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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, Brand new to this site, but have been referencing it a lot lately. I recently purchased a pair of Cornwall IVs, and wow, these speakers are awesome. I had been running them with a Yamaha A-S2100 which to my ear sounded great. But reading how well Klipsch speakers perform with tubes, I took the plunge and got a Primaluna Evo 300 integrated. The amp arrived a couple days ago. This is my first tube amp, so I’m learning as I go. I have a problem with it (already spoken with my dealer, Vinyl Sound in Richmond Hill, ON, and can’t say enough good things about Daniel there, top notch service!) and he is going to contact PL for me tomorrow. But figured I’d ask here if anyone else has these issues: First, and most concerning, the HT bypass has a nasty pop and a lot of hum when selected with nothing connected to the input. When I had connected the RCA from my HT reciever pre-out (as I did with the Yamaha with zero issue) the hum from the PL was excessively loud on HT, and could be heard through every other input as well. Additionally, as I’m in the process of breaking in the tubes, when playing a source through one of the Aux inputs, if I switch to HT I can faintly hear the aux source leaking through. It seems like a manufacturing fault to me, as the inputs are supposed to be totally isolated from one another. Second, as it’s my first tube amp, is it normal to hear a little hum and buzz as the amp is warming up after turning on the power? Third, I’m a little worried that I haven’t actually upgraded switching from my Yamaha. I listen to primarily vinyl, and the amp needs to double as a power amp for home theatre applications. Am I just paranoid given the issue I’m having (which will be taken care of under warrantee)? Haven’t given the PL enough time to break in? It sounds great, I’m just not sure I hear an upgrade over the Yamaha yet. Finally, what are other’s experience with 4ohm vs 8ohm with the Cornwalls? Initially connected to 8 ohm, and have switched them to 4 ohm this morning. Honestly I can’t hear a difference lol. Sorry for the long story for a first post! Love the Cornwalls! Hoping the PL can live up to the hype! Thanks in advance for any advice. Taylor
  2. Hello all, The upcoming year I can probably only upgrade my Pre amp or my Power amp. I'm hoping if someone can advice me on which I should do first to get the best improvement. I of course would like to buy them both right away (it is burning ), but I'm also investing in upgrading my speakers. Currently I have a Lehman Black Cube Statement Pre amp with a Marantz 2235 Power amp to drive my Quartet speakers (My recordplayer is a Thorens 160 S MK V). Next month I'm hoping to upgrade either my Pre amp with a (secondhand) PrimaLuna 3 or my Power amp with a Primaluna 5. Can anyone recommend which I should replace first? The Lehmann or the Marantz? My third option would be to buy a secondhand PrimaLuna 2 integrated and sell it when I have money to get the 3 and 5 together. Does anyone have a suggestion? I'm very excited to go back to tubes again, because currently I listen to my records a lot.
  3. Hi guys I am in a dilemma I have to choose between these 2 speakers a pair of Dunlavy SC-IV in mint condition or a pair of old Modified K-Horns with the 400 cylindrical horn ALK crossover and Beyma and BC drivers. Both are at the same price? what do you guys think is a better buy? FYI My system is all tubes Primaluna Dialog Premiun HP Power and My room is 14'x18'x9' no windows perfect rectangle carpeted with acoustic panels and basstraps. So I have 2 perfect corners for the K-horns.
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