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  1. Hi to you all. I am brand new to this forum and would like to thank the community in advance for all the great information I have already found here. I'm turning to you because I'm pretty disappointed with my local hifi-specialists. It seems that no one really knows how to approach the Fortes. I am looking for a suitable solution for my stereo setup. I currently have a Denon AV amp (6500) with enough power that I use for home cinema. I have a 9.1 T+A HighEnd Speaker environment set up which is great for cinema. The FL and FR are my Klipsch Forte 4. Since a few month I use 95% of my audio-time with the Fortes for music only. All kinds of sources but i have not connected my MM yet. The readon is part of this inquiry. And surprise surprise; I can't get the quality and depth out of the highly digitized Denon that I'd like to give the Fortes to sound as they should. Stereo sounds flat, cramped, at the limit, the highs struggle and the basses drive in the minimum. Mids are ok. I had already connected and tested various integrated amps and power amps to my preout and tested them, and the result was what I had hoped for. But I have not found the perfect match. Now the question is, if you could give me a recommendation from your side? I'm wavering between a power amp and an integrated amp with tone control and, if possible, a bypass for the tone control. Tone control therefore, because I want to re-define the linear sound of the Denon myself. Bypass/Tone Off because I would like to integrate the Speakers into my 9.1 setup, obviously. Of course, this is not possible with the PowerAmp. Of course there is also the question of Tube, Class A, Class AB etc. But there I am rather stress-free. As long as my Fortes are served well. But dize matters to me. I would like an amplifier in the standard hi-fi size, not a Mini or Compact sized device. I have a nice and ventilated cabinet. My budget is somewhere around 2500 USD / 3000€. But currently i am running circles. Integrated amp vs. power amp ? And if Power Amp, which one and if Integrated which design (Hybrid?) Or even a Vintage Device such as the Pioneer SA 9500ii ? Nice device but my local hifi-geek does not recommend it for my purpose (!?). He recomments the Cambridge 851W which is a 350WpC Power Amp. Foes this make sense? Not to me (yet). Long story short,I am grateful for any advise to make my decision easier and help me out of this forest. Btw; listened to T+A Class A which was good but unfortunately not perfect from a connectivity poit of view (no main In). Parasound Hint 6, Magnat MA 900, Vincent 237 Hybrid might be something? But the differences in performance and features are so enormous that I am confused. Only Parasound provides Tone Control and even SubOut. But I can't test it over here. Any hints, ideas, suggestions? Thanks Peter Catta
  2. I recently bought a home cinema bundle and a receiver. I am in the beginning so if I look confused , I am. My setup is: 2 Klipsch Reference RP-8000F II 1 Klipsch Reference RP-504C II 2 Klipsch Reference RP-502S II 2 Klipsch Reference RP-500SA II 1 Klipsch Reference SPL-120 Denon X3800H In this setup I am going to add 2 Klipsch Reference RP-500SA II for my rear up Dolby Atmos speakers 2 Klipsch R 50 M for my rear surrounds So from what I heard the Denon X3800H needs a preamp to be able to run the 7.1.4 setup that I have I plan on using the preamp for the Klipsch Reference RP-8000F II since they are the biggest bois but since I have no idea what to buy, I am a little confused. Can I use the Yamaha A-S s301 as a preamp for the RP-8000F II? I am guessing that it can connect to the x3800h? It says this is a stereo Amp, but I don't think that matters since it goes back in the receiver. And are there any cheaper alternatives? The S301 is about 350 euros in my area so it's quite pricy just to run 2 more speakers so I was looking for something cheaper and maybe not as big of a box. Again, I don't know what I am searching for so maybe this is the thing to buy. And if this is my only option, could someone give me some tips how to connect it? I know I have to connect the speakers with banana plugs but ... It has A or B And A+B modes, then high and low settings and I don't know which RCA port to use. Thank you!
