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  1. Hello everyone, I am planning to get Klipsch Reference Premiere, but could not choose which ones I am going to choose.Option 1:KLIPSCH RP-8000F as front speakersKLIPSCH RP-504C as centerKLIPSCH RP-600M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwooferOption 2:KLIPSCH RP-6000F as front speakersKLIPSCH RP-404C as centerKLIPSCH RP-500M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwooferI would save about $650, if I choose option 2. Option 3: KLIPSCH RP-600M as front speakers KLIPSCH RP-504C as center KLIPSCH RP-500M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwoofer I would save about $1165 if I choose option 3 over option 1. And I would save about $515 if I choose option 3 over option 2. I will use Denon AVR-X1500H as receiver. I will use speakers mostly for movies, 70% for movies30% for music I am not planning to listen very loud, since we have two kids on 3 years old and 5 years old.Room size is medium.Thanks,Miilu
  2. Hello I just wanted your advice on buying a new pair of speakers. My budget is < 2000 euros (could stretch that to a little bit more) in Europe. The only application would be to listen to music, mostly vinyls played on a rega turntable. I have a fairly entry level amplifier : Pioneer A-50, which I'm planning to upgrade at some point, maybe something in the rega line. I was using until recently a pair of Davis Acoustics Vinci HD, a model that has been discontinued since and whose replacement I think would be the Davis Acoustics Krypton 9 (https://davis-acoustics.com/en/krypton-9-2/). I quite liked the speakers, I am in an attic with a huge space (think 6meters by 15 meters room) filled with a plethora of objects, but the listening "experience" takes place in a square of 5m x 5m and I'm sitting about 3 meters from the speakers; I don't have any restrictions on the volume and play the music whatever feels comfortable that day. I thought the Vinci HD performed well (granted I don't have many reference points). Since then I had to give the speakers back to the person lending them to me and I am now, temporarily, on a set of cheaper JBL Northridge E60. The difference is quite stark. I came across the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8000F II which might be a good candidate. They are in the budget (I can get them for 1500 euros) and I'm under the impression they would represent an upgrade, to the JBLs of course, and maybe to the Davis acoustics. What do you think? Also, out of curiosity, would speakers like the Heresy "work" in my configuration (maybe they are designed for smaller rooms I don't know)? I must admit I like the way they look, but they are found at almost 5k euros here (for a pair). Just curious how big of a jump they would represent as compared to the RP-8000F. Thanks for taking the time to read and give your insight!
  3. I spent quite a bit of money on the RP-8000fs. And like many have complained with Klipsch speakers, they are too bright. I have really really good ears. Maybe they are designed for not so good ears. I starting to play with a few things. I'm noticing ear-pain from long exposure. (a few weeks now with them...) I've started to investigate different speaker positions. I keep changing my AVRs Equalizer levels. I invested in a SPL meter to really find what they are producing. On my cut-rate Onkyo AVR they have that new-fangled AcuEQ, that doesn't work very well. I will try it again, and maybe a few more times at different positions. So far, I've run it with the AcuEQ off. Only using the AcuEQ for distance and levels in the 5.1 system. It hasn't figured out Equalization correctly. When I did my SPL findings, for instance there was a quite a drop at 2000hz. Unfortunatly, with the 15band EQ, they give you 1.6 and 2.5. You can get close to touching that, but not exact. Then at 8000hz it was like boom pow! However on a 15band EQ it goes from 6.3k to 10k. So I tried just turning down the 'Treble'. I'm might investigate Extreme Toe-In... But the wife may not like that. I've tried toe-out (But that did not work in my space.... the sound goes into a dead-space, because the sound hits a ...well toe-out is usually not recommended anyway). Before buying these I actually looked at building a nice set of speakers. I should have done that. These really don't sound much better than the ones they replaced, and they are causing pain.
