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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, I need help valuing and selling these two Klipschorn speakers. Serial numbers 6M508 & 507 is what I located on the back (pictures below). I am not sure where to sell and I need an estimated value to sell these. Would appreciate any input from the experts out there! I know these are some good ones. We had four, but two were stolen unfortunately many years ago. Thanks everyone, Perrin
  2. About 20 or so years ago I traded for a pair of Klipsch LaScala's. They have been the most awesome speakers I have ever owned. I got them out of an old Crystal Palace skating rink that had closed. I have often wondered what they were worth and year they were made. Only serial numbers I see are 3056 and 3057. The nearest I have come up with is 1980, but I am unsure due to the number not looking like other serial numbers I seen the forum.y best guess on value by my research is $1200 for the pair. This is based on what I have seen a similar set sale for on-line in comparable condition. Only repair ever made in my 20 year history with them is the one plug terminal on 3056 visible by the bright shining gold. See pic.
  3. Would like some help. I have 2 Klipsch 5.2, a SW-10 and a KV-3. Looking to sell and have no idea what their worth. Can anybody help with this? Thanks
  4. Hi there, I am not savvy in the least when it comes to technology. Despite this, my dad has put me in charge of finding a new home for his 03 Harman kardon avr7200. Is there anyone out there you think that is just dying to get their hands on one of these big boys? Ok, they don't have to be dying for it, but any sort of interest you think? it's in great working order as far as I know. This is based on the fact that My dad's pink Floyd albums sound awesome with it. No original packaging or remotes that I know of and no manual. He's got a drawer in the garage full of cords, not sure if including any of these would increase the value enough to be worth the effort. I'm wanting to price this unit at a fair and attractive price (i.e. Id really love to sell it quickly). Because it's heavy and fragile do you think I should only list it locally? I'm in San Diego. Lots of emberassingly bonehead questions that I could really use some help and advice with. Thank you so much! Crista
  5. If you have any experience - good or bad - with Pangea Audio products, let's hear about it. I found a few threads on here that mention Pangea (mostly their AC power cables) but, if a glance at Audio Advisor's catalog/web site is any indication, Pangea Audio is now making everything from speaker stands to equipment racks, from power cables to interconnects. Two hallmarks seem to define the brand: a) beefy, over-engineered stuff that looks like it's the "real deal"; and unbelievably low "Budget King" pricing (likely due to off-shore production and low overhead). I, and I suspect a few of you out there, are intrigued enough to sample some of Pangea's product line. If you're a Pangea owner (for better or worse), use this thread to either talk us out of it or to give us that little shove we need to pull the trigger on a $50 power cable or a $200 equipment rack.
  6. Hi All, We've inherited a (single) 1955 Klipsch K-357 floor standing corner speaker, plus a (single) 1967 H-700 Heresy. Does anyone know how much we should ask for them? Many thanks, Greg
  7. Hi All, My brother and sister and I inherited a (single) 1955 Klipsch K-357 floor standing corner speaker, plus a (single) 1967 H-700 Heresy. Does anyone know how much we should ask for them? Many thanks, Greg
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