  3. For sale: Mcintosh C2500 tube preamp. Purchased in 2014 from Complete A/V in Bedford, NH. Single owner in perfect condition, lightly used. Remote included along with original boxes and packing material. $4000 Oppo BDP-105D (Darbee Edition) Blu-Ray Player, silver finish. The ultimate component for any and all formats. Purchased in 2015, single owner in perfect condition. Original box and packing included. $900 (firm) INCLUDED with sale, if desired: (2) Nordost Super Flatline speaker cables with banana terminations (2) Analysis Plus XLR interconnects I have various other cables. If you need something specific and would like it thrown in, just ask. Please ask any questions you’d like to know. Offers will be considered. I take pride in my equipment and have kept these clean and well maintained. I will provide pictures via email upon request. I prefer local pickup, but will ship if I must.
  4. I have a Audio Technica AT-LP60 turntable paired with my Klipsch R-51PM Bookshelf Speakers. My turntable and my speakers both have a built in preamp, so I can either select line on my turntable and line on my speakers to utilize the turntable's internal preamp, or phono on both to utilize the speaker's internal preamp. Does anyone know which will result in better sound quality?
  5. I have a buddy that wants to do some bartering for a pair of Mirage 5si speakers in great condition. I will need to trade some gear that is worth no less than $700 to me to get them, so that is what I will consider their value to be. Local pickup only and I would also be happy to trade them for an amplifier and something else. I am looking for a Adcom 555 or a multi-channel amp to pair up with my Parasound AV preamp. But I am wide open to suggestions and offers that may go in other directions...... What do you have, let's make a deal? Speakers I have, but I could sure some quality components. Jon
  6. I recently purchased a new TT (Pro Ject Debut Carbon Espirit) paired with the Fives powered speakers by Klipsch, to be used almost exclusively to play vinyl, with the occasional streaming via Spotify and my iPhone. When streaming music, the speakers sound very good. However, with vinyl (and I bought them for vinyl) they sound just okay. I’m no expert. So perhaps I expect too much. But to me, when playing records, even new, audiophile grade records, The Fives sound a little muddy, sort of muffled. And I really want the true vinyl experience. The cartridge (Ordifon Red) came new with the TT. The TT has no internal phono amp. One of the reasons I chose the 5s was their built in preamp. (I since read one review that opined the phono preamp was the 5s weakest feature.) So I find myself contemplating a separate phono amp, perhaps a tube amp, based upon what I read. Pro Ject makes one (S2?) that plays to rave reviews, but it ain’t cheap. ($450). Am I destined to spiral down the bottomless audiophile rabbit hole called “better sound,” so often sought in vain? (You know you’ve done it.) Or should I give a separate preamp a shot? Or does someone more knowledgeable than I have any other ideas? Thanks in advance.
  7. Craigslist link https://tippecanoe.craigslist.org/ele/d/frankfort-klipsch-chorus-ii-speakers/7298088443.html I am located in Frankfort, IN 46041 I have a pair of Chorus II speakers for sale. One is missing the woofer. All other speakers are intact and everything is original. (*SPEAKERS SOLD*) I also have a pair of Adcom GFA-565 mono amps, an Adcom GFP-565 preamp, and an Adcom GCD-575 cd player. I know the amps will need repaired. The research I've done showed that these amps had problems with capacitors leaking and causing failures and burning up speakes. This is likely why the one woofer is missing. I did try these amps and I just get static/hissing sound. The distortion light is always on too. If that helps anybody. The preamp does work as far as I can remember but it is "staticy" when the volume is adjusted. I haven't tried the CD player for years and don't know if it works or not. There is a guy that repairs the amps at https://www.ebcelectronics.com/Adcom-GFA-565-Repair-Service.html My dad got everything around 1991 I believe. I always wanted to replace the woofer and repair the other equipment. I just don't have the space or money for them right now and have had them sotting around for years. It's just time to let them go. Pictures I have are over 2MB. So, see pictures in above Craigslist post. ***UPDATE 3/28*** I DID SELL THE SPEAKERS 3/30 All sold
