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  1. Hi, you may notice I'm selling my stuff. It's time to downsize and this sub is more than I need now. I am the original owner and it is good shape and sounds great. One grill post is broken. Bic America F-12. Check the prices and specs. here: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2/185-1235967-9582649?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=bic+f-12 I will consider any reasonable offer for local pickup or possible south bay delivery. Thanks, EJH
  2. I have the Icon SB 1 Soundbar and wireless sub. I purchased new about a year and a half ago. This problem just stared about a month ago. When I turn on the sound bar, the wireless sub will "pair" with it. When it does, it makes a sound I can best describe as a small squelch. It kind of creeks and buzzes at the same time (an electric static-y sound) , for a couple seconds. Then it doesn't get louder than a whisper. I have tried using both different inputs and plugging it in to different places. Anyone have an idea of the problem?
  3. NOW $425! Less than 2 years old, so 2 months of warranty left (I cannot honor warranty but will provide the invoice if you have any issues, bought from an authorized dealer, but I cannot promise warranty is transferable). Shipped from Columbia, SC buyer pays all shipping costs. See more pics on my Craigslist ad as it's too much of a pain to resize all my pictures for here: http://columbia.craigslist.org/ele/5382703171.html This thing is awesome, just no where to mount it on my new chairs that have an open bottom with tall wood legs. I could modify the chairs and mount it upside down, but then my chairs would not be aesthetically pleasing to my wife (as bottom is open you'd see the transducer). These would be fabulous mounted to a sofa or a recliner which normally has an enclosed base. My last recliner set was leather and I modified it using a 2x6 screwed on the inside part of the wood frame, then bolted this to it. It shot the stuff out of me when watching movies, totally awesome! There's even a mounting plate so you don't have to modify your sofa. It goes under one leg. I believe this requires you to remove a sofa leg (most unscrew), but I'm not sure as I never opened this part of the kit! The 400W/1500Watt transducer (aka shaker) goes down to 5 Hz! It takes a serious amp to go down that low, and the one included is nearly 30 lbs and has a toroidal transformer too. These are the heaviest and best Buttkickers (Butt Kickers) available too (little ones do NOT go down to 5 Hz). Would also be great for a studio or drummers chair (similar to a Pearle Drum Throne Thumper). I'm included all the original accessories, this kit sells for $699.95 + shipping (click add to card on Buttkicker's site). The kit weighs 45 lbs, and all packaging is included and they really are in like new condition. It is even double boxed. http://www.thebuttkicker.com/lfe-kit The ButtKicker low frequency transducer accurately reproduces bass and special effects from the subwoofer and .1 LFE sound tracks. The ButtKicker "shakes" your couch or home theater seating precisely in sync with your movie, music or game. Now you can enjoy powerful bass, realistic special effects and concert quality music without disturbing the neighbors or waking the kids. The kit includes all the cables and wires needed to connect the ButtKicker to your home theater and gaming systems. The Kit Includes: 1 BK-LFE, 1 BKA-1000-N, 1 BK-CMAK and wiring kit. Product Specifications ButtKickerĀ® LFE Transducer Dimensions: 5.375" H x 5.375" W Frequency Response: 5 - 200 Hz Weight: 11 lbs / 5 kgs Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms Power Handling: 400 watts min. BKA1000-N Power Amplifier Specs Dimensions: 12" W x 12" L x 4" H Weight: 25 lbs / 11.4 kgs Power Handling: 1000 watts @ 4 ohms 1900 watts @ 2 ohms
  4. Hi guys, Fry's is running a special today for the new Klipsch Reference 12 sub and I am tempted to pick one up. $200 off and free shipping today. Bottom line.....$249. Does anyone own one of these? Can you let me know what you think... I am pairing it with some RC-3 II's and RS- 3 II's. From the specs it should work out nicely....but hands on experience is much appreciated. For reference, it will be taking over for my Klipsch Sub 10 which I will be moving to another room.
