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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all - indeed, another one! I have been extensively using the search function, but cannot find an identical case / the answer I am looking for, hence this topic. Situation: I love good music, and thus good fronts. Originally, my focus has been music 80 / HT 20. This has changed completely to 20/80 respectively. Hence, I want the speakers to be part of a future HT setup. At the same time, input channels will be Spotify and Netflix - i.e. not the highest quality. I currently have Dali Zensor 5’s from my previous house, but they are not able to create the soundbubble I want in my new house. I have bought them 6 years ago on a strict budget, and I now find myself “regretting” I did not sufficiently future proof the purchase. After all: why would you waste your good years listening to lower quality sound ? After quite some research and listening I am very much torn between the 8 and the 6. I have been able to listen to the RP-8000, which I really like. Unfortunately I cannot listen to the RP-6000 (at least: short term). What I have read on this forum is that they both perform very similar, while the 8 is more heavy on the bass in the mid and the 6 being more neutral, thus also being recommended to be paired with a sub. Interestingly, I have also read that the 8 is a huge step up in terms of creating the soundstage. Knowing the sizes of both, the 8 strikes me as very large (perception; the reference is the Zensor 5) - which is a concern to me as I am not sure whether that would fully blend in my room. In addition, the 8 is 750 euro whereas the 6 costs 640 (at one place even 470). Based on the above, I am not sure the price increase (220-560 total difference), the massive size of the 8 and the seemingly similar performance is worth buying the 8, as the 6 might perform fantastically well and I can spend the money on surround speakers. Question: can you please share your views on both, and your expert opinion / recommendations ? Would you buy the 8, or the 6 - and why ? As a context; my future receiver considerations (recommendations welcome): - NAD T758 - Denon X3700H Current room: 12x5 meters by 2.7m high. Part of this is kitchen, part is living area and 5x5 is living room area. Picture below. Context: I might move again to a living room being 5x8 meters 2.5 hight.
  2. Hi All, I've searched, but couldn't find any info. I upgraded my speakers and there's noticeable difference in woofer colour between RP-600M (my old speakers) and RP-6000f (new). The RP-6000f's have more of a reddish hue while the RP-600M's are golden/copper kind of colour. Is that something Klipsch have changed or did I purchase some fake ones? Many thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, I am planning to get Klipsch Reference Premiere, but could not choose which ones I am going to choose.Option 1:KLIPSCH RP-8000F as front speakersKLIPSCH RP-504C as centerKLIPSCH RP-600M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwooferOption 2:KLIPSCH RP-6000F as front speakersKLIPSCH RP-404C as centerKLIPSCH RP-500M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwooferI would save about $650, if I choose option 2. Option 3: KLIPSCH RP-600M as front speakers KLIPSCH RP-504C as center KLIPSCH RP-500M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwoofer I would save about $1165 if I choose option 3 over option 1. And I would save about $515 if I choose option 3 over option 2. I will use Denon AVR-X1500H as receiver. I will use speakers mostly for movies, 70% for movies30% for music I am not planning to listen very loud, since we have two kids on 3 years old and 5 years old.Room size is medium.Thanks,Miilu
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new in the forum, and got in here because I was tempted to get the reference premiere RP-260F floorstanders, like it more the 280F, but I prefer to be just right in the middle between the 250 and 280, and compensating with a subwoofer the smaller 6,5" woofers of the 260F. Anyway, I got to the store and they run out of the RP-260F, and not getting any RP-250/260/280F anymore, since, as they said, Klipsch is replacing them with the "all new reference premiere" rp line, to be said; 5000, 6000 and 8000F respectively. (BTW, I'm not in the states, so I'm not buying directlty from Klipsch, crutchfield, BB, others, handling, taxes, and mostly, shipping) They still have a pair of RP-280F, and they're also expecting a shipment of RP-5000/6000/8000F in the next few weeks. Have you guys any thoughts about the comparable RP-6000F with the one I wanted to buy?, the RP-260F? (same woofers size), how would it compare the RP-6000F with the available RP-280F? The price of these two are almost the same here. Thanks in advance for your advice!
  5. Hi all, Need a bit of advise as i had purchase the following Klipsch system: 1) RP-6000F (125W continuous @ 8 Ohm) 2) RP-402S (75W cont @ 8 Ohm) 3) RP-500C (100W cont @ 8 Ohm) 4) SPL-120 BV (300W RMS / 600W Peak) Due to budget issue, i'm considering between Denon AVR-X2500H or Marantz SR5013!! I hope all the expert here can advise on this. 80% of time I'll be using it to watch Blu-ray movie & stream from Netflix or online and only remain 20% listen to music. Hope to hear from you all experts soon! Thanks. ****Update: My supplier just offered me Pioneer VSX-LX503!! He said he always matched Klipsch system with Pioneer receiver!
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