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Found 81 results

  1. bobpni2


    .I have a pair of speakers medium oak .Legend KLF 30 Towers ,they are 45.25" high and 14" wide and 16" in depth and weight 102 lbs. and asking $550.00 [203] 488-1023 BRANFORD, CT If there is no answer leave a message
  2. .I have a pair of speakers medium oak .Legend KLF 30 Towers ,they are 45.25" high and 14" wide and 16" in depth and weight 102 lbs. and asking $550.00 [203] 488-1023 BRANFORD, CT If there is no answer leave a message
  3. Selling my Vienna Acoustics Beethoven floorstanders. Impedance: 4 OhmsFrequency Response: 30 - 22,000HzSensitivity: 91dBRecommended Amplification: 50 - 300 WattsDrive Units: 2 7" XPP Spider Cone Woofers2 5.5" XPP Cone Midrange1.1" Silk Dome, Hand Coated TweeterGood working condition.Please note: those are not Concert Grand or Baby Grand. Local pickup in CT or we can discuss shipping. Asking $1400 OBO
  4. .I have a pair of speakers medium oak .Legend KLF 30 Towers ,they are 45.25" high and 14" wide and 16" in depth and weight 102 lbs. and asking &550.00 I live in Branford Connecticut Email me at robertpniewski@sbcglobal.net if you are interested.
  5. I have 4 KP 250 II with very little use for sale. They were bought for a nightclub that never happened. They were used in a studio environment for 6 mo. Other than that they have been stored. I'm in San Diego. Have pictures of course contact - Realsurf21@gmail.com
  6. I just viewed this weeks ABC Warehouse flyer and noticed they have several Klipsch speakers on sale for half off. Seem like pretty fair deals to be had: Reference R26F towers for $350 R10SW powered sub $175 R15M bookshelf $199 a pair R25C center channel $186.75 You could put together a decent little system for not a lot! Tim
  7. FOR SALE SET OF VOLTI KLIPSCH SPEAKERS These awsome speakers are the highest quality of any speakers that I have seen or heard before! Each Piece has NO VISIBLE NICKS, CRACKS, OR SCRATCHES. VERY NICE! WOW! Asking Only $8796.5 WOW! Message me by email, text or call me. My name is Gregg. I am from Kansas City MissourI 641219 816.659.7222 gvhines@quickclicknow.com
  8. I am thinking about selling a mint set of five (5) RCR-5 ceiling speakers and wanted to get an idea of what people think they might be worth today? I just couldn't find any that have recently sold on eBay so I'm not sure how to gauge a value in today's market. Any ideas would sincerely be appreciated.
  9. http://stores.ebay.com/jadedesign?rmvSB=true Some really nice electronics. Pretty fair prices too. I always find myself tempted by those Sherbourn PA 7 350's and PA 7-150's.
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Peavey-Speaker-System-Vintage-FH-2-MB-1-CH-4C-project-1-series-CONCERT-SPEAKERS-/322151237827?hash=item4b01b5c8c3:g:j~sAAOSwmtJXYJy1 Looks like a monster set up. Cheap too with a Buy it now of $700! No affiliation
  11. What is the difference between an 8 Ohm speaker and a 4 Ohm. Does it require more power or less to drive them? Are they more, or less efficient. I am ignorant on this subject but with your help here I wont be. Thanks.
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsh-Surround-Sound-System-/182019680155?hash=item2a6137e79b:g:pdoAAOSwa-dWsiFz Looks like a nice little package, especially at the price. Nothing worse than mis spelling Klipsch in your ad! No affiliation but maybe someone wants to get in on it! Tim
  13. Hello, I recently purchased the Reference home theater system. R15M, R26F, R10SW but I did not purchase the R25C because that speaker will not fit in the front of my TV Cabinet. I have a 65" curved Samsung TV sitting on the stand and the bezel sits about 2" or so off of the stand. If I put the R25C in front of my TV it will block some of my viewing area. My TV cabinet has 3 sections all at 18.125" wide. I prefer not to mount the center speaker on the wall behind the TV because that would look very odd and I don't want to put the center speaker on the floor. Is there a comparable speaker in anyone's mind that I could get that would sound ok to match this setup? There are a few older Reference speakers that would work but I would have to find something used. Is the G-16 my only bet? I'd hat to get another brand because it sounds like the non timbre matching wouldn't be good. Please help! Thanks
  14. stores.ebay.com/jadedesign/ Emotiva's Ebay store is having a black Friday sale. Lots of great deals if anyone is shopping!
