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Found 9 results

  1. So, the only difference between the new SPL 12" and the R-112SW is the cabinet is different and it's 2.75 lbs. lighter? Either disappointing or I'm missing something. Is the driver at least upgraded? Thanks.
  2. How does the r-121sw fare against the r-112sw? Has anyone had both and would like to share their thoughts?
  3. I'm contemplating getting the R-100SW to go with my RP 600Ms. Do any of you more seasoned Klipsch owners have informed opinions about how this addition will affect the overall sound? Will the RP 600Ms sound essentially the same but with more bottom end (obviously) or will the crossover in the subwoofer affect the entire sound signature? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  4. Just picked up a R115SW. Lots of bass. I dig it. Looks and sounds great. Just wondering if a 12” (R112SW) would have more “punchy” bass instead of low rumbling bass? Thoughts?
  5. Looking for two subwoofers. I’d like to keep the price below $1000 for both subwoofers. Klipsch R115, Klipsch R112, and I’ve also heard great things about SVS too. Used equipment welcome.
  6. I just got my new R-112SW this week and love the sound, but it won't auto power on. I have a new Sony STR-DN1050 running the show. I have the sub hooked up to the LFE port and I have tried multiple sound fields that are putting out a signal to the sub. Any help would be great. I have just been leaving the sub on for now.
  7. An acquaintance of mine contacted me asking if I knew anyone that might be interested in purchasing a pair of RT-10D. I've never owned any of the RT Series and have only heard one demo a LONG time ago. I want to see how they compare to my RSW-15 so I decided to buy them. My schedule has been crazy busy lately but as soon as I have some time, I will do some comparisons between Dual RT10D and a Single RSW15. Do you think that would be a fair comparison? To me, it's hard to tell because you have (1) Active 15" & (1) Passive 15" in the RSW-15 vs (2) Active 10" & (4) Passive 10" in the RT-10D. What are your thoughts on which might come out on top? RSW-15 Specs: 600 RMS / 2400 Peak Down to 19Hz 121dB Surface Area: 352 RT-10D Specs: 700 RMS / 1600 Peak Down to 22Hz 119dB with Single RT-10D 122dB with Dual RT-10D Surface Area of single RT-10D: 235.5 Surface Area of Dual RT-10D: 471 The RT-10D is designed to be in a corner so I'm thinking about leaving my RSW-15 behind the bottom right door of the False Wall and placing the RT-10D behind the false wall in the corners. Here is my prediction.....the RSW-15 will beat a single RT-10D but Dual RT-10D will beat RSW-15. Now when I say beat, I'm probably just talking shear impact. The RSW-15 is very musical but I've heard the same about the RT-10D series as well. Guess that's part of the fun finding out through experimentation. Visually, the finish on the RT-10D is absolutely gorgeous! Very deep, dark cherry wood color. Although they have a small profile, they are quite heavy for their size. The foam surrounds are very tight and thick. Unfortunately, everyone is in bed so I'll have to wait till tomorrow night to fire them up! This should be a fun comparison! Below are some pics for your enjoyment.
  8. their new reference line in particular caught my eye... the new 12" sub.... 400w 12" weighs only 33 lbs..... that sounds like crap to me, and for a 400w 12" that port in the back looks mighty small to me. and whats up with the sw115... its only 400w FOR A 15"!!! thats crap too!
  9. I just got some 18" sub drivers and 6 cubic foot bass reflex cabs to measure and incorporate with a pair of Klipsch KP-200's in a 2.1 configuration. I will be measuring and listening, but, more than likely, I will build some horn enclosures (probably modified F-20's) for those drivers as soon as I get the rest of my measuring gear up and running. The quotes below are from Bill Fitzmaurice, designer of the excellent Tuba HT horn sub: (about direct radiators)<<That 'impact' is probably harmonic distortion, and most likely heard in the midbass. That's part and parcel with a direct radiator. It's what's responsible for being able to directionally locate subs even with 80Hz low pass filtering. It's also what you don't get from a KHorn, or from a folded horn sub. IME folded horn subs work well with horn loaded mains and with direct radiator mains, but direct radiator subs and horn loaded mains aren't a very good combination unless you're running enough of them to keep the THD very low. IMO matching a KHorn and a small sealed sub is akin to a horse riding a man, as opposed to a man riding a horse, especially as a small sealed sub probably has no lower an f3 than the KHorn. That's going to be the problem trying to match the output of horn loaded woofers with direct radiating subs. You can do it, with a wall full of eighteens, but at that point you might as well have just gone with the horn loaded sub anyway. I find that direct radiating tops can work well with horn loaded subs, so long as they have adequate sensitivity to keep up. That could mean using a large high sensitivity woofer, or a line array of smaller woofers. >>
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