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Found 30 results

  1. The Carver has been a bit unreliable on the left channel, so I've been casually looking to take it out of service and replace it with something that had some better switching capability and came across this Marantz 6003 with a bad HDMI board (don't care about that at all for the shop), so I picked it up for $71.00 and now I'm not even going to fix the Carver, I'll just sell it for parts. What a nice sounding receiver. It's hooked up to a pair of RB 5's and I'm going to cart the SPUD out there, just to play, but I have to say, I'm tempted to bring it inside and do an A/B with the Onkyo because it has a much more inviting sound (at least that's my perception in the shop) This thing sounds like my Sansui 8080DB, and that has been my favorite for a few years. This is the first Marantz I've owned and definitely requires some head to head listening. Just nice to have the switching, which will result in moving a lot of my speakers back to the shop to be able to A/B many combinations more easily. Hope some of you Marantz guys chime in and give me some of your thoughts.
  2. Would anyone happen to have experience running a Yamaha Integrated amplifier with the original Klpisch forte'? or even Marantz I have my eyes on these models Marantz PM6005, Marantz PM5005, Yamaha A-S301, and the Yamaha A-S501. Which would sound best with the forte? if at all, and would the 45 watts even be enough if i went with the Marantz? if neither of these would be a good choice it would be greatly appreciated if someone more experienced than myself could recommend a different make. but I have a $700-$800- budget rather stay around the $500 mark, opinions and recommendations would be great! let me know what you guys think.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a huge Klipsch fan, have been for years. Getting back into vintage audio scene. Looking for a Marantz 500 amp specifically. I will be driving a pair of cornwall iii's. I had this amp back a long time ago, but sold it to fund other projects. Great amp. Looking for a project amp, non-working. Don't care if the door is missing on the front. Don't care much about faceplate cosemetics. I have Paypal and can pay fees, shipping, etc. Let me know! Regards, Drasdon55
  4. So after completing a few extra jobs as well as off-loading some stuff, I find that I have a little extra cash to upgrade some components of my systems. I normally listen to my turntable but thought it time to get a proper CD player (as I'm just using a JVC DVD player that I picked up at a thrift store). Now, I want to add that I am usually pretty skeptical of CD player upgrades because I don't really know what I'm getting into. For me, the difference between a nice turntable with a great cartridge against a junk table has been night and day. I don't know if I've heard a CD player that has provided me the same difference. That being said, I'd like to lean on some of you here that probably have more experience in the CD player department. While I don't know much, I know that part of what you're paying for when you're buying a CD player is the DAC, and that some players are known to have much better DACs than others. This is where I could use some help because I know absolutely nothing about that stuff. BRASS TAX: So, I'd like to buy a used CD player below $300. That's not a lot, but I got other things in mind for the money too. Questions: What are some nice brands and models I should be looking into for that kind of money? I've heard Rotel and Adcom are good. I know Marantz to have made great vintage receivers, but that's about it. What should I be looking for? Am I hopeless if i don't have an external DAC? My current power sources are a Marantz 2230 and Sansui AU-717.
  5. List of Equipment with pics HERE I am selling about 50 pieces of vintage audio equipment for a buddy, and about 60 fifteen pairs of vintage Frazier speakers. Klipsch Forumites will get first choice before I open this up to national sales. I want this to be open ended for discussion, more than just simple questions on buying a piece, so please post as you want, there is no such thing as "thread crapping" on this thread. In brief, I have Marantz, Luxman, Fisher, Onkyo, Sherwood, Sansui, and Adcom electronic pieces, and more. This will be a separate thread later, but there is a speaker brand I am told is known to Klipsch people, called "Frazier." I have heard these and they sound incredible. I will have about 50 15 pairs of them available soon. Let me stop here, and link to the first Craigs List piece, two Luxman L-80 V integrated amps. Located in Morgantown, WV 26105. http://morgantown.craigslist.org/ele/4567069567.html
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