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Found 10 results

  1. I’m wondering which RP line of towers would specifically have the most timbre match with my RP-150ms that I’m running as surrounds? Currently for fronts I have the r-610fs which surprisingly sounded the most timbre-matched with the 150m’s than the 600m’s which I ended up gifting to my brother. The 600m’s had a significant amount of upper bass which made male voices sound deep, which isn’t bad at all (great for dialogue) but I prefer less upper bass for music, more of the beautiful upper midrange that Klipsch is known to bring out with female vocals as an example. Both the r-610f’s and the rp-150m’s sounded absolutely incredible and similar in that regard. I can also tell there’s more free treble detail inherent with the rp’s, and the bass also sounds more “accurate” to me. Which rp tower has this without the exemplified upper bass that the 600m has? Thank you.
  2. Hello Klipsch fans! I've been asked by those following my home theater build videos over the past couple years to post a current and complete walk through video. I finally got around to documenting the completed basement build. It took me over two years from design to final build of what you see here and I did it all with my own two hands and it's been a ton of work. All my audio systems throughout the house are Klipsch so I thought it particularly relevant to post it on this forum. Here are some pics of the final areas as well as the full video tour down to the collectibles in my media room.
  3. I have the RP-150M powered bookshelf speakers and have it connected to a turntable. I use the remote to turn it on and off, but it is supposed to have auto standby which wakes it when it detects a signal. It turns off by itself after a certain amount of time of not receiving a signal, however, it does not wake by itself. I have to manually use the remote. Is this a known issue and is there a fix to it? I've tried to wake it using Bluetooth as well.. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Proud new owner of a brand new set of RP-150m bookshelf speakers paired to a Denon X520BT. Having “ascended” from a 10yo 50€ Hercules 2.1 “system”, I am ecstatic about the new system, it just sounds brilliant, also having had a great deal on both (300€ for the speakers and 150€ for the AVR). Being a complete novice in home audio systems, I’ve been silently rocking back and forth between here and AVSForums, and want to thank all of you for the amazing amount of information available. The following questions remain unanswered though, and I would be very happy to have some feedback. The RP-150m have a sensitivity of 93 dB at 1 meter (correct me if I’m wrong, but 93 dB is quite loud isn’t it?), which as I understand it means that they generate an SPL of 93 dB with just 1W of power. I usually sit close to the speakers (a foot away actually, they are correctly positioned as back channels but are connected as fronts now; I would also add that the system is calibrated for a listening position 10 feet away). As a result, I play them at a very low level, which I suspect is way below 93 dB, closer to say 50 dB. Does that mean that at that level, they are using much less than 1W of power, and if so how much power is being drawn from the AVR? In a more general terms, how would one calculate the power drawn from the AVR? By measuring dB levels and using the sensitivity and logarithm function? The context is also that I am planning on complementing them with a pair of RP-250F floor standers, a RP-250C center channel and a R-110SW (or R-112SW). The monitors will be the back speakers. Will the floor standers really improve music restitution in 2.0? What about music in 5.1, are the processing algorithms good (I am aware of this also being a subjective issue)? And more importantly, I think that this AVR is powerful enough for achieving moderate listening levels on the complete set, do you concur? Expected usage scenarios are music 70% and movies 30%. AVR specs: Power Output (8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.08% 2ch Drive) 70 W Power Output (6 ohm, 1 kHz, 0.7% 2ch Drive) 90 W Power Output (6 ohm, 1 kHz, 1% 1ch Drive) 130 W Cheers! Rami
  5. Looking to add to my current setup, and I want to stay in the Premiere line. If anyone has the RP-250C or the RP-150M/160M for sale, please let me know and lets talk a price! Thanks in advance! -Craig
  6. Hi everybody! I’m trying to determine if the R-15m bookshelf speakers (that are 50% off right now!) would be suitable rear channels for my home theater setup. My primary concern is that my receiver may not be powerful enough to drive them along with the other speakers, and that I would potentially damage my speakers. The receiver is an Onkyo TX-NR555. The specs are here: https://www.onkyousa.com/Products/model.php?m=TX-NR555&class=Receiver but I’m having trouble interpreting them when comparing them with Klipsch specs. This receiver is currently powering the RP-150m bookshelf speakers as the front left/right channels and the RP-250c center channel. I’d like to add the R-15m as the 2 back channels for a true 5.1 experience but I’m not sure if I’d be exceeding recommended wattage for this receiver. Help! I asked for advice last month about how to set up my subwoofer and the advice proved to be super helpful. Thanks in advance to any advice you can give!
  7. Hello all, I'm pretty new to the audio community in terms of speakers and I need a little help. What receiver would be best for my setup in the 300-500 dollar range. I want a receiver more preferably on the music side instead of movies. My speakers are all Klipsch and I attached their specs. The speakers are the following: RP-150M bookshelf speakers RP-250C center channel speaker RP-240S surround speakers R-110SW subwoofer 254090.pdf R-110SW_-_Spec_Sheet_635466333600152000.pdf RP-150M-Spec-Sheet.pdf RP-250C-Spec-Sheet.pdf
  8. Hey All, Finally got my Klipsch 5.1.2 HT ready to roll. I purchased the following and loving it so far. Klipsch RP-250F Fronts Klipsch RP-250C Center Klipsch RP-150M Surround Klipsch RP-140SA Atmos Klipsch R-112SW Subwoofer Pioneer Elite VSX-LX301 I was wondering what the optimal crossover point. I have everything set to 80hz right now. I don't feel much movement from the 5.25" drivers. Is that normal? Does anyone suggest a better crossover for these speakers? Thanks Drew
  9. Hi, Long time lurker here who just decided to create an account. I'm still a bit new to the idea of creating a proper home theatre setup, so I wanted to reach out to the community to get a bit of help. It's become overwhelming since there are so many things to consider and research. I currently live in a condo with 18 feet ceilings (I have a feeling this *might* have an impact). I was looking into getting a pair of RP-150m's for the mains and then a R-25c for the center channel. Since I live in a condo, I decided skip out on the subwoofer as I don't want to disturb the neighbors with bass. Is this 3.0 setup an overkill for a condo since I won't be able to leverage it's full power? If not, is it adequate enough for movies and video games? I've heard great things about these speakers, but I'm not sure if there's anything else I need to consider especially with high ceilings.
  10. I'm using these speakers on my desk with SMSL A2 amp. I'm getting a hiss out of the tweeters that is a bit too loud for my taste, because it gets annoying during quiet night time. It does not get louder when I turn up the volume, it remains a steady low volume hiss that becomes unnoticeable when I increase music volume.The hiss is there when nothing is playing and when anything is playing. It's also there even when I disconnected any input signal. As soon as I turn on the amp, the hiss starts. I've got conflicting advice about what could be causing this, so I decided to come here. Some said these speakers are very sensitive and make the amp's noise floor more noticeable, others said the amp is defective. I'm using 14 gauge oxygen free copper wire with banana plugs. Anybody else getting hiss? What could be causing it?
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