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Found 4 results

  1. Wife and I are trying to move and we are trying to get rid of basically everything when we move. I have a 7.1 surround sound system 4 - walnut rp 280f 1 - walnut rp 450c 2 - black rp-140s 1 - Klipsch R-120SW 1 - Pioneer elite vsx-lx503 receiver Trying to sell for around 1300, but price is negotiable.
  2. I have a Sony OLED A8F series TV and plan on using a R-120SW woofer but want to package it on a Standout Designs media cabinet and put the woofer the center speaker shelf, cabinet file attached. Is there a problem with doing this, any assistance will be appreciated. AV Cabinet - Standout Designs.pdf
  3. Hello Klipsch Brothers and Sisters, New member here with a question that will surely demonstrate my complete lack of audio knowledge and expertise...but here we go... We have a wonderful home theater audio system that is amazing... RP-280F floorstanders RP-250C center R-51M surrounds R-120SW subwoofer (or used to have...here is where the question comes) Our adopted German Shepherd decided the R-120SW was a big chew toy, and damaged the subwoofers cabinet. Really? Yep. I've heard of cats scratching speakers, Rats, Mice...but a German Shepherd? Well, a 120 pound dog with teeth like a Stihl Chainsaw can do a bit of work in no time. That being said, we were looking at either repairing the damage, or in a moment of brilliance (or indigestion) we wondered if we could remove the driver, amp, and electronics from the R-120SW (which still work perfectly) and use them to build a tapped or folded horn subwoofer. One point toward this is that i'm a journeyman carpenter, and build furniture and cabinets. Have all the tools and materials at hand. The problem was my search for plans and DIY builds were completely bewildering, and it seemed that matching the driver with the horns characteristics is absolutely essential. I'm completely out of my element in that arena. We would greatly appreciate any direction the experts and experienced members here might provide. We love our system but would really dig lower bass, and from what we have read the tapped or folded horn subwoofer, throwing sub 20Hz sound, is out-of-this-world! Thank you Best Wishes, Bounty Hunter
  4. Hi. I've set up my Denon + Klipsch home theater setup (no surround speakers for now). I have: Denon AVR-X1500H Klipsch: pair RP-260F, RP-250C, R-120SW I listen 50 % music, 50 % netflix videos. I'm tuning my system to optimal settings and having few open matters to discuss. Most of the online references recommend to trust Audyssey and then leave subs to LFE and 80-100hz and fronts and center to SMALL. When I auto-tune with Audyssey I'm not satisfied with music (concerts), middle tones and strength of fronts (bass and voice is great). Everything is undertuned I think if I listen music (I set settings to Music mode Stereo in Denon), but movies are great to hear (set to Movie mode in denon (dts)). Then I manually tune and set sub to LFE + Mains, fronts to LARGE (leave center to small) my fronts start to respond more to middle tunes, rock concerts and other music is great to listen. What do you recommend would be my optimal settings? I don't want to switch between settings 🙂 I attached some settings and room details.
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