  8. I use my new 5s almost exclusively with a turntable. I do not use a separate preamp. My TT doesn’t have a built in preamp. So I have to use the preamp built in to the 5s. When connecting the TT initially, I noticed that with everything hooked up, with the phono/line switch on “line,” I had no sound. So I switched it to “phono” and had what I assumed was full powered sound. I assumed I set it up correctly. I then had occasion to look at the Klipsch website on how to connect a TT with and without a preamp. Despite what works with my setup, the instructions clearly state that to use the speakers’ internal preamp, the switch should be on “line.” And to use another preamp, either stand alone or one built in to the TT, the switch should be on phono. This is the opposite of what works with my speakers. I have no other preamp, and the switch is on “phono,” but I have sound. I tested it and switched it back to “line” and get no sound. This may sound nitpicky and silly because after all, they seem to work very well. I guess I’m concerned either that I have done something wrong in connecting the components or there is something wrong with my new speakers. Could it simply be that the Klipsch website is wrong and that the proper setting is “phono” for 5s’ built in preamp and “line” for an external preamp? I contacted Klipsch, to no avail. I hope this makes sense. Thanks
  9. I broke my beloved Cary SLP-98P-F1, so I sent it in for repairs. They are backlogged by a couple of months, so I'm looking for something to take it's place, and then be used for a second system later. Start climbing through your attic and see if you have any hidden treasures laying around. Thanks, Kevin
  10. Greetings friends! It's been a while since I frequented the forum. I do follow Cory's page on FB, though. Quick update on me - I was involved in a very bad motorcycle accident back in April and have been on medical leave for over 17 weeks. Long road and has left me partially disabled. I have found solace in music, though. Have bought and sold a couple pieces and expanded my record collection. SO - I recently acquired a pair of Quicksilver Mono Blocks. I'm pretty excited to get them wired up to my Cornwalls! This will be a new system in my office. I'm looking for preamp recommendations. I need inputs for a turntable (obviously), a CD player and something like a Tape Monitor so that I can not only listen to reels but record them. I've been reading about the Schitt units and have heard of the Juicy Blueberry but due to my handicap, research is not the easiest for me. My sons help me with a lot of activity and I mostly use my phone with one hand to access FB, the internet etc. I value my Klipsch friends opinion very much so any input you can offer would be great. Thanks in advance and have a great day!
  11. Hi guys, in need of some expert advice here please. So here goes, I am about to purchase a Yaqin Mc-13s to use with my Project RPM1 carbon, my question(s) is: do I need to use a pre amp with this setup?, now I’ve heard in some videos that you need to use one with your turntable however I am under the impression that this amp is an “intergrated amplifier” and therefore has a pre amp built in, it has a separate circuit for the preamp stage so why would I need a pre amp? The RPM1 has a phono output and the Yaqin has phono inputs, so it should work right? Or Wrong? I was hoping I could use this Yaqin amp with my Project RPM1 and Klipsch RP-150M speakers. It would be a shame if it didn’t work without a pre amp as I have done much research into tube rolling for the Yaqin and I have found some matched pair Mullard NOS 12AU7 and 12AX7 pre amp tubes that I would like to use eventually, this setup would be coming in at just my budget and as far as I am aware this would be an amazing setup for very little money (£1000-£1500). Im very new to the tube amp market and was hoping I could get a leg up from you guys, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Budding Audiophile Legsman222
