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Found 5 results

  1. I set out looking for some stand mounts to restore over the holidays - just some cleaning, sanding and staining. A guy on FB Marketplace had some KG1.5s in pretty rough shape but he assured me they sounded great and he cut me a deal on the asking price. After hooking them up I noted one speaker sounding different, the highs were a bit off, and one of the motorboards was poorly fastened to the box. Turns out the rail which the board attaches was blown out around the screw holes. Further examination indicated the woofer had come unglued from the spider.
  2. Hello, I am a new member and this is my first post. I have the chance to get some Special Edition Cornwall III’s from a friend. He paid $2000 for them, but the veneer needs some work. The original owner had movers that did an awful job and some of the corners and edges are beat up. Other than that, the speakers look awesome and he has allowed me to bring them home to work on them and have a chance to listen. A few questions I have: -at that price, are they worth it if I can fix them up to look close to original? -what are good methods to fill in the veneer gashes and cracks? I plan to use clamps to push the bowed veneer back in and then wood glue/saw dust to fill in the gaps or match with colored wood putty. I’ve also heard Shellac sticks are an option but can be expensive if I buy the kit to match. I have ave three amp options to work with - Marantz 2230, Elekit TU-8200 (upgraded), and a Bob Latino VTA-120.
  3. This is a continuation from the “Heresy troubleshooting” I started in the 2 channel section. Figured I move my Heresy posts here, as my project is turning more into a restoration than a trouble shoot. the original started here: Tested some new 2uF caps in the Type D schematic and that removed most of the strange noises. Swapped out the Quad 306 for another Quad 405-2 and that cured completely the issue. Here is the rework with some quick and dirty connections. Am currently looking at the differences between type D and E. Might completely refresh the first crossover to E type and compare.
  4. I wasn't actively looking but I had my eye out for a CR-2040 for years. I finally picked one up here recently with a case that was scuffed up a bit and a few marks on the face plate. I removed the knobs and did a light treatment with the magic eraser to find that the face place and controls were perfect! Hmmm... I'm going to have to make the cabinet match! Anybody who thinks Yamaha doesn't have low end hasn't heard the 2040! It was sounding pretty good but there was that familiar grainy sound that I've heard from other tired old caps so I took the electronics to @paul79 at Many Moons Audio for a complete rebuild. While the innards are at Paul's for a spa treatment that will give me plenty of time to get the cabinet fixed up. Well, that empty cabinet has been staring at me long enough so I guess I will get started.
  5. This lonely La Scala with a dark history dreamed of being in the spotlight and becoming the center "channel" of attention.
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