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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All. Can I ask what you all think of getting an external amp for the config below. Receiver Denon X3300W 5.1.2 system Fronts Klipsch 250Fs Centre Klipsch 450C Surrounds Klipsh 402S Front Upfiring Atmos- 2 Klipsch 500SA Sub - 1 only - SVS SB-2000 Room Size 3000 cubic feet but adjacent to an open air kitchen I usually use this for movie watching all kinds from UHD blu rays to 4k netflix and amazon prime. And also for spotify premium. Have a PS4 and a blu ray player connected. Room correction with Denon's Audyssey I sometimes feel that in action sequences, the stage is not that clear. Dialogue is muddled. When watching gravity, dialogue gets lost during the action sequences. Its definitely better when I had a smaller centre (the 450c is an upgrade) but wondering if an external amp would help. If I had an external amp for at least the Front's and centre, would I feel the difference or am I just wasting money given that I understand Klipsch speakers do not need much power. Also could I still do audyssey room correction with an external amp? Finally what would you recommend. Was looking at Outlaw 5000 to power LFC and surrounds and keep the Atmos speakers to the Denon. Looking for your wisdom! Thank you very much
  2. Hey everyone, I have recently moved back to Klipsch speakers after being with Polk RTIA's for roughly 7 years. Though I loved the appearance of the Polk's as they fit perfectly in my living room, they never came close in my opinion to Klipsch. I had the Icon W series prior to Polk for about 6 years and missed the sound but got complacent with my Polk speakers. Long story short, I had a couple amps hooked up that I wasn't really using to their potential so decided to sell and downsize a bit. A guy got a hold of me wanting to trade some equipment and at first I said no but a month later he reached out again. I ended up trading my Emotiva LPA-1 and XPA-200 for a set of RF-3's, RC-3, and 2 pair Quintets (white). The quintets are brand new never opened and the RF-3 set came in their boxes and look straight from Klipsch along with the RC-3. I could not be happier except I needed a new pair of surrounds so I ordered a pair of RB-51ii in hopes that they will match well. Thoughts? Now I've got the Klipsch bug again and although the RC-3 sounds outstanding it is tiny compared to my CSI-A6 and I love a big and powerful center channel. So now I'm hunting for a good matching center for my RF-3's, RB-51ii's, and my SVS PB-2000 Sub. I'm looking at the Klipsch RP-450C and before ordering was hoping that some of you here could give a little feedback & opinion on my choice of mixing and matching Klipsch speakers. Now I do understand that mixing series is not optimal but also realize Klipsch has a very distinct sound and may blend well together. I will look forward to any and all responses and Thanks in advance for any and all time and consideration here. Bobby C. Incloud Design
  3. Hi there I have a Marantz SR-7010 receiver and I added the following speakers: Floor standing Klipsch RP-280f Center Klipsch Rp-450c Subwoofer Klipsch R-112SW I run the marantz audyssey setup and then went manually to touch the central speaker and raise it up 5db more. Im quite happy with the movie dialogs they sound crystal clear but I need to still tweak the subwoofer a little more. I want a more tight punch. My speakers are set to small and the crossovers are: Rp-280f says fullband central 40hz and then in the sub config its LFE 120hz (at the back of the sub I have the auto OFF, phase to 0 and gain around 3/4db. that according to audyssey its 75db) Any hint in how to configure correclty this set up for a tighter punch. Room size is 20 square meters approx. If you need any other detail let me know, thanks a lot
  4. Hi everyone, first time posting. I am putting together a 5.1 system to compliment a 4k tv and had a few questions about picking speakers. I currently have a subwoofer and a pair of R-15m's as part of a stereo system that I want to expand into the 5.1 system. I was planning on getting a pair of RP-250s' as my rear speakers. My main issue is picking center channel speakers and whether I need to upgrade my R-15m's to something beefier to match the center channel. I was looking at either the RP-450C and the RP-440C, I am not sure if there is much of a difference or if they will be overkill with just the R-15m's. So my question is, which center channel would be more advisable, and do I need to upgrade from the R15's? If I need to upgrade, does the left and right channel speaker need to match with the center, or does it not matter? For example, would it be advisable to pair the RP-450C with the RP-280F's and the RP-440C with the RP-260F's or does it not make a huge difference? I am also trying to pick a receiver, but it is difficult to differentiate between receivers. I am mainly looking at sony 7.2 receivers with HD audio, are they all mostly the same, or are their certain features I should look out for on them? And one last bonus question, are the RP-250's better rear channel speakers than regular bookshelf speakers? I am still learning how they work. I appreciate any advice you guys can give me.
  5. Does anyone have any idea what the weight capacity of the RP-450C is? Some of the promotional material for the RP-450C shows it directly under a tv and, due to its large dimensions, this is the only place I can make room for it in my current setup. However, I'm concerned about the stress a 65" 60 pound screen with a larger base to accommodate a curved screen would be placing on the unit.
  6. Greetings! Has anyone wall mounted a RP-450C or 450 CA? This is what I would prefer doing so I will not have to purchase new entertainment furniture. If you have successfully wall mounted, can you link me to the items you used (wall shelf/brackets/etc.)? Thank you in advance. Kev
  7. RP-450C has followings: Crossover frequency: 500Hz/1500Hz Frequency Response:58-25kHz; Does it mean: 1. Tweeter's Frequency range (1500Hz ~ 25kHz) 2. Inner 2 woofers' frequency range (500Hz ~ 1500Hz) 3. Outer 2 woofers' frequency range (58Hz ~ 500Hz) As illustrated in the attached photo. And do Voice/dialogue frequencies handled by inner woofers only ?
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