  12. Hi All, Hoping to get some advise Currently using a Dynaco PAT-3 (non tube) preamp with a Bob Latino VTA ST60 and Klipsch Forte I speakers (w/Crites Titanium). Input sources mostly an Oppo DV-980H ... and rarely used an (inexpensive) TT, Teac Reel, LaserDisc and Nak cassette. Not sure, but don't think the PAT-3 does it justice ... or it is way out of spec It just DOES NOT compare to sound from my Marantz 2252B on my KPT-904's ... more defined, crisp and clearer soundstage. Therefore, considering getting another preamp. Found a very nice looking PAS-3 on my local (Tampa, FL) Craigslist for $400 (maybe he'll take $300-350) . Or, read very good reviews on the Elekit TU-8500 ($550) ... probably fun to assemble, but no "tone controls" which I like even though I never use them ... or Bob Latino's preamps. Cheapest one is the VTA SP9 at $1100 plus another $100 for the phono circuit OR ... maybe eliminate the preamp and just use an RCA switch box to directly feed the VTA tube amp. (Will try to test "direct" vs "preamp" tonight and add more detail to my inquiry ) So would appreciate your opinions/inputs.Don't even know if I should try an SS preamp. Really don't feel like spending much more than $500, but if we have to we will Many thanks! Cheers, Emile
  13. Anthem D2v 3D Preamp/Processor 3,700$ Excellent Condition Anthem D2V 3D. Comes with everything including ARC Room Correction Microphone and Software. This Pre-Amp with Anthem's ARC room correction is the best sounding pre-amp currently available. Design: 7.1 Surround Sound Processor (SSP, Pre-Pro) Codecs: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-ES (Discrete, Matrix), DTS 96/24, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio Dynamic Range Control: Dolby Volume DACs: AKM AK4395 24-Bit/192kHz Delta-Sigma DSP: Two Dual-Core processors 3-Zone Operation Video Connections: HDMI 1.4a (4 in, 1 out) , HDMI 1.3c (4 in, 1 out), Component ( 4 in, 2 out), S-Video (7 in, 1 out), Composite (7 in, 1 out) Audio Connections: HDMI (8 in), Stereo Inputs (7 RCA in, 1 XLR in), Optical (3 in, 1 out), Coaxial Digital (7 in), AES/EBU (1 XLR), 5.1 Multi-channel (1 in), Pre-amp out (7.1 RCA and XLR) Other Connections: 12V Triggers (3 out), RS-232, IR (3 in, 2 out), 2nd Zone (Stereo Audio, S-Video, Component, Composite), 3rd Zone (Stereo Audio, Composite), Headphone Jack (1/4”) Dimensions: 6.25? H x 17? W x 15.38? D Weight: 27 Pounds(unpacked) Shipping weight: 40.00 (lbs) johnroy051@gmail.com
  14. Hello everyone, I currently have a 2 channel setup with RF83s, Sunfire 300 Two amp and a Yamaha WXC-50 Streamer/internet radio/preamp/dac. Sounds fabulous to my ears, but the sound profile changes when the volume is turned up, it gets a little hot. From what I have read, the WXC-50 volume looks like the culprit here. I am looking for a streamer/dac/internet radio/preamp that is MATCHED to the level of the RF83 speakers and the Sunfire amp's abilities. Not a US$10k exotic DAC, which would be overkill. I have been looking at the Oppor Sonica DAC, Cambridge Audio CXN and 851N, Naim, Aurelic Alair, Mcintosh MB50, among others. Since I am international I can't really buy to audition and return to try different ones, so I have to research a lot before purchasing. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  15. Getting out of the tube hobby. No time or place to enjoy it with 3 girls in the house that cant be bothered with manually turning on a switch. Anyways I am selling a custom made Aricaudio "The Unlimited" tube preamp as well as all the tubes I've collected over the last year. Also included is the Tube depot Tubecube storage container with a complete replacement set of pluck and pull foam. I'd like to sell this all as one set and not part it out. Asking $500 for everything!! The Unlimited new is $725 and the tubes are low market at $875. I am located in northern CA. If you want more info or better pics feel free to pm me and I can email over more. Aricaudio The Unlimited Tube Depot Tubecube Storage 5ar4 Tubes - NOS Amperex Buggleboy 5ar4 (made in Great Britain), NOS RCA 5ar4, NOS GE 5ar4 (made in Great Britain), Sovtek 5ar4, Telefunken GZ34-TK EL84 Tubes - NOS JAN 6BQ5x2, Telefunken EL84-TKx2, Electroharmonix EL84x2, JJ EL84x2, NOS RCA Command EL84x2 12ax7 tubes - NOS Baldwin 12ax7 (blackplates)x2, NOS GE 5751 (blackplates)x4, NOS RCA Command (Blackplate)x1, JJ ECC83Sx2, JJ 5751x2, JJ ECC83S Goldpinsx2 OD3 tubes - NOS GEx2, NOS RCAx2, NOS Raytheon JANx12
