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    • C'mon man, gas it!   Unless you're the lead dog in a pack, the view's always the same. 
    • I'm working on it.  I have a few pics and I've been doing a lot of listening lately so I can say something intelligent about the sound.   My visit with @Youthman was a pure gas and made the trip worthwhile on its own.  I will compare and contrast the RF-83's with the Khorns.     
    • I have not had one ti mid failure in all the time mine have been installed nor have I  heard a of a problem form any of the people to whom I recommended this mod to nor read of this on line. I would however appreciate Bob's comments if this is a problem that he has identified and he happens to be following this thread. Thanks DTR20 for mentioning this.    I have included a copy of Bob's own measurement of the ti Vs phenolic diaphragms. As you can see this is not really a bump in the response rather it is simply a more extended response and that added to the tweeters output will generate a bit of a bump but that bump is very high up in harmonics only territory over 8KHz.. I do not find this to be objectionable and have found undamped physical resonances to be more problematic. 
    • I will think about this thread for years, and how I didn't have enough time to travel to Texas on short notice.
    • Will do,  as to the other questions I had thought it didn't work at all but my memory isn't what it used to be. I'll hook it up here right soon and verify what it does and doesn't do.
    • The recent events at sea are a huge problem. The eclipse was a great diversion. We were glad our company gave most of the staff the day off to view it.    
    • Thanks dwillie for a great transaction. Looking forward to meeting you in the future. Someone clue me in next time Chicago Klipsch folks get together.   This will be my first smart phone. Been trucking along with a flip phone until now. 
    • you can see this anytime if you drink enough beer. Great photo Bruce thanks for posting. Joking aside I did not get out to see nor is my vantage point as good as yours. I am surprised that there was more fuss about the sun than there was today about the USS John S. McCain.
    • I am curious to understand your thinking that this little ribbon would have lower distortion than a CT120 would. I have not tried either unit myself. The CT120 is a B&C driver with a Mylar 1.4" diaphragm the low end cut off is about 1500Hz. I cannot recall but off the top of my head a LaScala crossover is between 4500Hz and 5KHz. depending on the networks used, so use as a tweeter both the planar unit and the compression driver will cover this same range well above the low end cut off of both units. The planar unit will have some sort of polyimide (Kapton variant used to withstand heat heavier than Mylar) in addition to that it will have the added mass of the deposited metal voice coils probably aluminum or copper coated aluminum. I would not think that the moving mass of the planar diaphragm is less than that of the compression driver nor can I imagine that the damping on the diaphragm of the planar is more than the load on the compression driver. As such it would be my first impression to think that the compression driver would have an immediate advantage with respect to distortion. That's not to say the planar might not sound very good I am not suggesting that just that from a design point of view the compression drive should have the edge. As for published figures it has been my experience that Dayton is not always forthright with such data so I would not want to rely on their say so, that would not be the case with B&C.    One obvious difference between these two drivers is going to be dispersion. With the planar unit mounted horizontally it is going to have much narrower horizontal dispersion which will lessen side wall reflections and that alone might or might not make for a nice improvement depending upon your room. It would be of interest if the OP would have a listen to the planar units mounted vertically and see what the addition of side wall bounce does to the sound. I wanted to point this out as it is not an apples to apples comparison. Just to check this is a mono pole planar? I like planar speakers especially dipoles and I spent almost 25 years living with electrostats of one kind or another to be sure some of the finest tweeters in the world a planar in design those however cost just a little bit more than the Dayton units do.
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