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Found 9 results

  1. I believe the part number is KLP-127122? I’m assuming they will fit my drivers since they look identical to the ones in them now. I read that somewhere that this is a worth while upgrade. I already replaced the diaphragms in the tweeters in my klf20s and my Klf -C7 with the Ti diaphragms. It made a huge difference in the center channel C7. But I’m not sure if my ears pick up the Change in the klf20s yet, might need more break in time. I just pulled all these speakers out of storage been sitting for like 20 years. My dad used them for a very short time and them put them away. I’ve been using RF3 for the past 20 years without issue for home theater so I thought I’d give these KLfs a try. Also anyone know if Klipsch stills makes and sells the mid range horns for this series of speakers? One on the has a small crack that I will apoxy for now. But new horns would be nice if I can get them. Also I have experience the rattle from the loose joints on these boxes that surprisingly never was an issue on the RF3s. So was going to run epoxy all around the edges on the inside of the boxes for now. Is there any advantage to building new boxes out of like 12 ply birch plywood (I own a cabinet shop). That is also an option. Any input would be appreciated. I’m new to the forum and with the hobby of modifications to these speakers like I said my RF3s have been working flawlessly for 20 years with no issues. Just thought I’d try something new. Thanks Rich
  2. Hi All, New to the forums here and wondering if I could get some advice. Just started putting together my home theater and purchasing speakers as I go. What does this group think I should upgrade or add first, not looking for top of the line, but decent mid-range set up for the basement. Floor plan is pretty open (about 20' x 28') with the theater contained one side. Ultimate goal is a 7.2.4 set up, however the receiver market is pretty rough, so I know ill be looking to replace that eventually. Below are the details of my current set up. AVR: Pioneer VSX-834 L&R: Klipsch R-820Fs Center: Klipsch RP-500C Side Surrounds: RP-600Ms Front Height: RP-500SAs Sub: R-100SW
  3. Hi! I am a happy Klipsch RF 7 ii owner for 5 years now. Now i am thinking on a serious upgrade to Klipsch Cornwall 4. I will use them for Music & Movies. My room is absolut 20 square meters. Is this an good upgrade? Best regards. Jonas.
  4. I bought RP-280F pair .. for Left and Right ..question? my klipsch RF-42 II (old) can I used, how surround back? or surround? how I get better sound for movies,, with surrounds RB-41II or this RF-42II? thanks for help. my sistem Home theater 7.2.4 AVR Marantz 7012 Bluray 4k Panasonic DP ub820 Front klipsch RP-280F Klipsch Center RP 504C Subwoofer klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer SVS PB 1000 Klipsch Surround and surround back RB-41 II Klipsch Dolby Atmos Rp 140SA front Klipsch Dolby Atmos Rp 500SA back Panamax MR4300 Emotiva BasX A-700 (2 pair Dolby atmos front, 2 pair Dolby Atmos back, Left, center, Right ) living Room size 13 x 31 (403 sq feet complete) (used front TV is 13 x 12 sq feet)
  5. hello every one .. this forum is very funny and dynamic .. a lot of experience accumulated in years. This is my home theater Home theater 7.1.2 AVR Marantz 7012 Bluray 4k panasonic DP ub820 Front klipsch RF-42II Center Rc-42 II Subwoofer klipsch SW-110 Surround and surround back RB-41 II Dolby Atmos Rp 140SA living Room size 13 x 31 (403 sq feet) My concern is as follows. I have started to make upgrades in home theater .. and I would like that as for my Klipsch speakers how can I upgrade, for the size of my room? A few weeks ago I received my AVR Marantz 7012 and I am very happy .. Now I want to upgrade, where do I start? front? center channel? another subwoofer? and with what I have now, what would be better crossover settings? and tone adjustments ... thank you for all the help you can give me.
  6. I reworked my 1983 LaScala crossovers several years ago. Lasts month I upgraded my mid horns to Dave's Fastrac's. I am now looking at new tweeters. I am trying to decide between Crites CT120's or ALK Eliptrac DE 120's. Any suggestions or comments? ​ Thx
  7. Hello, I am very new to this community, starting just today. I am the original owner of a pair of 1981 Belle Klipsches. A while back I had occasion to email back and forth with a tech at Klipsch about whether my speakers needed anything to keep them sounding good. He recommended buying crossover kits. Since I am not the best with a soldering iron, I sort of dismissed the idea. However, in discussing the issue with a learned colleague, I am reconsidering the change. My speakers are in mint condition and they still sound great to me. However, if a crossover kit will help make them sound even better, I am for it and I will figure out how to get the updates installed. Can anyone tell me: Are the kits worth the money and time it takes to install them? What changes can I expect to hear in the sound with the new mods? How difficult are they to install? What is included in a kit? How expensive are the kits and where do I get them> Anything else I should know about the kits? I also have a pair of mint 1978 Heresys. Should I upgrade these in any way? These are used as the main front speakers in my basement home theater while the Belles are my "high end" system speakers. Thank you! Scott in Minneapolis
  8. I'm about to pick up a pair of not great looking La Scala's, and plan on putting some work into them. I'm just looking for advice on a couple topics. The crossovers (type AA) look pretty old and don't seem to be in great shape, so I figure I'll replace them. Would Bob Crites AA crossover be better or ALK's universal economy? Or should I be considering a different Xover (such as AL-3, A/4500, ALK slope) since I am replacing them? I don't know anything about the differences, and am trying to keep costs down. I plan on sanding them down to remove rough spots and I'll see what the wood underneath looks like. I may re-paint them white or blue (just kidding!...some form of black) or if the wood is good, just give them a nice stain and finish. I haven't checked the drivers yet, but I'm figuring they are old. If I have to replace any, this will be a more costly project than I hoped, but if I do, I am open to suggestions on what is best. The Xover is my main question, for anyone who can help. Thanks in advance.
  9. So after a year in the Klipsch family I made what I am considering an upgrade. I finally came across a pair of Cornwalls that were both, in really nice condition and at what I thought was a fair, perhaps even, a good deal. The only downside would be that they are II's from 86. From my understanding the build quality on the II's internal networks were a bit less than the I's. That said however thus far I am Really happy with them! I cant get over how well they image, with the right material they are halographic. I am currently running them with a adcom gfa 2535 at 60w per side and a emotiva umc-1. The room is a good size 15' x 21' speakers are placed on the short wall about 9' apart from center to center. listening position is at about 14'. Anyway I wanted to see if anyone had thoughts or opinions on a couple of things...... 1st) I am getting a slight buzz from the tweeters when the amp is on with no signal. Is this a dirty pot? Just what to expect with cornwalls? Cornwalls and ss amps? 2nd) I am planning to replace the crossovers any thoughts on either the crites or ALK crossovers are welcomed. I've read that the crites are replacements where as the ALK's are upgrades. Anyone with experience getting inside a pair of II's with any tips or words of wisdom please share. 3rd) i am also planning to replace the tweeter diaphrams with new titanium ones from crites. Have any of you done this? Impressions? and how difficult was the operation? Any tips? Overall I am really really happy with these speakers I am anxious to see what they are really capable of.
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