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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I am building my first Klipsch home cinema kit. I used to have Bose Acoustimass 6.1 (a Surround back), I am still using the back and rear satellites - But they gotta go! I have new RP-280F for my fronts, the RP-450C obviously center and just got the Dolby Atmos RP-140SA's to sit on my front RP-280F's. I have a R-115SW on it's way. I am in a quandry as to what I replace my Bose surround and rear satellites with. My lounge is large (15m x 7m with angled/pitched ceilings and a lot of arches and stairs etc, ….acoustically awkward) with my living are at one end and dining area at the other, the sofa sits half way down with the rear of it facing the dining area, fron obviously facing TV etc. I was thinking of going foe the RP-250's to replace the surrounds and rear on stands at each end of my sofa, then thought what about getting a pair of RP-250's or 260's, then what about just the RP-160M's? Can anyone give me some advice as to what would sound best, do I need to get a new rear too? If so what? I am running it all from Denon AVR W6200X. Please let me know what you think. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers - Rob
  2. I want to purchase two Rp-240s for surrounds,but im a bit worried that my Emotiva Xpa5 @ 200 watts per channel maybe two much power. Can someone give me some advice, will this setup be ok?..
  3. Is it gonna be a problem to purchase the RP-250S or 240S for a rear surround on this wall? The left surround speaker will be pretty close to the corner not sure how that's gonna effect the sound. Any advice? Should I not get the RP-250S, and instead a RP-160M or something else for the rear surround? This is a 5.1 system by the way.
  4. So I am trying to figure out what to finish up my 7.2 home theater with. I have a pair of RF-7 II's, RC-64II's, RP-250s' (surround sides), and deciding between my already owned RB-61II's or another pair of RP-250's. I've read direct radiating speakers are the choice of many enthusiasts such as THX for surround back speakers. Aesthetically I'd also prefer the RP-250s' because the colums will be built 'around' the RP-250s in a trapezoidal way. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. Thanks.
  5. Hello to all. I am currently finishing up my 7.2 set up with somewhat of a dilemma. I have a pair of RF-7 II's, an RC-64 II, and RP-250s' as surrounds. I have a pair of RB-61 II's that were planned to perform as my surround backs but I am leaning toward another pair of the RP-250s'. Has anyone else achieved this with these 'bipole' like speakers as their rear soundstage and love it? As far as room size, let's say it's on the 'smaller' to 'medium' size. Reason for being vague? Well, my wife and I are currently home shopping. Aesthetically I would prefer the RP-250s' for the matched trapezoidal shaped speaker columns I plan the build. Thanks for the advice and thoughts on this.
  6. Do Klipsch Surround Speaker RP-250S is Di-Pole or Bi-Pole ?
  7. I did a full MCACC Pro calibration after properly placing all speakers (5.1 setup), the Pioneer AV receiver detected surround sound speakers (RP-250S) as a large tower speaker ! Should I keep the setting for these surround speakers Large as calibrated or change it to Small manually? I know the RP-250S is strong and has deep bass. Need your opinions
  8. Hi guys! this my first post on this forum; I bought 5 days back a home theater 5.1 Setup with Klipsch reference premiere speakers (RP-280F, RP450CA, RP-250S & R-115SW) and A/V receiver is Pioneer Elite SC-LX901. I am glad that I purchased Klipsch speakers; they are amazing. I never heard such a natural sound like these speakers as well as the heavy bass of the sub-woofer. I bought Pioneer SC-LX901 so that I will upgrade my home theater after one your to Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 Setup. now my only concern is Do Pioneer SC-LX901 is best choice for these speakers since these speakers required 150W while the receiver is 140 W/ch (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, THD 0.08 %, 2ch Driven FTC) Please Advice me !
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