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Found 6 results

  1. I bought the Bar 40 soundbar recently and connected it to the TV via optical cable and have not been able to get any sound. I've tried all options including turning off the internal speakers on the TV and plugging into other components with optical ports and still nothing. I've tried the cable on my other sound system and its fine. So I updated the firmware as per the Klipsch Youtube video that is linked on the Klipsch offical site. Summary of video: Download firmware from site. Extract `system` folder onto blank USB. Unplug power to Bar 40. Plug in USB. Plug in power. Cycle Source until Source LED is blank. Wait until all LED turns off and starts to blink. Unplug power to Bar and remove USB. Plug power back. Multiple problems arise: 1. Klipsch remote control stopped working. I've tried new batteries but the Bar 40 does not respond to the remote control. 2. Bluetooth audio stopped working Bluetooth used to play media from the phones I connected to but the speaker does not play sound anymore. The source blue LED will be solid (meaning connected) but no sound comes through even when the volume is maxed on both device and speaker. 3. Optical still does not work. Still not audio coming from TV after firmware update. Tried turning off the speakers through TV settings, switched the digital audio format to both PCM and Digital, neither worked. Additional information: When I switch the source to optical, red LED will be solid for a second or 2 and then blink. This happens to the rest of the sources as well. (makes sense with bluetooth but not for optical)
  2. Sub is paired and connected to the soundbar. I have unplugged it overnight in the case of an internal circuit breaker for the amplifier. It's worked flawlessly for the past 9 years. Anyone have any thoughts? Does the factory hole on the rear of the sub have a reset switch? Thank you in advance for your time and effort.
  3. I bought this pair of speakers to use for the RCA output from a Roland DJ-202 USB DJ controller. The speaker connection seems simple.. RCA out from controller to RCA in on the right speaker. Then use the regular speaker wire to connect the right speaker to the left, passive speaker. I have them hooked up like that, set the switch on the right speaker to"line" (tried as phone but was very distorted and still no sound from the left speaker. Is there something simple I may be overlooking? To troubleshoot I changed the source to use the AUX input from my phone. The right speaker sounds great, but still nothing from the left side. I re-seated the speaker wire a few times in troubleshooting.\ Any advice anyone? Scott
  4. HELP!... Blue Led Lights Up, NO Bass! Powered Down with off switch & Unplugging Nothing! Please someone HELP! Purchased 2014 on Amazon.
  5. I have had the RW-12D for 3 years. Love that thing. Even shakes my recessed lighting in my bsmt. However, just recently, I've noticed that it does not work. I have not changed any of the connections, so its not that. The sub powers on and the display works fine. If I touch the input connection w/ my red/white RCA cables, it still has that hum (but very faint). I've tried hooking it up to 2 different receivers to no avail. It does have a little bit of sound coming in, and I can feel a slight vibration on the woofer itself when I put my hand on it. I'm assuming this is a bad plate amp, but I'd like to get your opinions before I send it off to repair. I've read the forum about Edwards Electronics repair on ebay and that is likely who I'll go through. Just wondering if there are any other easy fixes I can check first. I'm moderately handy, But I'm not very electronic saavy. I opened up the back plate for shnitz and giggs, but I can't even find where the fuse is, so that's my current level of expertise. Thanks for any help and have a great wknd.
  6. I have a set of klipsch x10i which I purchased on March 2012. The piece where the wire meets the jack is loose and I need to play around with it to get the sound to come from both ears at times. Is this covered under the warranty? If not where can I get these fixed? After numerous phone calls and getting the run around, I have emailed klipsch customer service and have not read back.
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