to a hallway - the next wall is about 3 feet away. Also Im wondering about acoustics. My room has NO carpet - the floor is all tile, hallway is wood. Ceilings are 9 feet high. Also the kitchen opens up into that room- kinda like a big L - its like an open design house - one big room. Could I put Khorns in the room or would the sound be lost and or not sound good? I am located in the SF bay area, Livermore to be exact. I have not found a place to listen to Khorns (I havnt heard them in 25 years probably) There is a dealer about a 2 hour drive - but he only has La Scala II on demo. I have thought about buying a pair of used La Scala's but they are not very good looking except for the ones only a few years old. The other downside I keep reading about, a lot of people on here say if you use the La Scala's you should run a Sub with them. The speakers would just be used for music - not hooked up to home entertainment. More than likely I would be using a Fisher 500c to run them. Any feed back would be appreciated. and any info on where I could hear some Khorns - that would also be appreciated. Any members in the area that run an older set - sure would like to hear them to. Thanks and have a great day, Ted
  10. Hello, First time poster and electonics novice here looking for some friendly guidance from the experts. Our Parish was gifted with two pairs of 2002 vintage Klipsch stereo speakers that we would like to sell to raise money for much needed playground improvements for our school. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to give us some guidance as to a fair market value? The items are: - two beautiful floor-standing Mahogany Klipschorn speakers in excellent condition. - two Klipsch Heresy speakers thanks so so much for any help y’all can provide. Tom H.
  11. My location is Sapulpa, Oklahoma, which is near Tulsa. This is a set of Klipschorns with consecutive serial numbers.The original owner stained the wood a cherry color. It was originally walnut. If the buyer desires, the speakers also come with matching false corners. $3000 cash.
  12. Hi Folks, Yikes!!!!! Purchased the KHorns today and they sound great-but not in the house yet!! Will rent the smallest enclosed Uhaul next week for transport upright-they are only about ten miles away. Listened to a Glenn Gould for sibilance and my ears did not hear it, and Toots & Maytalls for bass and both sound superrrrrrrrr!! Serial # is 21Y028 on one, which I believe is 1982 but must be a late year model as it has the AK2 crossover. I understand the AA is preferable, but c'est la vie! Grills are perfect with just some surface marks on the bottom of right speaker. I plan to put them on dollies temporarily and perhaps pavers underneath when I get the old stuff out. Being located in hurricane country I want them up a bit if some water creeps into the condo. Not sure how the pavers might affect the sound-so not putting wood underneath as it absorbs water. Any suggestions?They will be in the corners so placement should be perfect! Mallette-unfortunately this end of the room has the only two corners available garyrc-will put up a curtain soon or later and will try some sort of difussion by experimenting. billybob-yes minimalist to start SWL-a new rug will be first and then yes, experimenting. Thanks for all your suggestions-will post pics when in house! Regards, Duane in Clearwater
  13. Hi Folks, Just had my first experience listening to a pair of 1982 Khorns and it was inspiring how they sound in a larger space than I have.! Considering the opportunity to purchase them however my living room is only 13x14 with a high sloping ceiling with tile flooring on the ground floor. Also between the the two corners at one end are the sliding glass doors to the patio and the other end has the kitchen pass-thru(2x5) with an open doorway to the kitchen next to it. Music, 50's-60's Jazz mostly with some rock thru records and older tube equipment. Current speakers are Altec Bi-flex which surprisingly have decent bass without a subwoofer. Concerned the room will be not be adequate for sound development as I will be only 9-10 feet away at the listening position with the sofa backed up almost to the pass-thru. So is this an opportunity or is my brain working overtime?!?! It's all about the music. Thanks for any suggestions. Regards, Duane in Clearwater
  14. Hi I was just wondering, my Klipschorns are on a base as pictured, the base is filled with Kingspan and false corners surrounding them. If I wanted to have them permanently on castors would this affect the sound at all? Any thoughts. Many thanks
  15. So, I am slowly restoring an old set of Khorns. I just took some measurements of the latest configuration and I'm wondering if this is looking like it's supposed to. Set up: UMIK 1 / REW / about 3 feet off the ground / 3.5 feet from front of Khorn / 1/6 smoothing Woofer: Stephens 103LX (16 Ohm, DCR ~ 10 Ohms) // mounted on slide-in motorboard, with 6"x13" slot Mids: University SA-HF + K-5-J Highs: K77 Tweeter (square magnet) Crossover: I built the ALK Universal crossover with Solen caps and Litz inductors on a k-500-5000 crossover board (1954). I'm using the old autotransformer on the board and the squawker is connected to the -3 and 0 tabs on it. Here are the measurements. Is the woofer response supposed to look like that? It looks like it's not being properly attenuated on the upper end.