  16. For sale is this awesome McIntosh C20 tube preamplifier, considered by many to be the finest tube preamp McIntosh ever made. It has been thoroughly cleaned and serviced by an exceptional tube tech with all voltages checked and confirmed to be within spec. All controls have been cleaned and work perfectly/silently. Cosmetically, it's in very good condition but does have some oxidation and pitting on the top and back, which is typical of these older Macs. The faceplate is clean with no cracks. All of the tubes test strong and should be good to go for years to come. I believe the 12AX7s and 12AU7s are Telefunkens, but I can't be 100 percent sure. The silkscreening has worn off them, but they have the telltale Telefunken diamond in their bottoms. I've been using this amp daily and it sounds fantastic. It's plug-and-play and ready for a new home. Asking $2650. I'm in Northern Virginia and would prefer a local sale, but I'm willing to ship if necessary. I'd prefer a cash deal, but I might consider a trade or partial trade for the right speakers.
  17. This is a BRAND NEW SEALED in box McIntosh MX151 preamp receiver. Feel free to ask any questions. Asking $6000. Shipping included to the continental USA. I have references from fellow forum members that have purchased from me in the past if needed. I am located in Northern CA for local pickup and willing to ship if needed. Have receipts as well. UPDATE: I can crack it open and take pictures of everything. Just thought it might be more appealing for the buyer if it is completely virgin and untouched. It has full warranty for 3 years from 4/14/2017. Would consider a trade for a newer MC275
  18. Hi gang, I was going to set this up in my daughter's bedroom but she really has no interest so I would rather see it go to a good home where someone can make use of it.This is a Gen 2 XDA-2 Preamp/DAC/Headphone Amplifier with the black trim and the slim line remote. I have used it paired with some Outlaw Audio mono block amps which I just sold this week. With the Gen 2 XDA-2 it sounds like Emotiva worked out any of the bugs the first Gen had as far as USB although I couldn't tell you as I have never paired it with a PC or laptop. I used this strictly for 2.2 channel with the RCA outputs going to a pair of subs and the XLR outputs going to the Outlaws and on to a pair of speakers. The headphone amp works really well and this DAC is very nice as well. $225 shipped with insurance to the CONUS. I prefer Paypal gift but may be able to work with you. I have bought and sold plenty here in the forum so you can feel confident in this transaction. Private Message me if you need anything!Thanks, Tim The XDA-2 connects to all your digital music sources-computer, media player, CD transport, and more-and delivers audiophile-quality sound. With its precision analog resistor ladder volume control that maintains resolution even at low volumes, the XDA-2 is an ideal digital preamp. At the same time, its discrete, high-current headphone amplifier drives headphones with authority. The XDA-2 is the ideal way to enhance the sound quality of virtually any audio system. No matter your digital source-or sources-the XDA-2 is ready, with multiple optical and coaxial inputs, as well as 24/192 USB for easy connection to your computer. Emotiva's Differential Reference topology, combined with an asynchronous sample rate converter to remove jitter, delivers exceptional sound quality. Coupled with the convenience of a front-panel alphanumeric display and a full-function machined aluminum remote control, there's no better value in DACs today. The nerve center of your modern digital audio system.Product InformationProduct Dimensions 22 x 6 x 19 inchesItem Weight 16.1 poundsShipping Weight 16.1 pounds
  19. I've been considering going to a preamp processor for a few years and it's time to pull the trigger but I have never owned anything but HT receivers and don't like going into this blind. Here's my buying guidelines. 1. 7.2 would be preferred and nothing less than 7.1 2. I want something with balanced outputs and not just RCA's 3. I am looking to go used, in an attempt to get more for the money. 4. Music is and always will be primary 5. Don't care about Atmos or the number of HDMI's 6. I would like to keep the cost no more than $700 and less is great (was looking at an Anthem AVM20 that was $350, as an example but don't know anything about it or any other pre-pros) 7. My Onkyo equipment has served me well over the years, but I find that it's really not the sound that I'm looking for (I really want the stereo sound of my Sansui 8080 with the HT processing) I know that's a pretty defined list, but this has been swirling around for a while, and I really need some feedback from those of you that have been in this realm for a while and can help with the process. Thanks!
