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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I recently purchased a RP-440c to replace my previous Polk 15C center speaker (dual 5.25 woofers). I plugged in the new 440c and ran Onkyo's room correction wizard. To my surprise, it calculated the crossover to 200hz. My previous polk was calculated to around 70hz. Now I know these room correction tools are sometimes way off, but when the test tones are played from each speaker, the 440c just seems like it does not produce much low end. I have RP-150 for my fronts and surrounds and those are calculated to 50hz. I checked all the wiring and it seems fine. The placement of my speaker is also the same as my previous Polk 15c. I was expecting the RP-150 to go lower than the 440c, but not by this much. Is this normal? Is there any other tests I can do to figure out what is going on?
  2. Hi, So i am currently waiting for my new 5.1 system to arrive ( 2x RP-280F, 2x RP-160M, RP-440C & R-115SW with Denon AVR X2600H), and i'm trying to gather some information regarding setup and settings in the meantime. If I already have a center channel, should i use it listening to music, or stick to 2.1? I know i should do what i think sounds best, but is there any advantages or disadvatages with using a center speaker with music? I have noticed the Denon receiver has some "quick select settings" buttons on the remote, but i haven't been able to find any specific details on it. Therefore i'm wondering if anyone has experience with Denon receivers and changing between settings. Say for example i'm watching a movie in 5.1 with my front speakers set to small, and i want to listen to some music in 2.1 with fronts (L/R) set to large, is there any way to save settings and switch easily between them?
  3. Hi everyone, first time posting. I am putting together a 5.1 system to compliment a 4k tv and had a few questions about picking speakers. I currently have a subwoofer and a pair of R-15m's as part of a stereo system that I want to expand into the 5.1 system. I was planning on getting a pair of RP-250s' as my rear speakers. My main issue is picking center channel speakers and whether I need to upgrade my R-15m's to something beefier to match the center channel. I was looking at either the RP-450C and the RP-440C, I am not sure if there is much of a difference or if they will be overkill with just the R-15m's. So my question is, which center channel would be more advisable, and do I need to upgrade from the R15's? If I need to upgrade, does the left and right channel speaker need to match with the center, or does it not matter? For example, would it be advisable to pair the RP-450C with the RP-280F's and the RP-440C with the RP-260F's or does it not make a huge difference? I am also trying to pick a receiver, but it is difficult to differentiate between receivers. I am mainly looking at sony 7.2 receivers with HD audio, are they all mostly the same, or are their certain features I should look out for on them? And one last bonus question, are the RP-250's better rear channel speakers than regular bookshelf speakers? I am still learning how they work. I appreciate any advice you guys can give me.
  4. I want to purchase two Rp-240s for surrounds,but im a bit worried that my Emotiva Xpa5 @ 200 watts per channel maybe two much power. Can someone give me some advice, will this setup be ok?..
  5. I just bought a pair of RP-280Fs (which I love) and am looking foor some input on a new center channel speaker. The new speaker will be located on top of a Salamander SB-402 cabinet, which is 23.25" wide. Staying within the RP line, the RP-250C would fit with room to spare, while the RP-440C would hang over by a little over an inch on both sides. The RP-450C would hang over too much, so it's out of consideration. Can anyone compare the RP-250C and the RP-440C? The RP-250C would be the best choice strictly based on size, but I could probably get away with the RP-440C if there's a significant advantage (but the wife might not be entirely thrilled). The room is approx. 21'X12' with the main seating approx. 15' from the TV & speakers. Thanks for any input you can offer.
  6. I am building a new home theater and in the process of purchasing all of the necessary speakers and other associated hardware. I already have two R-28F towers for my main front speakers, and I have two R-14S surround speakers. My subwoofer is the R-10SW although I do have a second Martin Logan 10" sub I could use if I find it necessary. The room is wired for 5.1 so for the time being I am starting there but I may pull some new wires to upgrade to a 7.1/7.2 setup in the future. The receiver I have is an older Onkyo TX-SR507 which I fully acknowledge is underpowered but I will be replacing that soon and it will be moved into a secondary location (separate topic down the road). The room is currently setup with a 46" LCD but a projector will be coming soon (deciding which to buy). Screen size will be approximately 120" and the room size is 31'D x 20'W however primary viewing/listening position is approximately 15' from the front wall with the surround locations being approximately 19' from the front wall. The remaining space behind is used for a gaming area so it doesn't really factor into the proper "listening area". I mention dimensions so it is clear this is a larger space which helped explain why I opted to go for larger tower speakers as opposed to small wall mounted or in-wall options. The current issue I have is that I need a proper center channel to finish out the system. My two top options right now are the R-25C or the RP-440C. Because this room will primarily be used for watching television and movies as well as some gaming with perhaps less than 5% of the time devoted to music, I know I need to invest in a good center. From what I can find, the R-25C is the matching center for my towers and has dual 5.25" woofers. It is rated at 100W. The RP-440C on the other hand has four 4"woofers and can handle 150W, so it seems as if this would be capable of delivering a larger more robust sound. There is also the RP-450C which is the version with four 5.25" woofers which in theory is capable of even more although I suspect that may be a bit overkill for my needs. Does anyone have experience with these centers to know what would be ideal? Obviously the R-25C is less expensive which would be appreciated however if I am really doing a disservice to myself by not stepping up to the RP-440C or even the RP-450C then I'm open to suggestions. I hear a lot about "timbre matching" which suggests I should probably stick with the smaller R-25C but (with no disrespect to anyone here) a lot of what i have read elsewhere makes me think people just toss out phrases like "timbre matching" without bothering to actually listen to the speakers or they simply repeat what they heard elsewhere and consider it fact. I assume any good receiver is capable of balancing speakers to the point the typical listener would be more than satisfied, so I just want to ensure I have enough speaker to fill the room and ensure I'm drawn into the movie/game rather than being distracted by substandard audio. Any and all opinions welcome. TL;DR option - Need help picking a center. Top picks are R-25C and RP-440C. Already have R-28F towers, R-14S surrounds, and R-10SW sub.
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