  4. Hello. I have a Marantz PM7005 integrated amplifier: 60 W x 2 (8 Ω/ohms load) 80 W x 2 (4 Ω/ohms load) As I understand, the two speakers are 8 ohms each equaling a total of 4ohms. The RP-8000Fs each are “up to 150w” each. Obviously, those are general numbers and there are other factors. I have pondered getting the mentioned speakers. I want great sound but I am also not on a perfection quest. With that said, I am also interested in other similar amps that are in a similar price range as my current Marantz (was) with the same basic features. Obviously, power output is a consideration. Basically the $1k-1.5k range. —no receiver —no A/V —DAC such as the PM7005 has. I realize that it’s not stellar. —solid state —I like the analog and source direct features that the PM7005 has —I use a turntable, CD and computer/iPhone —I’m not familiar about possible Bluetooth features and what they add to the cost. If basically nothing, I would consider. However, I am fine with some sort of usb, including usb-c
  5. Hi all - indeed, another one! I have been extensively using the search function, but cannot find an identical case / the answer I am looking for, hence this topic. Situation: I love good music, and thus good fronts. Originally, my focus has been music 80 / HT 20. This has changed completely to 20/80 respectively. Hence, I want the speakers to be part of a future HT setup. At the same time, input channels will be Spotify and Netflix - i.e. not the highest quality. I currently have Dali Zensor 5’s from my previous house, but they are not able to create the soundbubble I want in my new house. I have bought them 6 years ago on a strict budget, and I now find myself “regretting” I did not sufficiently future proof the purchase. After all: why would you waste your good years listening to lower quality sound ? After quite some research and listening I am very much torn between the 8 and the 6. I have been able to listen to the RP-8000, which I really like. Unfortunately I cannot listen to the RP-6000 (at least: short term). What I have read on this forum is that they both perform very similar, while the 8 is more heavy on the bass in the mid and the 6 being more neutral, thus also being recommended to be paired with a sub. Interestingly, I have also read that the 8 is a huge step up in terms of creating the soundstage. Knowing the sizes of both, the 8 strikes me as very large (perception; the reference is the Zensor 5) - which is a concern to me as I am not sure whether that would fully blend in my room. In addition, the 8 is 750 euro whereas the 6 costs 640 (at one place even 470). Based on the above, I am not sure the price increase (220-560 total difference), the massive size of the 8 and the seemingly similar performance is worth buying the 8, as the 6 might perform fantastically well and I can spend the money on surround speakers. Question: can you please share your views on both, and your expert opinion / recommendations ? Would you buy the 8, or the 6 - and why ? As a context; my future receiver considerations (recommendations welcome): - NAD T758 - Denon X3700H Current room: 12x5 meters by 2.7m high. Part of this is kitchen, part is living area and 5x5 is living room area. Picture below. Context: I might move again to a living room being 5x8 meters 2.5 hight.
  6. Hi all. I am new to the Klipsch world and I am putting together a 5.1.4 system with the following: Fronts: RP-8000F Center: RP-504C Surrounds: RP-8000F Atmos: RP-500SA I was taking a hard look at the Anthem MRX 1140 to power the system. However, I've received comments from some friends that say the amps on this AVR are not powerful enough and recommended I go the separates route (meaning more $$$). Was curious if anyone is using this receiver to drive RP-8000F's and what their experience has been. I'm open to suggestions as to what would be the best receiver or reasonable separates combo. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello! What A/V Receiver should i get for RP-8000F so that the treble is not so high? Was thinking to get 5.1 or 7.1 receiver for future upgrades.
  8. Hello sirs, I have been using RP-8000F and Yamaha A-S801 combo for quite some time now, listening to anything that can be listened to. It sounds alright with generally non-bass-heavy music like classic rock, but falls literally flat with anything relying on low-end. This manifests itself on certain compositions, and a vivid example is Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps. As soon as the drums start, it feels like -15dB below 140 Hz. Each kick there has no immediate impact and a very faint “rumbling” bass after. This is true for any input on A-S801 and any source – RCA (with or without direct mode) from a MacBook, bluetooth dongle or external preamp; vinyl with or without built-in phono; or built-in DAC. The same sources sound “properly” in the drums part on any of the headphones or other sets of speakers I have, but exhibit the said problem with A-S801 outputting into RP-8000F. Also, there is typically barely any movement from the woofers of RP-8000F, even on very bass-heavy music. The overall volume can already be close to unbearable before the cones have visible movement. This does not make a lot of sense to me as the cone suspension is not that stiff – not a car subwoofer level of stiff. Interestingly, the bass is decent while listening to anything with rumbling / splashing / slamming low end, e.g. DJ Shadow – Suicide Pact; Run The Jewels – Lie, Cheat, Steal; Xzibit – Lax. But there is only so much I listen can listen to of that sort. I happened to try RP-8000F with a very cheap 15W amp for several days, and the difference in the low end to A-S801 was staggering. The room, cabling and the sources were the same. It was apparent that the amp struggled at times, but it just sounded like a pair of floorstanders with impactful bass on any composition that had it. The cones of the woofers were also visibly moving from mid volumes – to the extent you would expect from a 2-woofer setup. What could be the reason for that behaviour with RP-8000F and A-S801 combo? Are there any obvious specs of A-S801 that just do not go with RP-8000F, which I should avoid with future amps? Also, any proven amp recommendations within USD 2.5k would be greatly appreciated. For now I am looking to give a listen to Cambridge Audio CXA61 (CXA 81?) and Yamaha A-S1200. TLDR: The low end of RP-8000F plus A-S801 combo sounds extremely underwhelming and flat, whereas a random 15W / USD 20 amp shakes the world with the same sources and the same room. What could be the problem? Recommended amps to go with RP-8000F within USD 2.5k?
