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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Until recently, I had no idea that different gauge wires had a say in the quality of sound. I haven't gotten the whole gist of it yet, but apparently the impedance of your speakers and length of the wire will dictate what gauge of wire I should choose. As far as i've seen, klipsch speakers (including my own) is compatible with 8 ohm. Now what wire gauge would be the best pick for my system?
  2. OK, so I'm boning up on wires, and there are some recommendations to tin them, and I'm looking at lead-free, which requires lead-free iron & lead-free chisel tip. Then while searching I see references to speaker wire compression pins. Is one better than the other? Should a lead still be tinned going into a pin? Should it be neither and cut the exposed wire as short as possible?
  3. Quick question please. In a couple weeks I plan on buying a pair of RP 280F speakers and would like to know what you guys use for speaker wire? What quality wire should I be looking for? I'm planning on using 12 AWG and oxygen free, but unsure what brands to stay away from and what brands are reputable and great to use. If anyone has links they would like to share with me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I could really use some help! I previous used Tannoy powered studio monitors in my Harmon Kardon 3490 connected by XLR to Male RCA cables. I plugged them into the AUDIO Pre-Out. Now I'm hoping to replace them with these Klipsch R-14s, but I cannot for the life of me get the passive signal to work. I used 16-gauge wire, stripped, twisted, and connected to the twists in Speaker 1 section, but nothing. I triple checked connections and polarity, tried banana plugs and everything, but no dice. Do they need to be connected to the PRE Out with a 16 gauge open stereo wire to RCA male? Is there such a wire? I'm so confused!
  5. Hey all, Thanks for reading. I have a pair of Reference One's with a bum jack. I began the repair process but stopped when I found that, it appears, the universal RBGC wire scheme for TRRS jacks does not seem to appear here, unless I'm going crazy. To my eyes, I've got four copper wires, three of which have been coated with enamel, one is coated in white that I figured had something to do with ground. The real head scratcher is right and left ear. One appears to be blue and the other a greenish/blackish with white running in it. I've scoured the internet for answers with no luck. I've attached a picture, the white/copper is in front, greenish/black/white on the right, blue on the left and the three other copper in back. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks again!
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