  5. I need a 2nd RSW-15 to balance out my room. I'm in Huntsville, Al and will drive 3-4 hours to pick up. Thanks, Wayne Wilburn wilbucd@yahoo.com
  6. I need a 2nd RSW-15 to balance out my room. I live in Huntsville, Al and will drive 3-4 hours to pick up. Thanks, Wayne Wilburn wilbucd@yahoo.com
  7. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Klipsch Sub 12 Subwoofer (at least I think; it looks exactly like this: http://www.klipsch.com/sub-12-subwoofer/details). I'm looking to install a custom TV wall cabinet set up for my home theater. Ideally, I would place my subwoofer inside a cabinet with a mesh door; however, mine is a down-firing subwoofer. Does anyone know if I can still put my subwoofer inside and get good bass quality? Because it's down firing, do I have to have an opening at the bottom of my sub so that the bass will come through? Thanks!
  8. HI, I'm considering changing my speaker setup. As I need rather narrow speakers, I was considering a 2.1 setup to get decent bass. The problem is, I don't have too much place for a subwoofer. It looks like this: Free space is 26cm x 26cm (10in x 10in), which would accomodate the Promedia sub but as you can see: a/ on the left it would be actually almost touching the printer b/ on the right it would be 2-3 inches from the couch c/ at the back there would be approx. 10 inches space d/ front will be basically almost touching my legs e/ it would not be standing on the floor, but on a fairly thin piece of metal In this case - is it even plausible to think about the 2.1 setup, or will I be better off with 2.0 speakers?
  9. I just stumbled upon the forum here today. It's good to know that Klipsch has an officially sponsored community. I'd like to bounce a small dilemma I have off the forum and gather some opinions on the subject. I own an RSW-10 which was purchased brand new almost three years ago. This is remarkable being that the subwoofer has been out of production since 2008. Imagine my surprise when I found one of these beauties brand new and still unopened four years after it had been discontinued. You ready for the punchline? I only paid $400 bucks. I came home one day last month to find that my RSW-10 was producing no sound whatsoever. My wife explained that one of our young nephews had accidentally turned the sound all the way to the max on the subwoofer and there was an audible "pop" just prior to the driver's demise. They were watching Transformers II. Enough said. After digging into the unit I determined that the amplifier section was operational and that, in fact, the 10" driver was dead. Good gosh this driver is a thing of beauty... but right now it's just a beautiful paper-weight. My dilemma: After providing my purchase information, Klipsch has, rather amazingly, decided to honor my warranty. They have agreed to replace this unit with an SW-310 after I send them back the broken RSW-10. Obviously the driver is no longer being produced, so they can't just send me a new one. So after checking out some of the reviews and specs of the SW-310, one could imagine why I'm a little less than enthusiastic to give up my RSW after just getting to know her. So then I thought about simply replacing the driver with a quality one from Dayton Audio. The driver I'm considering is a Dayton Audio, part number: RSS265HO-4. They have one which appears to be pretty much spot on to the Klipsch original. The cast aluminum frame of the driver appears to be identical, even down to the six-hole configuration. The specs appear to be in line, and for $140 bucks, I could have a near exact match for the driver ... minus the black anodized cone of course. So, what to do? This leaves me to either wait for a "used" Klipsch RSW-10 driver to show up on eBay one day, take Klipsch up on their exchange offer, or buy the Dayton audio 10" driver. What would you do in my situation? Any thoughts on the notion? In the meantime, I have temporarily replaced the damaged subwoofer with an RW-12d that I found on Craigslist for $175 - in mint condition. It's just not quite the same. The RSW-10 has more depth and a lot more dynamic power than this RW-12d, and, I would imagine, a lot more to give than the SW-310. Thanks for indulging me. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:
  10. I have Heresy II's as fronts, RC25 center and R15M as back and above surrounds. The entire system is a work in progress, but currently my sub is the most dire to upgrade. I only have a 10" polk currently. I don't want to go to another crap sub, as I do plan on moving my current fronts to surrounds and getting either another set of Heresy's up front, or other large fronts, with a larger center over the course of this year. Any suggestions welcomed. Regards, Luther
  11. I am looking for some recommendation for a sub. Really appreciate if you guys can share your thoughts and help me pick the right sub for my setup and requirements. Here are the details: My speakers setup would consist of: - RF-62 II for front LR - RC-62 II for center - RB-61 II for surround - Marantz SR7008 Receiver My room is around 20ft x 15ft with three side walls and one side open to kitchen. I am looking for a single sub, 12" between $400-$600 range.
