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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am considering an upgrade for my Energy esw-8. Now I am considering buying the R-112SW, however I have not been able to find many reviews on it. I have heard the Sub 12 in action which I liked a lot in terms of power, and they seem to be pretty similar to me (Keep in mind that I am not an expert in this field, so if I'm missing something please forgive me). Looking at the specs sheets (Sub 12) (R-112SW) it seems that the main differences between the two are: 650 watts vs 600 watts dynamic power in favor of the sub 12 24Hz-120Hz vs 24Hz-125Hz frequency response in favor of the R-112SW Bash vs All digital amplifier for the sub 12 and the R-112SW respectively Output: Max continuous output sub 12: 117 dB @30 Hz 1/8 space 1 meter Max acoustic output R-112SW: 118 dB (Down-fire vs Front-fire for the sub 12 and the R-112SW respectively) (Copper Cerametalic woofer for the R-112SW) My sub-questions are: How important is the dynamic power for the overall performance? Same for the frequency response (especially considering that the difference in frequency is in the higher end) What is the difference between Bash and All Digital and which performs better? Is the output information given on both spec sheets comparable? and if yes, which one has a higher significance (and thus gives the edge to the respective subwoofer)? Does the material of the woofer make a difference in sound/performance and then my main question is of course: In terms of performance, which of the two is better? The Receiver I am using is the Denon AVR-1912 (will probably upgrade in the future, but I don't know within what time-frame) I am aware of the fact that the Sub 12 has been discontinued, but in the case that the Sub 12 is significantly better buying second hand would be an option or saving up for the R-115SW and upgrading the Receiver proportionally(The latter not being preferred in terms of financial resource management but if the upgrade isn't worth it and the sub 12 not available it's better to save up and wait as to me this is a long-term investment). Thanks in advance! (Tldr; see main question )
  2. Hello, I had a Klipsch Sub-10 that failed (started to blow fuses) and sent the input panel into a person who repairs electronics, audio equipment including subwoofers. He stated he would need to determine if the SUB-10 input panel could be repaired. After a couple of weeks he sent back an email stating he was able to repair part of the subwoofer input panel but was still trying to determine if he was able to repair another part of the subwoofers main board. (input panel) Eventually I heard back from the repair person that he was able to repair the SUB-10. I have this stereo system with two Klipsch book mount speaks installed in an RV main area with stereo system is approx. 8 x 14 so a SUB-12 is a bit of an overkill. He sent the input panel back and the SUB-10 now works perfectly for the small space I have it installed. During the time the SUB-10 was in the repair shop, I purchased a new Klipsch SUB-12 and added an extended 4 year warranty (included shipping both ways) that would start after the manufacture's 2 year warranty expired. I decided to try and sell the SUB-12 as it's taking up storage space. The problem I'm having with the new SUB-12 with warranty is I was told by Klipsch once you purchase one of their products such as a SUB-12 the warranty is only good for the original purchaser and can't be transferred unless it has a gift receipt. I'm not really certain what a gift receipt is or why it would make any difference. I have the SUB-12 advertised it as a sub-woofer with an extended warranty that starts after the manufactures 2 year warranty expires but was wondering if there's any way to include the two year (from time of purchase) Klipsch warranty as well? Most items I've purchased the manufacture's warranty is honored when transferred to a new owner.
  3. I am trying to decide between a Klipsch Sub-12 and a R12SW. Any suggestions? The Sub-12 is higher in power and has a slightly better freq range compared to the R12SW. However, the R12SW is a newer model with new technology.
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