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Found 42 results

  1. I am wondering if anyone here has the Monoprice Monolith amplifiers? If so, what are your thoughts? i'm looking at the 9X to power my entire home theater. 200W @ 8ohm, all channel driven, 20-20khz x3 100w @8ohm, all channel driven, 20-20khz x6 - i think it doubles down to like 375W at @4ohm too. just wondering about any issues, how it 'sounds' if that's even a thing? thanks for any input !! can't wait for this thing to come off backorder and hit the buy now button.
  2. Hello, everyone. We could really use some help picking an integrated amplifier to go with our RF 63’s. It’s impossible to listen to different setups and keyword search results are so broad and contradictory they have been all but useless. What we are looking for in particular is imaging and depth. We mainly listen to classical music and jazz with a hint of everything else thrown in. Our room is about 20x20 with a lot of open space. Can you please offer suggestions for the amp that can make the most of these speakers’ imaging capabilities? Our price range is under 5 grand. We would be grateful for some specific suggestions. Thank you very much in advance. Happy new year to everyone. Dave and Pat
  3. Hi! I've recently added a klipsch sub (r-115sw) to my home audio system, and I was wondering wether to plug my sub and amp though LFE or a RCA Y-splitter. I mainly use my system for music and in regards to that, i've heard differing statements. Some say LFE is the best option for movies and RCA the best option for music. Others even say that for an untrained ear like mine, I wouldn't even notice the difference between LFE and RCA. So what i'm asking is, if my main use for my system is listening to music, should I connect my sub and amp through LFE or RCA? If any of you have any suggestions as to what cable would be good/compatible with my sub, I would be grateful. Thanks!
  4. I purchased the ST-120 kit without the tubes from Bob Latino, shipping was fast and everything was very well packed and organized into neat sections. Instructions are very clear and concise. the entire kit went together in about 10 hours just like estimated. Anyone with decent soldering skills and some patience can do this kit. I enjoyed the whole assembly process, very satisfying to get to fire it up when finished and hear just how the work paid off. I was having a problem getting any kind of voltage readin from the bias pins and sent Bob a email he was able to quickly help me check some connections and voltages. He identified the issue very quickly, I had placed a connection in the wrong place. I got very lucky it didn't cause any major issues. Very good customer service though he really knows his amps! The sound of this amp is just beautiful, crips highs and nice deep lows. Now I have it connected to the pair of stock 1982 Klipschorns I recently acquired, they make quite the match made in heaven. Way more than enough power for me, I was worried I would be pushing the 60 watts per channel to the limit. Boy was I wrong, I haven't moved it much past one o'clock (half volume) for my daily listening. If I wanted to shake the paintings off the walls this amp could probably do it. I got the 21 step attenuator and it's just perfect for playing straight from a DAC without a preamp. I can't get over how this amp sounds every instrument sounds very real, like the artists are standing in the room playing in front of me. Truly a wonderful amp and experience. Someday if I decide to upgrade to the monoblocks I know I will go right back to Bob at www.tubes4hifi.com for them.
  5. This is a really clean Dynaco sca-35, it has had the Dave Gillespie efb modifications done which make it much more stable and puts out a few more watts of power also has st-35 output boards in it. Tone controls have been removed from the circuit for improved performance as well. All new tubes in every socket. There is a small imperfection on the faceplate if you look below the power switch you’ll see it. Asking 525 plus shipping
  6. Russound D1650 Anyone have experience with this amp, D850, &/or Russound? Both amps
  7. Well, now that my kids are home from college for the foreseeable future, I've decided that I've had enough of my awesome RF83's being part of the home theater in the rec room. Netflix, Playstation, XBox, and Tik Tok do not deserve this quality. I have a pair of R51M's that will do just fine. I'm taking the big guys up to my loft / bar and want a simple 2 channel amp for spinning vinyl, and maybe some streaming some high quality digital files. I can get a good deal on the Denon pma-1600ne but at only 70W at 8 ohms I'm not sure it has the power to drive these big guys. I've had someone suggest the Peachtree Nova 150 as well. I'd like to be between $1,000 - $1,500. Any thoughts out there among the Klipsch experts?
  8. My klipsch r-100sw subwoofer amp got burn due to a lightning. I am looking for a suitable plate amp or any kind of amp that goes with the speaker because I cannot afford a new one. I am from Sri Lanka and cannot find any agent for klipsch for parts also. That is why I am looking for a third party amp. I can buy online from any site. So please guide me to a place. Thanks.
  9. I am planning to buy a Klipsch R-52C Center Channel Speaker for my current home theater system. Currently I am having a powered speaker system. So I need a separate amp only for this center speaker. What would be a good amp? I am on a tight budget.
  10. Hi I need some advice with setting up of my audio system for my drawing room which also doubles up as living room . I own Klipsch F 30 Pair ( Tower Speakers ) as mentioned below https://www.klipsch.com/products/f-30-floorstanding-speaker I would like to plug this to play both analog & digital music. I was looking for various amp options ( 2 Channel ) to plug it in but have recieved reviews for Yamaha ( RN 303 / RN 602 ) / DENON / Have been recently suggested Rialto 600 and Quad Elite QSP Suggestions would be welcome as my knowledge is limited and looking to set it up for the 1st time. I also intend to attach a streamer like - Yamaha WXC 50 for bluetooth / wifi / streaming Thanks Gautam
  11. Why is it that nobody, ever, recommends an Inuke for left/right mains as an external amp, such as the Behringer Inuke 3000? The Inuke 3000 w/dsp costs around $300 rated at 315 watts into 8 Ohms, Class D power from 20 Hz to 20 Khz. They are wildly popular as sub amps but I've never understood why these aren't used as power amps for L/R or as an low frequency amp for L/R bi-amped. " A built-in crossover switch enables the amp to operate in biamp mode, sending low frequency content to passive subwoofers, while the high frequency output is channeled to full range loudspeakers."