  15. I have a pair of Klipsch KP 2000-C speakers in great condition. Have been stored inside in a climate controlled environment for their lives so far. you can contact me here with question of for details. I live in Upstate New York outside of Albany. You can also try me at markusb111 at Gmail dot calm. Thanks
  16. We're clearing out the warehouse... 50% OFF select Klipsch speakers & headphones: www.klipsch.com/specials The deal goes through the first of September. Original prices are in parenthesis. No coupon code required. S3m In-Ear Headphones: $24.99 ($49.99) S3 In-Ear Headphones: $24.99 ($49.99) S4 (II) In-Ear Headphones: $39.99 ($79.99) S4i (II) In-Ear Headphones: $49.99 ($99.99) KG-200 Pro Audio Wired Gaming Headset: $64.99 ($129.99) KG-300 Pro Audio Wireless Gaming Headset: $114.99 ($229.99) GiG Color Band Accessory: $16.99 ($24.99) GiG Portable Wireless Music System: $99.99 ($199.99) KMC 1 Portable Wireless Music System: $129.99 ($299.99) HD Theater 300 Home Theater System: $199.99 ($399.99) Quintet Home Theater System: $274.00 ($549.99)
  17. Circumstances dictate I clear out a bunch of my audio gear. All is in excellent to mint condition with original boxes, manuals and remotes (where applicable). Email if interested. All gear is available for audition in the San Antonio, TX, area. Shipping is extra but will be actual cost via FEDEX ground. Polk LSiM 707. Polk's current flagship that still sells for $4k+. Cherry finish, mint with boxes. Absolutely gorgeous build quality on par with Thiel and Sonus Faber, in my opinion. Very well balanced speaker. Asking $2150 Cambridge Audio 840a V2 integrated amplifier. Built like a tank using Cambridge's XD amplifier technology. Great integrated amp. Asking $675 Quicksilver tube mini-mite mono-block amps. Mike Sanders classic hand built tube amps. $750 for the pair. Sony DVP-7000ES DVD/SACD player. Very heavy, well built and sounds great! Like a vault door closing when you feed it a CD. $275 obo Audio Nirvana 8" Single driver speakers. Built for smooth jazz and female vocals. Very detailed and tremendous in that regard. Not a head banging speaker though so would not recommend it in that area. $450. Email if interested.
  18. I have the CW I's. How many ohms should the woofer have? Mine is bouncing between 3.2 TO 4.6. Is that considered good or bad? I did have the woofer not connected at that time. TIA ERIC
  19. I have the CW I's. How many ohms should the woofer have? Mine is bouncing between 3.2 TO 4.6. Is that considered good or bad? I did have the woofer not connected at that time. TIA ERIC
  20. Hi everyone, I am looking for additional information and potential buyer regarding a pair of vintage 1950s klipschorn speakers in excellent and working condition. The serial#s are 1671-1672 on the cabinets and 1832 & 1681 on the horns. I'm looking for information regarding their collectibility, value and a potential buyer. I'm located in Houston so anyone local interested please msg me otherwise I can ship at buyer's expense.
  21. Pair is oiled oak with SN#'s 8727551 and 8727552. Cane grills installed, also have brown grills. Cabinets are in near mint condition. These belonged to my dad who passed, they sound great. I never knew of him changing anything, so I would say they are all original.
  22. Though I've read lots online from Mach 1's enthusiasts as well as Forte enthusiasts, I'm wondering if anyone ever owned both at the same time and compared. They seem about equally price on craigslist. Looking forward to hearing some opinions.
  23. These speakers came with my house and were clearly treasured by the original owner. Sadly, they are wasted on me and are now seeking a good home. I have read thru the forums so have some (very) limited knowledge about what they are. The Klipschorn pair have consecutive serial nos. 8P125 & 126 and are the model KB-BR which I think means Birch. They might have been the unfinished models and the owner added the finish (note that in the attached pics it looks like they don't match but they do). They are in very good condition. However, we were not as good caretakers as the owner and they do have some small fraying of the speaker material on the very back edge. The 1957 Shorthorn is model SPI-15 and serial 803. This is also in very good condition. There are some very small pulls in the material on the front and a minor scratch on the top. Additionally there is a 4th speaker that I know pretty much nothing about. All the speakers were checked recently by an audio tech and found to be in good working order. I have attached some pictures. They are available for inspection & pickup from Wilmington, NC. I will consider all reasonable offers. Please let me know if you have questions or need add'l pix. Thank you for looking :-)
  24. Klipsch Synergy F-2 Floorstanding speakers (black) that are in MINT condition for sale. These speakers are extreamly loud!!! Selling for $300.00 but willing to consider reasonable offers. Please feel free to contact me at teeter89@hotmail.com or ph# 909-522-2025 as I'm not at a computer all day. I also have many more pics, the serial numbers and model numbers if you want them.
  25. This is a beautiful pair of Medium Oak Oil Finish Klipsch Chorus I speakers. Originally sold for $1758. We are selling these for $870.00 The pair is from 1989 with consecutive serial numbers - 8912545 & 8912546. The grills are in excellent condition. The cabinets are in great shape as well; has some minor scratches. See the photos. These speakers were paired with an NAD receiver and later with a B&K Surround system with excellent sound reproduction quality. SENSITIVITY: 101dB @ 1watt/1meter POWER HANDLING: 100 watts maximum continuous (1000 watts peak) DIMENSIONS: 39" (99.06cm) x 18.5" (46.99cm) x 15.5" (39.37cm) WEIGHT: 89 lbs. (40.4kg) Item location: Chandler, Arizona; United States NO SHIPPING offered on this item. Payment: PayPal within 48 hrs of sale Speaker is for LOCAL PICK-UP only.
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