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Found 8 results

  1. This receiver is for sale, hopefully with local pickup, or delivery by me. Located in the Hamilton Ontario area, with everything the receiver came with except the box. Includes; Audessey Microphone, Audessey Microphone stand, Remote Control, AM Antenna, FM Antenna, Speaker line labels, and the NR1508. The receiver itself is pretty good shape. It's been in our living room since March of 2018 when I purchased it from Eastporters in Oakville. Priced at $280 CAD
  2. Hi, i am trying to configure the Wifi of my "the three" (old version) speaker, but it does not work. When i connect with an ipad, iphone or windows PC to the unsecured SSID provided by the speaker, it seems that no IP is provided, and as such no communication possible. On the Apple devices does the app search for devices, but does not find any. I do not understand what else i may need to do in order to find the speaker in the app of one of the devices. My router does not have WPS, so i need to type in somehow the password, and the SSID, but i don´t see how/where. I would appreciate if anyone could give me a hint. thanks, J
  3. Like new Klipsch system for streaming playfi audio through old and new gear throughout the house. Includes: - 2 100w Powergate amps with phono and line inputs (orig $200 each) - 2 Stream WiFi hubs with line out and in (orig $79) system works really well with Spotify, Tidal, and other streaming services from your phone but is not Apple Airplay 2 compatible (why I am selling). WiFi audio is much better than Bluetooth in quality and range! power gates are great, powerful little amps. Asking $300 for all 4.
  4. I have a pair of "The Three" which have been troublesome since I bought them some years ago. I have opened a ticket with Klipsch several days ago, but been completely ignored! The past few weeks connection has dropped multiple times for no apparent reason. Often resulting in hour long efforts to set it up again (the setup process is bizarrely slow and random). Now, in an attempt to improve matters I invested in a new router (or mesh system rather) top-tested ASUS XT8 https://www.techradar.com/reviews/asus-zenwifi-ax-xt8 Now (after another 2hrs of pulling my hair trying to setup "The Three") I manage to connect to each of the speakers and play songs from Spotify and Internet Radio, but when I pair them (as Stereo Pair or as a group) I get no sound at all, and it seems like the Klipsch app is unable to connect - even if it says it is connected and all LEDs are indicating full connection. This behaviour is the same for 2,4GHz and 5GHz - and I have tried re-doing the setup multiple times. No other device has any issues (including mobiles, tablets and PCs) and the WiFi coverage is stellar (300 Mbps). Anyone have any idea on how I fix this?
  5. So I have a Powergate in my Living Room with a Phono/Turntable connected to it. I have another Klipsch Three in my Dining Room, and when I Stream From the Powergate to the Three, I get music but it drops out often. Both devices have the latest firmware and good wifi. Any ideas?
  6. Hello, I recently was finally able to acquire the stadium speaker. I LOVE IT! even more so than i thought i would. I have two questions. 1. It came with a metal stand. Its only referenced in the manual by picture, and its purpose to me is still unknown. 2. I cannot get the speaker to connect to my wireless to save my life :). I've tried the drop down and selecting my SSID / CCMP. and this doesn't work, I've even tried to configure manually with WPA2 AES and it still doesn't work? What am i doing wrong? What are some things i can try?
  7. Does anybody know if there is any plan to integrate Soundcloud with Klipsch Stream app? I recently upgraded my home audio and I am now using Klipsch PowerGate amps to stream audio to several places, I couldn't be happier with the results, but I am surprised the only way I can stream Soundcloud is via Bluetooth which doesn't leverage all the capabilities of a multi-amp environment I rarely use the other streaming services, there are some unique records only available in Soundcloud, lots of fresh talented musicians. Any suggestions?
  8. So I talked a buddy of mine into buying The Three as his wife has banned big old stereo equipment from her brand new living room. He and his old school stereo will be banished to a loft with the obligatory mega TV. His kids stream via Spotify, which the excellent review posted in the Klipsch Announcements forum advocated for use with The Three. My question is, it states in the review that additional The Three units can be placed throughout the house and linked together, can The Three also link with The One? Are there other Klipsch Wireless speakers that could be used in concert with The Three? Thanks in advance for any help, I am a bit out of my league with this whole new fangled contraption.
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