  9. Did anyone compare the RP-8000F and the RP-280F? Is the RP-8000F a major evolution? I want to change my R28F .... and for the price of RP-280F at the moment, I am very interested to upgrade and at the same time the RP-8000F intrigues me. So, the RP-8000F or the RP-280F ? (i can't listening in Montreal....not available right now) I have a home theater with R-28F, R-25C, R-14S, R-12SW. For a home theater, it's fine, but I don't like the R-28F .. (Kids are happy, but not the dad :) ) I know the RP and the Reference serie are different, but, for my 2 channel listening, i need to upgrade the front speakers. I don't care for, now, to mix 2 series together. I'm a NAD and KEF guy for years.... but for my home theater Klipsch did a great job! Musicaly...it's another story. Reference series "sound signature"...is not what i want. It's not bad...but less musical. (I'm a musician ) Thank you for your help ! JF
  10. Hi Please excuse me if this question seems to basic to you guys. I am still very naive in understandings some basic things. I have a Denon X4500H with RP-8000F and R-115SW. I am not very happy with the sound quality. I am planning to change the whole equipment. My inclination is towards Anthem STR series Pre and Power Amps and to replace RP-8000F with either Forte or Cornwall. Below are some specs for all the equipments. Planned Anthem Power Amp at 8 ohms 400 wpc Current Denon X4500H at 8 ohm 125wpc From Klipsch Web Site RP -8000F power handling Continous/Peak 150/600 watts, Senstivity 98db Forte III Continous/Peak 100/400 watts, Senstivity 99db Cornwall III Continous/Peak 100/400 watts I did not find anything on Klipsch specs that says suitable amplifer range (as other manufactures list in speaker specs). My doubt is can i pair the Anthem power amp that produces 400/wpc with any of the towers? Am I at risk of burning my speakers? How come 8000F can handle more power but is low on SPL? Or Can I still use Denon and replace to 8000f and Denon will be powerful enough to drive Forte or Cornwall? Thanks for the help.
  11. Hi Guys, I need help deciding between the New RP-8000f or RP-6000f towers. I know that many say "There is no such thing as overkill", but I want to make sure my room also looks balanced. I have an approx. 1950 cubic foot room. That's about 20 feet long X 12 wide. The thing is, the far back side of my living room is used as a makeshift home office with a sit/stand table and my laptop station. So officially, its like I have a small rectangle where my TV/home theater area is. Maybe 15ft by 12 feet in the sitting & listening area in front of the TV. Pls see pics for reference. Dimension-wise, the new RP-600s seem to be just an inch and a half smaller in width and depth. In height, the 6000 is about 3 inches shorter. My question is, is there a big difference in sound quality or at least, a discernable difference in sound quality between the New RP-8000s vs the RP-6000s?
  12. Hey guys, I'm setting up a dedicated theater in a 16x14 room. I wanted to know if anyone could give me any direction on this. Would using the RP800f's with the RC-64lll be a bad idea? Is the RC-64lll overkill in a room that size? Will it sound too different from the 8000's and defeat the purpose of going bigger on the center channel? I'm thinking the RF7-lll's would be overkill in my room, not to mention a couple of thousand dollars more. So my options are to step the center down to the RP-504C and go with the matching RP-8000f's. Steep up the towers from the 8000s to the RF7-lll's. Step them all up. Step them all down. Mix the big center with the smaller towers. I"m also using dual SVS PB2000's for the record. Any help is appreciated.
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