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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, As a friend of mine is a "Highend" guy, he can provide me with some speaker for test... Up to know i tested & compared the "Fyne F501" (F501 - FYNE AUDIO) and the "Pylon Sapphire 25" (https://www.pylonaudio.com/) with my good old Heresy 1 originals on a "FONEL Class A Hybrid" amp and an "ONIX DNA-50" amp. my subjective result is: Both speaker do not come close to the Heresys! Although the Pylon has a very pleasing character, that the Fynes lack, the richness in details and the fie tonal structure of my beloved klipsches are not beaten! The only thing is the bass perf from the Klipsch..... i read through Claude's fantastic posting about the "Super Heresy" and i am really excited.... I am really tempted to replace the woofer by the "Eminence Delta Pro-12A"..... So my questions are: - Will i get a 'Bass Boost" when i simply replace the original woofer with the eminence? - Or have i do modify the crossover too? (if i have to modify, can i get some specifics?) I cannot find the "flared port" tubes, suggested by Claude here in Germany.... - So does a plain PVC 4" x 4" tube do the trick too? Then, i also plan to replace the original caps on the "E" crossover - should go with Crites set & the Sonicap caps? - Or the "Dayton Audio DMPC-2.0 2.0uF" that Claude mentions (which are impressively inexpensive)? sometimes the high frequencies on my Heresies are a littel bit unpleasingly piercing esp. with the "Fonel" amp, which otherwise is so great in clarity, details & openness i never heard of... (but the low end, the bass is a little bit weak-ish) - will replacing the caps probably change something in that respect? here a pic of my setup with the fynes & the onix amp & Yamaha CD & streamer stuff. ( check esp. the custom risers for the klipsch ) Thank you in advance, Karl Tietze
  2. The AE TD15M is currently used in the Avalon Acoustics Tessaract, I'm wondering if it could replace the K-33 in the Cornwall, La Scala, or Klipschorn? Here's the specs: TD15M-8ohm Fs: 34.7Hz Qms: 5.09 Vas: 312 L Cms: .3 mm/N Mms: 70 g Rms: 3 kg/S Xmax: 6 mm(peak) Xmech: 10 mm(peak) Sd: 855 sqcm Vd: 1.02L (p-p) Qes: .35 Re: 6.6 ohm Le: .2 mH Z: 8 ohm Bl: 17 T/m Pe: 300W (cont.) Qts: .33 1WSPL: 97.8 dB 2.83V: 98.56 dB Would this be a fit or what?
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