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Found 2 results

  1. Hi gang, First time poster. Thanks for being here. I just went and looked at a pair of Klipschorns (1990, type B, oiled oak). They are in amazing cosmetic shape aside from a few minor nicks - original wicker grilles... all original K-55-M squakers, K-77-M tweeters, and AK-3 crossovers. They were sitting in the middle of a small room side-by-side hooked up to a crappy Yamaha A/V receiver and a JBL active subwoofer??! They sounded pretty awful. I turned off the subwoofer and tried to remove all of the DSP from the amp (don't think I was 100% successful) enough to verify that the tweeters/squakers/drivers were all functional. The only music source I had for the demo was unfortunately over-processed FM radio. I'm aware of the fact that when I get them home and put them in the corners they will sound better and have increased bass response. The current owner said he inherited these from his neighbor 2 years ago when he moved, and exclaimed "they don't make these anymore", and "they CRANK". My longterm goal would be to tri-amp them with active 3-way crossovers and possibly replace some of the diaphrams. He says (true or not) that a guy is coming on Sunday with cash, so I have only a short time to decide. He's $1500 firm for the pair. What do you all think... should I go for it? - Justin
  2. So i picked up some Cornwalls a couple weeks ago. Missing tweeters and one woofer. Had a spare woofer laying around. Ordered Crites CT-120 and installed. My first impression was they lacked the detail of my La Scala. I am running them in tandem with my La Scalas so this is a "side by side comparison". Coincidentally, the La Scala and the Cornwalls are "U"... 1980 models. La Scala is AA crossover and the Cornwall is the B crossover. A good audio friend of mine came over and we recapped the crossovers real quick last Saturday. Swapping the 4 uF for a 3 (I believe) and he tweaked my parametric a tad (400hz +3db) and they definitely sound better but when run together with the La Scalas I find that I'm not too crazy about them (the Cornwalls). I'm curious about suggested mods for the Cornwalls? I have a 2nd pair of La Scala that will get the bass bin mod AND custom crossovers a la my friend who's La Scalas completely blow me away. In the long run, I picture a La Scala in all four corners (!) and the Cornwalls in my den. Thoughts, suggestions welcome. Is this how the Cornscala came to be?!?
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