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Found 2 results

  1. I've got a 72 year-old buddy with tinnitus he probably got from being on the US Army Pistol Team back in the day. He gets a 10% disability from the Army due to that. Recently he has become interested in good music, and good sound systems. He listens to his music most through Youtube on his small computer speakers. I'd like to have him over to the house to listen to some movies on my Khorn based 5.1 system which has got a decent amount of horsepower. I can also access Youtube via the TV. In addition I have my computer based CF-4 setup, which sounds great especially when played at reference level, ie, loud. So we have two separate systems which I can demo for my friend. I am concerned that listening to my large speakers can damage his hearing even worse. I am equally concerned that due to his inexperience in listening loud, he could create some pain to his already damaged hearing. Any advice or comments, please?
  2. Hi! Two weeks ago I bought a pair of Klipsch RP-160M speakers. The sound was friggin' amazing, but since I have little room atm, I use them as my computer speakers with Yamaha RX-V450 (that means they are 0.8 - 0.9 m from my head with tweeters pointing towards me at ear level and speakers are right at the wall but angled so port is not blocked). Since I work entire day on this computer, it was logical choice to get good quality music at the same time. I dont listen to loud levels, its more like for background, only a few times for a short time did I raise the volume. I did, however, get a bit unsettling feeling in the ears (not yet tinnitus, just unsettling, unpleasant) I started having problem with tinnitus after buying BOSE QC35II headphones two years ago and using them for two days with NC. It never went back to zero but it was totally tolerable. Now Im experiencing worsening, yesterday in the evening it was very loud even with all the sounds surrounding me. Mind you I am barely ever on loud concerts (cant tolerate loud music) and dont work (never did) in noisy environments. I am afraid that I gave so much money only to have speakers I cant listen to 😕 I switched back to Yamaha NX-E130 and the sound quality difference is enormous, but I dont get that unpleasant feeling in the ears, although its too early to tell if tinnitus will widthdraw (as it needs some time to settle). Could it be the much better frequency response and horn tweeter that are causing this? I wanted to eventually add center speaker and maybe surrounds all from Klipsch to make home theater from them but now Im afraid to put more money in these type of speakers if they can cause problems for me. Could it be the listening distance? Please share your thoughts on this Regards, Dennis
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