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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for a buyer for this pair of vintage 1950s klipschorn speakers, they are in excellent working condition and belonged to their original owner. The serial#s are 1671-1672 on the cabinets and 1832 & 1681 on the horns. I'm located in Houston so anyone local interested please msg me otherwise I can ship at buyer's expense. The owner is proud of these speakers and would like to get 2k for the pair.
  2. http://app.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-klipsch-klipschorn-kc-br-red-walnut-pair-corner-horns-2014-08-02-speakers-91016-monrovia-ca Heads up to any left-coasters or those within driving distance looking for Klipschorns - it appears there's a good deal to be had. The listing shows a label indicating KC-BR but this pair has Type B collars. Also, the label is stamped in red with what looks like "Salesman's Accommodation" so perhaps the collars were thrown into the original order or added later. I'm not associated with this sale, just happened to see it this morning on AG. Oops - forgot the price: $1700 "Buy It Now" or Make Offer
  3. Hot off the video presses, just in time for 'murrica's birthday. And proof we still are who we are, as much as we can be. Bonus points if you can name the guy behind the voice. (a lot of bonus points because I really doubt anyone would know). Enjoy!
  4. Hi everyone, I recently came in to a pair of beautiful Klipsch Klipschorns. Serial numbers note they were built in April 2000. They are oiled oak with black grilles. They have the AK-3 crossovers. They are almost perfect, with just two small (smaller than thumbnail) dings to the veneers on the back corners. It took me several days to notice them. Otherwise they are beautiful. The sound is terrific too - they are really bewitching. If they weren't so massive (far too big for anywhere in my small house) I would definitely keep them. In any case I've caught the bug for horns - is there any way to get even part of this beautiful sound in a smaller package? In any case, these must go. I'm going to play them every night until they do and as long as my very-patient wife lets me park them in the middle of the living room. I have a bunch of photos on my camera at home and I'll post a few here from my iPhone as well. I am located in the DC metro area in Silver Spring MD. I won't ship these as they are absolutely massive and require lots of care in transport. I'll help you carry them out but they will take a pretty large vehicle - they are about 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide and deep. I have these advertised on DC Craigslist for $3875. I may also put them on eBay but would love to work a sale with a fellow Klipsch aficionado (I'm a lurker here on the forum and have a pair of KG-4s that I love). Please contact me via PM if you are interested, know anyone who is interested, have questions, or would like to come out and take a look. Thanks!
  5. From the album: The system

    At last, I took off the tweeters out from the khorns tops. Volti's mid horns are really really great and work incredible with the beymas, but putting the tweeters to their sides could be bettered. This is what I have done and I am very happy about it.
  6. I have a great system that I am very happy with. My system is built upon klipschorn with volti horns 2"throats and BMS drivers, plus a beyma tweeter I time aligned and put on top. I have crites 1526c woofers in the bassbin and have volti crossovers too. I am very happy with my corners as well and could go down to 40hz without much loss. I have a klipsch home theater sub, that is less than satisfactory in movies and completely useless in 2channel listening. That is why I decided to build my own horn subwoofer! I just need to fill 20hz to 40hz with as little as distortion as possible. I know it can be big, but I have space and no worries about waf. My initial thoughts are tapped or folded horns as I read they work better with khorns. I also like a full horn system. I have 10 feet ceilings so I can have a tall tapped horn with maybe one fold that would be easier to build. I am not sure which design would be more appropiate for utilizing my k33s though! I am sure there are lot different and better ideas. I am working very hard and only have Sundays and nights, so I cant build a few different ones and try em out. I am waiting to hear about your experiences and help! And if any day you decide to visit sunny Antalya, Turkey, you are welcome to listen to music at my place
  7. I have a custom built system in cherry and Maple cabinetry with all MacIntosh electronics and oiled walnut K Horns, have good photos or happy to Face time with prospective buyer to show it off. New to this forum, open to hints on best way to show this off, A few photos being attached here for brevity. Contact me for more info. System in Southern NH.
  8. kodomo

    IMG 3605

    From the album: The system

    A better view
  9. I have a pair of 1980's Klipschorns in Walnut finish for sale. They are consecutively numbered and in pretty good shape. All side panels are intact and there are very few dings or scratches. There is one minor scratch on the near the top front of one speaker. All mounting hardware is intact. The model and serial numbers can be seen in the photos. They were my Father's and he purchased them in CA from a dealer in San Jose, I think in 1980. It severely pains me to sell them, but I do not have a room with corners that they will fit in. Plus my Wife says we have no room to store them and she "likes those little mini speakers like everyone else has!" Now you can see the battle I am fighting!? As most fans of these realize, shipping them is no easy task. I am located in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. I will bring them to any buyer in South Carolina. If the situation is right I would meet a buyer somewhere within 250 miles of here. If you wanted them shipped I will get them to a crating and shipping company of your choice, but the buyer would have to pay all costs. $3500 Cash or Paypal I can e-mail higher resolution pictures if these are to low-res.
  10. If you have one of these that you no longer need please PM me a price. I am also looking for a single K-400 horn
  11. Brazilian Rosewood Lacquer finish Khorns! He says in the ad that the buy it now is only $2K! http://www.ebay.com/itm/GORGEOUS-Klipsch-Klipschorn-Speakers-Matched-Pair-/310779659872?&_trksid=p2056016.m2518.l4276
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