  16. Greetings, I recently have been gifted with an old mismatched pair of Klipschorns. One of the cabinets has a really funky ordeal going on inside. There is a Pioneer Dual Voice Coil 6 Ohm woofer in the bass cabinet that is wired in parallel, with each set of leads going to a separate LC filter, and then each of the filters is attached to 1/4" input jacks???? Also there's a bunch of styrofoam sound treatment glued in. Also they cut a circle in the other side of the cabinet and closed it with an identical door. What even is this? Why did anyone do this? Also - how do I even connect an amp to test this monstrosity out? Any help / insight would be appreciated. Do I just rip everything out without listening to it and put a Crites in there? Thanks!
  17. I'm looking to replace the squawker horns on my '75 Klipschorns (K400). Preferably something that can be used as a drop-in replacement using the stock K55(V), but all options will be considered. If you are selling a pair of Fastrac, Eliptrac, Volti V-trac horns or similar, please PM me. -AG
  18. WFP


    Havre de Grace MD $3000 https://baltimore.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-klipschorn-speakers/6656096730.html
  19. Already posted this over on Audiokarma, so apologies to members of both, but I figured it was time to join this forum as well. Thanks to the one and only Edroom and his annual audio yard sale I was able to purchase these beautiful giants yesterday. These are my first "big" set of speakers and they already sound fantastic even with the original capacitors in the crossovers. Even had the energy to stop at Home Depot on my way home for some pipe insulation to seal 'em to the walls. The details: 1972 Klipschorn Model B's "M75" Mahogany finish, NOT lacquered AA crossovers I absolutely, 100% recommend buying from Ed if you ever have the chance. Nice guy, fair prices, and an impressive collection.
  20. So, I picked these up yesterday locally and am really excited to get started working on them. Unfortunately they came from a smokers home, and I've been seeking help in one of the other Forums on how to clean them properly without damaging them; however that is not the reason I'm over here now. I wanted to know the year these were made and the serial number look-ups have not provided an answer to my question. As you can see from the photos below, these K-horns have a 5 digit serial number, and that doesn't seem to match up with anything I've found online or in these forums. I'm hoping someone here has some knowledge or can help with these. It does appear that the tester was Judy Clayton who, after some research, appears to have been in that department in the late 80's->90's, and I am guessing a year of 1990, but would love some confirmation, and maybe history on why the serial number doesn't match the standard? Thanks in advance! If anyone ventures around Montana, stop by for a beer and a listen (once I get them cleaned up).
  21. I have come across a pair of obviously old Klipschorns and was wondering if anyone has the background to estimate their age. See attached photo of one of the labels.
  22. Looking for Klipschorns, pretty much any condition, but complete. Price goes with condition, obviously. My plan is to use the bass bin, and update the midrange & tweeter. First however, I need to acquire a pair and listen & evaluate. I have seen a few using searchtempest, but all are far away, and most sellers won't bother with shipping, which can be $$$. Prices vary from below $2K to around $4800, depends on year & condition I suppose. Most I have seen are around $2500 to $3K, pair. Was hoping someone in the western states might be selling?
  23. So I'm wondering, what would the exact specs and full instructions for proper installation be for the notorious Horns? Here's what I've come to understand. I welcome any true to fact corrections; 1. Khorns should be placed no closer than 12' yet no farther than 24' apart'? 2. Must be installed with a one sided sticky neoprene (black spongy stuff) so as to push against the wall surface in order to properly isolate cabinet chamber? 3. From the corner of room, nothing but unobstructed wall 42" to the left, and 48" to the right of speaker location? No obstructions within this area including windows, doors, etc? 4. And finally, is it true that PKW's "optimal room size" is, in fact, 27' x 16' x 10' ceilings? If so, was his Khorn placements on the long wall or the short wall? Guessing the long wall. I custom built a (26' x 38' x 10' walls) room for my Khorns and LaScala's. The room also has vaulted ceilings at 14' tall going the direction of 38'. My intention is to place the Khorns on the short wall and naturally, LaScala's on the opposite side of the room. I feel certain this isn't the optimal room. Oh well! Thanks, Tony
  24. I am a Klipschorn neophyte looking to start my journey by obtaining a sequential pair within 150 miles of the D.C. area. Ideally, the pair will be plug 'n' play, but open to anything that might need some work as well. I'll be building spacers to separate the horn from the woofer (Loft/Mancuso style), so wear and tear on the cabinets is not a concern, but water damage is unacceptable. I am willing to pay fair market price and am not trying to bargain hunt. Thanks!
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