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Found 3 results

  1. http://emotivalounge.proboards.com/thread/48225/free-klipsch-cornwalls If anyone is local to Chuck in Portland Maine he is offering up free 1973 vertical cornwalls. No affiliation but I have been chatting with Chuck for years on the Emotiva forum. Awesome deal for someone local! Tim
  2. Hi guys: There's a story here to be told, bear with me. These Cornwall cabinets were built from MDF plywood, a very durable and tough plywood with an outer coating that takes paint well or is ideal for veneers. In this case, I had utilized these cabinets for some time as experimental "Corn-Fortes", using the K33 woofer and the Forte High and midrange horns. All wood was properly, personally CNC'd by me, and I did the construction as well. They are solid and ready to go, built exactly the same as stock Cornwalls dimensionally, with the same "shelf" inside and the dual ports. In the meantime, I had also cut myself a pair of VERTICAL Cornwall motorboards, and drilled the backsides to accept the stock Cornwall components. I had hoped to convert the cabinets back to a vertical format setup, but given I sold my Cornwalls some time back, and dismissed the Corn-Forte experiment, these parts are sitting around collecting dust. THIS IS STRICTLY A DIY proposal - but if you have ever wanted Cornwall cabinets, NEW, and verticals, this may be for you. You would be required to: 1) Remove the existing motorboards and install the vertical motorboards. The originals are well glued and sealed, so this is not for the faint of heart. 2) One cabinet does NOT have a terminal cup; I never got around to cutting a hole for it. Easy job with a jigsaw. Terminal cups available at Parts Express. 3) One rear panel has countersunk mount holes; the other does not. Sloppy on my part, but NOT a functional or visual distraction. Before I even price these things (and I want them outta here - I'd HATE to toss them in the trash), I need to know if there's any interest. Caveats: 4) I am near Dallas Texas, would PREFER local transaction but NOT mandatory 5) You want them shipped, they will be expensive to ship - but I WILL do it if it's necessary. 6) You buy them, you destroy them, it's your nickel. If you are not skilled at woodworking or don't know how to effectively do the swap, it's your issue. Just trying to protect myself. 7) I do NOT want to sell the vertical fronts separately; I figured that would be the first question. If I do, I'll let you know. Otherwise please respect that this is a package deal. Anyone up for DIY? Thanks.
  3. Rare Early 1960's Klipsch Vertical Cornwall II Front Center Speakers. I've never seen a pair before. These speakers were designed to be the center speaker between Klipschorn speakers, either upright or laying on their side. They have the vertical horns, as seen in the pictures. They contain: K 33 J woofer K 55 V mid K 77 tweets The Heresys are also available for an additional $580. $1400 for the Cornwalls. Thanks!
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