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    • the tailboard on my 78's is cutout 8" up from the floor
    • Yes, I also like the finish. And just as jw, wish I were closer also.

      Sent from my SM-T530NU using Tapatalk

    • It is a rare artist that has such a depth and range of talent. What a song. Almost as good as the Dead Kennedy's Too Drunk To F***.
    • Well, I'm reasonably sure that as long as it sells more albums, they really don't care what is done with them.  In fact, I'd hazard a guess that they might actually like people to do that, especially with albums that were recorded ~45 years ago if it helps sales.  I know that the unmastered tracks in this album really sound outstanding.   I'm still planning to create YouTube video(s) of "How To" in the near future to shorten the learning curve for others. All the tools you need are freeware and all you need is a laptop or desktop computer (PC, Mac, Linux, etc.) with something like an HDMI or USB output port for highest fidelity, and a preamp/processor/DAC with HDMI or USB input - and a well set up sound system (two channel) in a treated acoustic listening space. No money is needed beyond that--just personal time practicing and listening.    I suppose that persistence pays off in unmastering...I now feel that I've "hit a groove" in my ability to resurrect damaged music tracks.  I've also learned a great deal by unmastering the thousands of music tracks that I have, and have some understanding of the technical and artistic difficulties that musicians suffer in the creation of music albums and mixing them.   I also continue have the lowest regard possible for record company A&R executives and their decisionmaking which bleeds over into industry mastering practices that continue to crank out louder and even louder albums that no one I know is asking the record companies to make.  I feel this is not only harmful of sales but it also perpetuates itself like a failed or otherwise flawed human subculture.  If the record industry would only release "audiophile versions" that essentially consist of only the mixdown tracks, unaltered at no extra cost, I believe that there would be a strong resurgence of audio lovers among Gen-Xers and Millennials like Baby-Boomers were in the 1970s-80s.  The difference in sound quality just doing the entry-level unmastering is sometimes jaw-dropping, IMO.   The last I heard, Ms. Mitchell was not in good health and a legal guardian had to be appointed for her.  This is very sad since I believe that she has been suffering from post-polio syndrome among other longer-standing mental health issues (Morgellons syndrome) and a brain aneurism.  I believe that it was polio that led her to her singing and composition, and the loss of hand/arm muscle strength that also led to the multitudes of guitar tunings that she uses on her music performances.  The best thing we can collectively do is to keep buying her albums or even better, sending small donations directly, bypassing the record companies.    Chris
    • Wow I'm so not an audiophile. I don't have a clue how you unmaster songs. I just throw records on and listen but it sounds like playing around with remastering music would be the ultimate tweaks. I'd love to hear that
    • Good morning. Looks like it is yard day. Going to mow and edge, before it gets hot. Need to trim the trees that are to close to the power line and about to rub the roof.  Then go over to my neighbor's house and replace a toilet valve for her. When all the work is done, it will be time for a drink and some tunes. Speaking of tunes, I posted a picture of my main system in the 2 channel forums.
    • Wow!  That's all I have to say about that!
    • Can't wait to hear about your other a/b testing Jim.  One of my best experiences in Hope was listening to the Khorns, Palladiums and RF7's a/b/c, it was extremely revealing to me, having lived with 7's for quite a while and never hearing the other 2. 
    • The Biltmore is a treat at Christmas.  Julia and I went there many years back.  We stayed at a b&b in Asheville.....actually had the room Sandra Bullock had stayed in while filming 28 days
    • Now it is time to get you a good integrated amp and let the 75's really shine.   Big sound indeed from "bookshelf" speakers.   Effortless is one word that comes to mind when I play mine.   I am with you there.   Congrats, Bill
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