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Found 3 results

  1. I'm interested in the KMC-3 for my kitchen counter.... Can anyone tell me the measurement of the power plug input on the back, measured from the bottom of the unit (including the little feet)? Basically, this will tell me if the unit can be placed flush against the back-wall or if will have to be pulled out some. My back countertop 'lip' comes up 3.25 inches then it goes back about an inch to the actual wall.
  2. What is the incoming power requirements of the KMC 3 while operating on AC power? I believe the specs say it can output up to 130 watts, but, I don't see in any specs on what it takes from the AC to get it there! I am looking for something that packs a punch I can take along with me in my semi truck...I could buy rechargeable batteries for the KMC 3, but, then the power output is cut in half under battery power and, I'd rather not have all the extra expense of buying rechargeable batteries. I considered going with the KMC 1, but, I am worried it doesn't pack enough of a "punch" to hear in the loud environment that is a semi dump truck, especially when going down the road with the windows open. As well, I wonder about battery life at the volume levels I'd typically be listening at. The in-dash stereo system of the truck is completely under-powered and inadequate to hear over all the racket of my job...it is also nearly impossible to operate its buttons while driving. I like to listen to podcasts and music, it helps make the day go by and keeps me in a good mood versus the chaos that is traffic in Chicago, where I live. I'd have to spend several hundred dollars to replace the sound system in the truck between new head unit and speakers. To me, that is a waste of money for something I can only enjoy while I am working. Ideally, remote control operation is included...bouncing down the road, it is difficult to run the controls on the dash while driving...first off, it distracts your attention from the road to find the right button....I am in an air-ride seat, the truck is going down while I am going up...and vica-versa....hence, a simple remote is essential. Ideally, I operate the sound system from my cell phone. That way, an incoming call turns off the sound while on the phone...and then back on after, automatically. I'd rather have something portable I can use elsewhere while I am not driving. In this day of iPod's and "Bluetooth everything", I thought, why not bring my Bose Mini Link with me in the truck? It works, is acceptable for music, with the windows up, but, practically have to have it next to my ear to listen to podcasts, and when the windows are down, forget it. Plus, I'd like to have something with a remote control I can change volume with versus my phone...my Bose doesn't have that. I considered the KMC 1, I like the fact it comes with it's own rechargeable battery. However, if the KMC 3 power input isn't that great, I am hoping I can buy a 12v Power Inverter and run the KMC 3 off AC instead of battery. I believe the highest rated 12v PI offers about 180 watts of "constant" power...400 watts peak. Otherwise, I'd have to install a direct-wired (to the battery) inverter, that is more money and labor to install. I am no longer "Over the Road", so, no need to really operate anything else on AC...back in the day, I had a big inverter, ran my coffee pot, microwave, fridge, fans, you name it. Please help! My wife is looking for a present for my birthday which is coming up soon. Thanks! Mike the Trucker...keeping roads safely maintained!
  3. I've got a set of R-15PMs and a KMC 3. How can I pair these together to play from one audio bluetooth source? Thanks, Ray
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