  20. http://www.avsforum.com/forum/90-receivers-amps-processors/2239098-emotiva-announces-emersa-audio-components.html Emotiva just announce through AVS forum a new product line that may be of interest to some of you. Link above Tim
  21. Folks, Circumstances require that I sell my main system, including: Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme preamp with Cream (turntable) option and remote. This preamp was just (within the last month) upgraded with Mark Deneen's Maxim upgrades, and the addition of a second pair of line level outputs for a subwoofer, which were not needed (as the upgrades added a whole new bass depth to the BB). These upgrades alone were approx. $500 all said and done. BB comes with a walnut case and stock tubes, and is really excellent in every way...I can find no blemishes on the BB or the walnut case. This BB was one of the very last that Mark made, and the case has square dovetailed edges, not rounded. Beautiful sounding and a really excellent preamp, even better now. I would prefer local pick up in **KNOXVILLE, TN** but I also have a custom box for the pre (not for the wooden case) that has survived now two cross country trips to Cali, you pay to ship. Asking $2300.00 **OBO**!!!! Dodd 120 Monoblocks, 120 Watt, customized to use Mundorf caps (original Sonicaps come with the amps). These amps were the second generation of amps produced by Gary Dodd, and came with basing meters on the deck, however those meters proved easily breakable, so I sent them back to Gary to be redone, and he made the modification back to manual (albeit easy) meter biasing. These things have blond oak sides and currently sport 4 EL 34 (JJ) and three GE 7044 tubes per amp. Additional tubes will ship with amps. Lots of power from these heavy amps, it is smooth and seamless. Rare amps, you won't see these come up very often. Excellent condition, again no flaws cosmetically or mechanically that I can find. As they are heavy, I would again prefer local pick up, but can ship at your cost. Asking $2200.00 **OBO** !!!. Pics forthcoming. Jolida JD100 - Jolida tube amp, excellent sounding, very low use (as I went to a .flac music server shortly after purchasing CD player). Cosmetically perfect, mechanically like new. Original tubes and remote ( that is made like a battleship). Asking $500.00 **OBO**!!! Thanks for looking. PS: I have a set of Dynakit Mk III's with cages, reworked by NosValves coming up soon for sale, stay tuned. Bruce PM me if interested.
  22. I am starting a new build. This time around a phono stage to go with my line stage I just completed. Here is the chassis. There will be three tubes across.
  23. So, I tried to do my homework prior to listing but it's tough to find completed sales history on these since there are so few being resold. I would be happy around $1000 on this now. Up for sale as part of my divorce/relocate clearance is my Juicymusic Blueberry with Cream. These are fantastic and well known around here. I purchased directly from the owner, Mark Deneen. It is perfectly functional, but has a flaw on the upper corner that is shown mercilessly in the photos. Ships in orginal packaging with manual. Tubes are Amperex 6DJ8, GE, Sovtek 12AX7 and JJ ECC81. Sounds beautiful. Steal it for $1500. Questions? Offers?
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