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Found 6 results

  1. I bought a pair of Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 speakers off a friend about a year ago. I had issues with channel imbalance, a scratchy volume POT and ultra-sensitivity of the volume knob. Well, I took the little controller on the bottom of the right speaker off, opened it up and was generous with the Deoxit on both the volume and and subwoofer POTs. The channel imbalance, and scratchiness is gone. And the volume knob is far less sensitive. But it's still pretty sensitive. When using powered speakers on my computer I tend to crank the computer volume to 100% and use the volume knob on the speakers to control the volume. Listening to a song with ReplayGain anything over the 9 o'clock position on the volume knob is loud enough for people in other rooms to tell me to turn the volume down. Is this normal for these speakers? I can turn the volume down on the PC to get better controls, but I have never had to do this with any other computer speakers.
  2. Hi Guys I am just 1 week old in to AVRs and Klipsch. I have paired my RP 8000F + R 115 SW with Denon X4500H. My setup is only for music in 2.1 channels mode. I am still exploring different settings and trying to get the best out of my setup. My Denon volume scale is from 0-98. Even if I crank my master volume to 60 its still comfortably audible and does not seem like noisy whihc is good thing. I am just trying to understand if everything is OK with amp and the speakers? My settings are as follows Mains are set to small Bass : LFE Crossover: 80hz LPF : 120Hz Auddessy : Reference Dyanmic EQ: Medium Reference Offset : 0db FL : 0db FR : 0db SW: 0db Distances: FL : 2 Feet, Right : 2 Feet. SW : 4 Feet Room size : 25 Feet x 14 Feet Source: Not HD/Online or from laptop through HDMI Wires seem to be plugged right I was expecting not to go beyond 40 on volume level. Though the sound is still clear at higher levels but may be my expectations are a bit high or just want to rule out any malfunction. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I've recently set up a pair of R-14PM (along with an R-10SWi) for use with my PC. They sound really great but have one annoying little issue: whenever they wake up after having gone into standby the volume is reset to its default setting which is a little too low for my taste. If I turn the volume on the PC up to 100% the overall volume is just barely loud enough, but I would prefer having it set lower for normal listening so that I can actually turn it both up and down using only the PC volume (so starting out at e.g. 40-50%). So my question is: is there any way to change the default volume setting on these speakers? Best regards, Symple
  4. I have a yamaha rx-v1081 receiver with 2 subwoofer outputs. I have two 400 watt identical Klipsch powered Subwoofers model R12SW I stacked the subs one on top the each and actually liked the sound however I noticed something odd. One sub sounds great at 50 percent gain, but the other sub with the same gain setting is way quieter. I have to turn the gain up to 80 percent to match the bass volume of the other sub. Can anyone explain this to me? Does the yamaha receiver output the same power from each sub output? I tried the subs separated in different locations in the living room and I get the same thing. Both subs sound great, but one is just not pumping out the same volume as the other. The subs are less than a year old and the yamaha receiver is brand new. Please help!! Thanks in Advance
  5. I have Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers that I've bought from 2 years ago and I've been using them frequently ever since. Recently, the right channel speaker sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn't. I noticed yesterday that when I plugged the power cable of the subwoofer (to which the speakers are connected to), the right channel speaker was working for a while like it should, then it stopped. Also, I've also noticed both speakers have a low buzzing sound, and the buzzing sound doesn't go away regardless of changing the volume. But I really just want my right speaker to work again. And by the way, I am not a sound techie so I won't understand a lot of tech jargon. I know that there are so many places to start, but if anyone can help me out with what I should do from the information I just gave, that would be awesome! Thanks!
  6. I have the Promedia 2.1 (the one with the power switch and transformer) system for my PC. I have had for some time now. My absolute favorite speaker. I had a couple of issues in the past that I repaired like Din plug and scratchy volume. Several months ago, I was listening to some music at a high volume. After 45 minutes, I noticed that only one speaker was working and could not hear the sub. I checked the speakers and they were fine. Opened up the sub and found a blown fuse on the HF amp. Now HF speakers work fine but the sub is very low in volume even though the adjustment on the pod is all the way up. I checked the sub and it is not blown. Measures good and tested with another audio source. Connected another sub in place and still had low volume. When I looked at the LF amp, I could see that the board was very discolored due to heat. I removed the board and found R16 and R17 to be loose. I then cleaned up the solder pads and reinstalled the resistors. I checked the fets and they seemed to be ok. I checked all the other parts for bad joints. Didn't notice any components to be damaged. I was wondering if there was a service manual for the original Promedia 2.1 (the one with the power switch and transformer)? Does anyone know why the audio would be very low? Thanks boB
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