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Found 5 results

  1. These look nice...$550. Bremerton, WA https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/ele/d/gig-harbor-klipsch-heresy-hip-speakers/7101948263.html "Klipsch Heresy HIP speakers. Pro style cabinets, are stock orig cabinets and drivers. Electro Voice woofer. New Crites HEI crossover built to stock parameters. I have caps that can be used to attenuate the mid and tweeter if so desired (the HIP heresy runs them hot on purpose)"
  2. Hi everyone, I'm in search of La Scalas for my Summer DJ setup. These will be paired with my SVS PB16 Ultra subwoofers. My budget is flexible. AL3 LS-BR's in good condition is my preference. Black will also be ok. LS2's are a budget possibility if they actually exist, but I understand that's a unicorn market. I'm monitoring FB, Craigslist, OfferUp, etc... Feel free to forward any ads, but a friend of a friend with 3 pairs in the garage would a nice occurrence! Thank you very much. - Brad
  3. Selling a pair of 1989 heresy standing speakers (in birch raw finish) with angled risers and a KV-1 center channel. This sound system was purchased in February of 1989 and has had no previous owners- so it's in excellent condition. I've had offers on Facebook and from some friends but I would love to sell them to someone who truly appreciates Klipsch! Let me know if you're interested.
  4. NA, Just wanted to get this on the radar for any of our folks in the Seattle area. Sale starts this friday. Seems like good potential for anything electronics wise. https://www.estatesales.net/WA/Seattle/98178/1744320
  5. I haven't seen anything posted here about Paul Johnston and The Loudspeaker Store, so want let forum members know about a great resource: I'd been looking at vintage speakers and noticed Paul's ads on Craigslist for speaker repairs. I called him up and learned that he uses OEM parts or parts which have been tested to ensure they match original spec parts sonically. He is actually the one who turned me on to Klipsch in the first place; he worked for Klipsch for a time and was exposed to the brand early as his grandfather was PWK's first manufacturer's rep in the Seattle area. Paul is a fount of knowledge on Klipsch speakers. I've discussed pro's and con's of various models - Belle vs. LaScala, Forté I vs. Forté II, KG series, etc. He has been generous with his time and insights, steering me well on my purchases. He did great work recently on a pair Cornwall I's I bought where both woofers had been blown. I sent him pics and he quoted for repairs, plus assured me the cabinets would clean up well. The Cornwalls came out sounding gorgeous and the repaired speakers cost about half what I would have spent otherwise. He also replaced the fuse assembly on one of my Heresy HIP speakers, which went to center channel duty. I now have a killer 5-channel Heritage setup, plus the added peace of mind knowing he repairs things the way Klipsch would do it themselves. (They also work on Speakerlab, Altec, ADS, Infinity, and many other brands.) If you're local you can drop off speakers at two locations; they also do a lot of work with folks who live outside the area and just ship their drivers. For more info: https://www.yelp.com/biz/the-loudspeaker-store-kent-2 https://www.facebook.com/loudspeakerstore/
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