  12. As the title says: for sale is 5.1 surround speaker set made by HSU Research (satin black finish). Consists of: - four HB-1 surround speakers - HC-1 center channel speaker - VTF-2 MK3 subwoofer. All the information can be found here: http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/hybrid1pkg.html Everything works, very good overall condition. Would really prefer local pickup (Connecticut). Speakers can be shipped but the subwoofer is huge and heavy. Asking $600
  13. Hi there, I have a Promedia 5.1 that I love, but I no longer have any need to use it with a computer - just don't use a computer like that anymore. What I'd like to do is setup the sub with my Pioneer VSX-31 receiver. Is there a way to do this without the control pod? If I need to do it with the control pod, what is the best setup for that? I am currently putting the surround speakers through the receiver and don't want to connect them through the sub. Does that make any difference? Are there adapters that I need? Thanks!
  14. Hi there, Hopefully I'm not violating any rules with my first post being an item for sale, but this being a local sale should assure you that it is not a scam. Likely to be of interest to someone on this forum RF-25s: SOLD for $250 RSW-10: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/ele/4766667713.html Not as likely to be of interest, but not completely off-topic Onkyo TX-NR808: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/ele/4729211843.html Not looking to ship any of these, mostly due to my lack of experience in packing such large items combined with how OCD I am about packaging. If I were to ship them, I'd probably want to wrap each item in a mattress, and then stuff it into a large, fireproof safe. At that point, it would make more sense (from both a financial and personal productivity standpoint) to list them in the Craigslist free section. I'd also love to get feedback on prices. I think both items are priced quite reasonably, but I'm pretty sure that isn't going to change the number of lowball offers I'm going to have to laugh at from CL. Cheers, ~Alan
  15. I would like at least a 10" sub for these, I only want 1 sub and my room is 10X15 but don't need to fill the whole thing so, how do I wire up this sub and what X-over point do I use(I am thinking 120hz)?
  16. Today I picked up a second Maple RSW-15 and need some advice on placement. In a few months, I will redesign my front wall and have the LaScala Trio behind a 150" AT Screen. The subs will either go directly beneath the LaScalas in the corners or I can place them in between the LaScalas (behind the new false wall). The right RSW-15 is usually located behind the door that is directly behind it. When I went to put the left RSW-15 behind the door that is directly behind it, the subwoofer would not fit. Long story short, I would need to build a platform like I did on the right side for it to fit. Since the LaScalas will temporarily remain in front of the current false wall, I have 3 options for placement of the subs: Option 1: Add a shelf for the 2nd Subwoofer so that it fits inside the cabinet. Option 2: Put both subs in the corners behind the Left and Right Door on the False Wall. Only problem with this is that the Left and Right LaScala will be about 8 inches in front of it. Not sure how that will effect the sound. Option 3: Leave them where they currently are in the photos below out in the middle of the room. Again, this is only temporary placement....just seeking some advice on what might sound best.
  17. I've been so pleased with the performance of the RSW-15, I decided to purchase it's identical twin! I've passed on several RSW-15's that were out of state due to not wanting to ship this beast. What is the likelihood of finding another Maple RSW-15 locally? Guess about the same likelihood of me finding a single LaScala to use as a center channel. I purchased the sub from it's original owner. The twin is in excellent condition with only minor scratches on the top of the cabinet. Both woofers are in fantastic shape. The speaker grill had all 4 pegs broken and the previous owner used white glue to secure machine screws to the grill so the white shows through the grill. Will likely throw the grill away since I don't use them and it's in pretty rough shape. I haven't cranked them up yet as I need some suggestions regarding placement. I'll start a separate thread in the subwoofer section though.
  18. I have a SW12 that needs a woofer and a Sub 10 that needs a amplifier.The Sub 10's cabinet is great but the SW12 is fair. Free to anyone in the Cincinnati area. I will upload pics soon.
