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Found 6 results

  1. I cannot find any information on these things. I have no idea what they are. They’re being sold locally for 3k I’d really appreciate any help that you guys can give as I’m a huge fan of these speakers. https://photos.app.goo.gl/js1xzaZbLRw5oGYr9
  2. I have a Klipsch reference R-625fa for Front L/R, R-52C, R-41M for Rear L/R and a R-12SW. My AVR is a Onkyo TX-NR 696 in a 5.1.2 configuration. I ran Audyssey and this is what it came up with for crossovers my Crossover for my R625FA is set at 50, my R-52C is set at 70 my R-41M is set at 80 my Atmos is set at 70 it sets my sub at 120 my front is speakers are about 13 to 14 feet from my sitting area my backs Left is about 7ft and my back right is about 1 to 3 feet and sub is about 20ft, are those crossovers going to damage my speakers ? for my sub I have the cross over set at 80 on the sub but not sure if I match the 120 that on my AVR or change 120 to 80 on the AVR? I have noticed that Onkyo has a Crossover pre-set for my speakers should I just use those setting or let Audyssey handle that ?
  3. Hello, First let me preface this by saying I'm a complete newbie so I apologize if some of my terminology is wrong, or my explanation doesn't make sense. I had the Audioengine A5+ Wireless and while at first, they sounded a bit muddy to me I grew to love their sound and how it really surrounded you. Unfortunately, because of some nitpickiness I found a few issues with the A5+ that the Klipsch R-51PM shored up. Unfortunately, though while I love how crisp and clear stuff on the higher end is, they feel a bit empty by comparison - i.e., where the A5+ made it feel like I was surrounded by music the R-51PM didn't. I'm assuming this is an issue more about bass than anything, however I'm again new to this and don't know how much that would be affected by something like a subwoofer. With that said I come to my question... Would it be better to spend the ~400ish from the R-51PM and another ~300ish for the R-100SW which would be around ~700 or should I just get something like the RP-600M for ~600 with something like the Fosi Audio BT20A for about ~100 which would also be around ~700 (or if the RP-600M go on sale for cheaper then maybe something a bit more like the Fosi Audio DA2120D so that I can have a USB output as well for my PC). Originally, I was looking for powered speakers that would have as much functionality as possible but after getting a bit more comfortable from doing research about the cabling for something like an amp I thought it might be better to just get a nice pair of speakers and then add functionality through an amp or receiver and that it would be easier to upgrade the amp/receiver down the line than it would to add both as well as having to then add new speakers later on if I went with the R-51PM. I figured the RP-600M would be speakers I could keep more long-term since they're more about sound than features, whereas the R-51PM I was looking at from a more feature standpoint. So, I guess the question really is for the money which is better, the R-51PM with a subwoofer or the RP-600M without? I hear they are in two completely different leagues, but I'm curious just how much. Would the RP-600M have a fuller sound even over the R-51PM with the R-100SW subwoofer while still feeling clearer? Again, sorry about my terminology but I hope that makes sense. I'm still a newbie and just getting into this so I appreciate the help.
  4. this forum is awesome, I learn too much about audio and quality .. my question is.. I have marantz 7012 + emotiva BASx A 700 amp+ 7.2.4 system ..all klipsch RP-280 (L.R) rP504C (center) I am super fan TIDAL (master) amazing quality..how I can connect a DAC to my System? I use tidal from my TV or my hi-res..fiio m6 (headphones sennheiser hd650 amazing sound) how I can connect a DAC on my system 7.2.4 ..usually I used pure direct ..is awesome .. bu I think with DAc will be fenomenal.. what do you recommend? Home theater 7.2.4 AVR Marantz 7012 Bluray 4k Panasonic DP ub820 Front klipsch RP-280F Klipsch Center RP 504C Subwoofer klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer SVS PB 1000 Klipsch Surround RB-41 II and Klipsch Surround back Rp-160m Klipsch Dolby Atmos Rp 140SA front Klipsch Dolby Atmos Rp 500SA back Panamax MR4300 Emotiva BasX A-700 (7 channels used, 2 pair Dolby Atmos front and back L-C-R) living Room size 13 x 31 (403 sq feet complete) (used front TV is 13 x 12 sq feet)
  5. Love my Klipsch x6i but I want to get a quality pair of true wireless earbuds. I was wondering if there are any plans to release a true wireless pair? If there is I would happily wait for them.
  6. Hello, I am currently building up a 5.0 system based on Klipsch speakers. After receiving the Klipsch rp-150m from Amazon and testing them a day long, I figured two things: I absolutely adore the claritiy of the heights the speaker delivers. Secondly, that I am sadly missing the third monitor I had on my fap cheaper Grundig bookshelves. It just feels like something is missing in the bass department with most music. I know that I could or should paire the speakers with a good sub, but but I have doupts that my neighbours would forgive me that. I don´t think I could get myself a subwoofer... the walls of my appartment are so extremly thin and hollow. Now quickly to my question: Do you think it would be a good idea to upgrade to the Klipsch R-28F floorstander or another similar priced floorstander with the third driver, I a missing now? I would just exchange the rp-150m´s I currently have. I am living in Germany and I think about 300Euro is as much as I can spend with a good concience for one speaker( I´m a student). My only doubt about going that way is that I heard in a review that Klipsch made some changes to the horns and the ones rp-150m´s are different than with the older modells. Is that true? Because I really enjoy the sound I have right now. (Except of the feeling that I am missing the base of the music.) I don´t want to sacrifice the nice heights these bookshelfes produce right now. Sadly I don´t find many used klipsch products in my area, so I can´t just buy a used and odler, formerly expensive klipsch floorstander. Also I generally listen to all kind of music, but mostly at low or moderate sound(because of neighbours). I really appreaciate any suggestions! If you need to know a few more things, just tell me. Sincerally David
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