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    • Yes I have about 65 hours on it now and it is better than ever!!! For sure still loving it!!!
    • I also liked motor run caps over the poly's I have tried but then I have never bought the expensive boutique caps to compare against. Right now I am using some of the Russian PIO caps on Ebay which are a deal right now. But the difference between them and the motor run caps is slight if at all. The difference between a PIO and a metalized poly is in a PIO two sheets of film are separated by paper to form a cap. A metalized poly cap has the film attached to the polypropylene or is just a sprayed on metal attached to the polypropylene. Depending on how much metal material is deposited on the polypropylene will determine how well it performs. This is probably why a motor run cap works so well, more metal attached to the poly because it has a hard duty to perform in your home air conditioner system. As I have stated before it would not surprise me to find that most of the reasonably priced poly cap makers buy their metalized poly from the same source. There is no black art making a capacitor. It is a very simple electronic component. I feel the same about output transformers for tube amplifiers. Wire wrapped a metal core is all it is but the price difference between competing Co's can be tremendous. I usually use the very good Edcors for my builds but I have tried the much more expensive One-Electrons in one of my builds. The difference between it and an Edcor is subtle if at all. There is no black art making a output transformer either. Some have better quality control and use better materials than others but the basic principle is actually very simple. 
    • Hello everyone! I just buy a new home theathre. My system : av receiver onkyo tx-nr626 - front: klipsch RP-260F - center: klipsch rp-250c - rear: klipsch rp-150m - sub: r110sw my big problem is that the sub is playing very distorssioned, even my old system (pioneer htp-071) have a very clean bass compared with klipsch r110sw. i turn off my sub to get a good sound because the sound from sub is very very distorssioned at any volume! can somebody help try figuring out what is the problem? maybe i did something wrong
    • My apologies, "Schu"   I misread your comment as a statement rather than a question.  The sale has nothing to do with the mono blocks being better.  I am simply liquidating some assets to help fund project "Ramen Noodles".  As much as I love this G6 amplifier, priorities have changed.    Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
    • Wdecho - It seems others have referred to you by name as 'William.'     I have enjoyed your concise descriptions of experiments done with this, particulalrly since you made comparisons to the AL network.  The PIO capacitors you described (and I refer to Jensens in this case) did in fact seem to pull down HF response a bit.  I have to qualify this by saying that was the case when used for very low voltage crossover use -- which is completely different from interstage coupling capacitor applications in amplifiers.  In fact, I have seen cases where people are using not only the most expensive film caps available, but also those with the highest available voltage ratings; which for crossoever use in loudspeakers is simply not necessary.   It is a fact that even a 50 volt cap is good for the vast majority of amplifiers with which a speaker is intended to be used, particulalry in the case of very high efficiency horns.  On the other hand, the GE motor runs I used to use were much more to my liking in that respect.    
    • Rent a storage unit. 
    • The limit has to due with the lack of space. 
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