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    • Good luck in the new position Dude
    • Great system. The speakers are excellent looking. I don't think I could tell if those are DIY or high end without being told. Is it possible to post a few more pics of the speakers, at least with the grills off? Cool CD player too!   
    • Sitting here in the parking lot of a gas station working on my third cup of joe. Start a new job today (same company, different division different role) so i couldn't sleep much.

      On the quit smoking thing. I started when i was 13, on and off again most of the time after that. Cold turkey has worked best for me. Quit about 10 years ago for over four years. I would smoke cigars when drinking. Inhaling every third or fourth puff. Causing me to get addicted to the throat kick. Ended back up on cigarettes. Tried the ecig, but that just didnt cut it. Finally kicked it cold turkey right after Christmas. Had a few cigars since then, just not Inhaling any. I know i am playing with fire, so i just wont do cigars every time i drink.

      Well i was about 45 mins early to my new gig. So time to go and check it out and see if they are open yet. I guess i am not used to this 8-430 stuff. More of the 7-5 kind of guy.

      Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk

    • I did post this in the Technical/MODIFICATIONS section, right?   Also, I am going to vent.   Since I bought my first brand new pair of Klipsch(La Scalas) in 1975, I have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on Klipsch products. I opened a dealership that I named Sound Encounters in Merced, Ca. in August of 1979. Klipsch was our first product and I would NOT have opened our doors without the line. From that time until 1990 I sold thousands upon thousands of dollars of Klipsch products. I stood shoulder to shoulder with PWK in the anechoic chamber in the early 80's. I was close friends with Chuck Mulhearn, Woody Jackson and Kent Sheldon. I ate Catfish in Garland with friends from the plant and I pissed off piss bridge. I ate and slept Klipsch, I still do. I am the most loyal of the loyal.   My point is, If I want to play around and experiment with a Klipsch product for my own enjoyment, I have earned the right to do so without taking ISH from anyone, even you Chief, whom I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for.   Can we get back to the point of the thread please?
    • Thanks for the advice, Indeed I am trying , but really hard to find someone who ships internationally, I found quite several but it was not the item I was looking for (KG 3.5, KG 4, or others) Still watching ebay, hifi shark, ... and coming through Klipsch community to increase my chances ;-) Best Regards .    
    • I bought a 180g from Acoustic Sounds in Kansas that they pressed themselves...they have bought and totally rebuilt a lot of the presses now. Not sure if the weight or the new press or the new re-master made it better. But it is completely silent no floor noise from record at all. I agree they are expensive but they have to be able to make up for the rebuilding of the presses right. So far I only bought one but I'm glad I did. It was   Tea for the Tiller Man album always liked that album and I already had a pristine old album to compare it to. WOW
    • The Chief said '' Design your own speakers''    HAAAAAAAAAAA you know how many times I wanted to say that to some of the Klipsch complainers.......Thanks secret Chief....
    • My 1981 Hafler Amp is the DH-100 I built myself a one day job but I am very critical so it took three days. I use this to drive the mid/tweeters of my Klipsch R-28F's which is one construction of the all time top ten aamplifiers. I use a 1981 Carver M-400 to drive the bass. I think trying different configurations with the two amps really paid off. I realized just now my love affair with the music can't be infatuation I've been using them over a year now! These two extremely differently configured amps complement each other. My cave now is 10' x 12' having moved from a 10' x 13' cave. Placement and room dynamics need to be tweaked to get the right reflections, right sound stage. My amps put out over 550 watts per channel with no additions or subtractions to all music. I set my pre-amp to the number one position on the volume knob of my 1989 Hafler DH 110 because I have yet to crank it up to listen to some hard rock. So far every instrument I have thrown at it has been faithfully reproduced. My recomendation? Music is different for everyone. Critical listening it is just me. All other listening is for my household and neigbors if I turn it up to the number 3 position on a ten position volume knob. Somedays I bring my favorite recordings to a high end store to listen to the stuff I cannot afford to help with the minor changes to improve the sound but I gave it up until October when I will buy a new cartridge made of wood?
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