  19. So after spending an evening listening to some classical music on my friend's Chorus II's, I can see that my Scalas sure are lackluster in their bass performance. Not a big deal--just want my symphonies and jazz trios to reach those lows. I was wondering if any of you have some recommendations for subwoofers that work well with La Scalas. I don't want to break the bank--something around the $500 mark. The space is reasonably sized--around 20 x 14. Any of you LS owners have budget subwoofers that are good for 2-channel listening? On a related note--I'm totally clueless when it comes to powering subwoofers. I'm currently just powering the LS speakers with a Marantz 2230. I imagine this means I need to purchase an amp especially for subwoofers as well? Can I use a preamp signal from the Marantz to another amplifier just for the subwoofer? Any insight would be helpful and appreciated!
  20. Hi Guys, I recently got into the world of klipsch with RF-42ii's and my parents were in the market for a surround sound system and I talked them into purchasing the RB51ii system with: RB51ii (fronts) RC52ii (center) RS42ii (surrounds) The only part that is remaining is the subwoofer. I haven't heard great things about the Klipsch SW110 - pros/cons? Also any other sub in the 500 dollar region that would be really good? I've heard a lot about the SVS Subs. Room is 400sqft and is a perfect square. It has marble flooring and a lot of hardwood/glass furniture. Also would the new klipsch reference subs be any good? KLIPSCH R10SW/R12SW? There are no reviews since I believe they are yet to be released? Thanks a ton guys
  21. Need help picking a new subwoofer to go with my setup. Room dimensions are 20'x16' room is 70/30 Home theater. Lookng for a sub to compliment exsisting setup some where in the $1000 range. Thanks for the feedback!!!
  22. I'm looking to trade my Pioneer Elite SC-55 A/V receiver for the new Reference soundbar with subwoofer this is what I want, http://www.klipsch.com/r-10b and this is what I'm trading for it! http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/AV-Receivers/Elite+Receivers/SC-55 this receiver goes for $600ish now so it's a fitting trade. It's in flawless condition, and I have everything for it, including the original packaging!
  23. For sale is my RSW-10D what do they go for nowadays? 500? I'll do 500 or best offer on that one it's in perfect condition and sounds just.....well, If you're buying one of these, chances are you know what to expect lol. I have the original packaging also. my location is Concord CA
  24. hey guys, i gotta sadly sell this subwoofer. i bought it as a package from bill when i picked up the cinema stuff. it currently sits in my living room and i love the sound of this thing. i have already told some guys that have been over locally that from 18 hz up this thing is about 98% of my dual svs ultras when i had them in the living room. just a fantastic subwoofer. its just too big for the room. it crowds the front so much that my mains are only like 5 feet apart. i just cant swing it anywhere else. and i really have no place else to store it otherwise i would hang on to it and hopefully it would work in the next houses living room somehow. also my wife is taking the summer off from college so we are on a solo income right now, which makes sitting on speakers for a while not very feasible. i have this listed on local craigslist for 1200 but i really just want 1000$ out of it. it would come with the crown xti 1000 that has been specifically setup for this sub by Roy Delgado.
  25. Ok, so I was recommended the Premier Acoustics PA-150 subwoofer. I received the subwoofer and I don't know if its just me, but I don't really like it. It is loud and does a good job at mid frequencies but it seems it really suffers on the lower end from about 35hz down. When it gets that low I don't think it sounds that good, a bit boomy and muffled - almost annoying. So now I am thinking about swapping it out, I have a couple models I have narrowed it down to; Klipsch SW-115 and SVS PB-2000. My mains and center are Klipsch so I figured the SW-115 would be a perfect choice, it also got some good marks but I haven't found an in-depth review. Just seeing if anyone has any opinions or experience between the Klipsch SW-115 or the SVS. I am after clean bass that is usable in the lower frequencies (18hz to 20hz) more than I am for a super loud sub with questionable bass. I am leaning toward teh SW-115 since my mains and center are Klipsch. Mains: Klipsch RF-62 II t Center: Klipsch RC-62 II Surround: Mirage (for now) AVR: Sony STR-DN 1050 Sub: PA-150 (for now) Thanks!
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