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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Are you in Maryland and looking for some new speakers for the holidays? If so, I'm offering up two sets of speakers to make room for some others. I'd more than happy to audition them and have a DATSv3 handy for a more technical look at each speaker. Now for the good stuff! I have one set of good condition (very good if you consider their age) KP-2500s including Crites diaphragms and originals, collapsible stands, and two sets of Seismic Audio 12 gauge wires (10' and 30') and looking for $600 for the whole set. I am the 2nd owner that I know of and purchased them in April 2022. They were connected to our A/V Marantz NR1200 and most recently through my laptop and a Topping PA-5. Great speakers all around. I will miss the openness and clarity in the A/V setup, both music and movies were very engaging. I did have to patch one woofer and went through the Speaker Factory. (shameless plug, he does amazing work, especially on vintage gear, no affiliation) Separately, I'd like to send my pair of Tekton Mini-Lore-Monitors to a good home, $500, including grill covers. I am the first owner and have had them since 2020. Initially they were used for the same A/V as the Klipsch speakers but have since moved to the dining room for duty there. I like them a lot, they fill up the room, and the next room, and the one after that with wonderful music, but they're now under utilized. Aside from the Marantz, I drive them with a Aiyima A07. (I can't speak highly enough of this little amp) The down side, there's a 1mm wide scratch on the side of one of them. I've filled it in, but the physical mark is still there. What do I want to replace them with, you ask? Well, I'd consider a trade for a Heresy 3, if it's all four you want. 🙂 Otherwise, my DIY itch needs scratching and I'd like to have a go at some OB speakers with Eminence Alpha15s paired with Tang Band W4-2143s. I'm can't speak for the WAF on those, but I'm hoping it's at least as agreeable as fur covered speakers. Thanks for looking and feel free to DM me if you have questions or you're around and interested. I'd be willing to drive a 50 or so miles from Columbia MD.
  2. Speakers sound amazing. I don't want to ship. Thumping bass and can hear the cymbals too! $200 MD/VA/DC area cwatkinsgolf@gmail.com
  3. Located in Miami, Florida 33177 Selling locally my pair of Klipsch professional KP-250 ii speakers with white grills. Speaker cabinets were originally white, but stripped down to raw birch. I was using these in my apartment, but found another pair of Heresys to take their place. Everything is, as I got them except for the cabinets are now raw birch. There are 2 small holes on the side left and 1 of the back of each cabinet. Factory pole setting on bottom, composed for 4 bolts in a 4x4 pattern. Grills are factory white. All drivers are Klipsch professional. Crossovers KP 2.5 D Looking for $SOLD cash for the pair. Thanks for reading
  4. In need of a pair of kp-3002 to augment my current system. Anybody? Im located in Nashville TN and willing to make a road trip.
  5. Almost makes me wish I lived in MD again... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Professional-System-PA-Loudspeakers-KP-320-Mains-K-115-SW-Bass-Bins/201651532432 No affiliation. No involvement in Bridgegate, either.
  6. Anyone using Klipsch Professional speakers in their HT setup? A buddy has a pair of wedge-shaped stage monitors and I'm tempted to use them as rear surrounds. How well voiced would they be for HT, and how do you connect from a home theater AVR to what appears to be locking 1/4" jacks?
  7. thought i would share some photos i captured of jonathan wood's loft setup. enjoy!
  8. For sale is my RSW-10D what do they go for nowadays? 500? I'll do 500 or best offer on that one it's in perfect condition and sounds just.....well, If you're buying one of these, chances are you know what to expect lol. I have the original packaging also. my location is Concord CA
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