  12. I bought a Klipsch Powergate around a month ago. All cords and accessories (including remote) and original box included. Here is a link: https://www.klipsch.com/products/powergate I'm looking to sell for $225, shipping included.
  13. I am new to the HiFi audio scene and have been looking for an amp/preamp combo or integrated amp to replace my old Pioneer VSX-D508 reciever for a 2 channel Klipsch Heresy 1 setup (music only, no movies). I am looking for something under $250 if possible. I have had the Nobsound MS-10D MKII recommended, but have seen very mixed opinions on that, and was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with one. I also am not sure whether to try to go with tube amplifiers or solid state amps. Thanks in advance!
  14. Lower price - $4000 Happy wife happy life.....Too much stuff and have to downsize. I didn't think I'd ever part with it but the day has come. Used, like new McIntosh MC275 VI (from Audio Classics). Have all original parts (including tubes). I am in Northern CA and would like local pickup but am willing to drive and/or ship if it makes sense. Currently has Gold Lion KT88 power tubes and Electro Harmonix pretubes. Asking $4000 Just noticed those ARE NOT scratches on the transformers just dust. I can send more detailed pics via text or email for interested parties.
  15. The wife is tired of my insanity. My Belles are up for sale and so is my DIY subwoofer and amp. The amp is about 3 months old (Crown XLS2002) and the subwoofer box is about the same. The two Dayton HF15 drivers are about a year old. It all works swimmingly and will melt your eyeballs and earholes. I'm asking $500 for everything. The crown amp is $500 new, the drivers are $172 a piece new. If you just want the drivers and the amp I can ditch the box. I'm in Northern CA. Would prefer local pickup but am willing to discuss shipping.
  16. Hello, Ikm New to this forum. Im looking for the integrated amp for Klipsch RP-250F. Was looking at Yamaha s701 (801), marantz pm8005 Nad C368 as possible options. Marantz and Nad are rated 70 W in 8ohm while Yamaha is 100w. But heard that Marantz and Nad sound is superior. Any suggestions are very wellcome! thank you!
  17. Building a new subwoofer box. No one seems to want the old box with plate amps so just selling the amps. Dayton Audio SPA500 plate amps. Been used about a year in smoke free house. They work awesome. $150 for each (i have 2) plus shipping to CONUS. Im in Northern CA if someone wants to pick up.
  18. I am looking for a amplifier for klipsch rp-250f and found Yamaha MusicCast R-N602. https://dk.yamaha.com/da/products/audio_visual/hifi_components/r-n602/index.html Will it be good enough for powering the klipsch rp-250f? Thank you!
  19. Looking for a pair of black RS7 surrounds and a Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature Architect's choice 17" ii (hear these are a good match for Klipsch) to anchor my new system upgrade from a receiver to seperates
  20. Looking for a pair of black RS7 surrounds and a Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature Architect's choice 17" ii (hear these are a good match for Klipsch) to anchor my new system upgrade from a receiver to seperates
  21. Hey fellow Klipsch enthusiasts. It has been awhile since my last post. I bought this amplifier to add to my Cambridge Audio 551r which I no longer own. Original box included. 3 month old amp. Full transferable warranty ( 5 years left) http://www.outlawaudio.com/products/5000.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuI-qjpLx2AIVh4vICh1SGQMVEAQYASABEgI21vD_BwE
  22. First time posting, so apologies for mistakes or poor posting etiquette. I purchased the RF-7ii speakers and matching RF-64 ii center channel a few months back, it was my first time "investing" in speakers. I'm always owned klipsch speakers; towers, bookshelf, computer, earpods, etc. My current set-up is a sony STR-DN1070 AVR pushing about 165 watts per channel. The RF's are bi-amped. I've been very happy with the sound and clarity of my set-up, I have a smaller apartment currently, and purchased the RF's to force me to buy a house... With that said, would adding an Outlaw 5000 amp to the set-up make any difference? I understand that adding an amp to anything will make it sound better, but is it a noticeable difference? If so, could you share your experience? The 5000 is currently $599.00 and from the reviews that I've read, it is a great amp for the money. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. Steve
  23. Hi! I'm completely new to all of this, and would appreciate any information you all can provide I got a pair of Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speakers and it requires an amp/receiver, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions that might work best with the R-15M? (I plan to purchase the amp through Amazon if possible) Links would be helpful too! Thank you so much!
  24. Item: Bottlehead Stereomour SET amp w/ impedance switch kit Price: $750 + shipping SOLD Location: Franklin, PA 16323 Payment: PayPal (FF or +3%) Trades: High quality preamp to mate with Jeff Rowland Model 112 I bought this not long ago, but my system has taken a turn in a different direction (non SET friendly speakers). I got a great deal on this setup, and I'd like to pass that same deal on to someone else. The tubes alone are a nearly $600 value! The Stereomour looks great and sounds even better. It puts out ~3.5 wpc which is enough for my old Tekton Lores in a medium/large size room. Match it with a preamp with a little gain (I happen to have one of those too, if you're interested) and you'll have plenty of volume. There are a couple dings in the top of the walnut base. See photos. The JJ's are a little loose in the socket, but the other tubes are nice and snug. Here's what's included: Stereomour amp w/ impedance switch kit and furniture quality walnut base 10 different new and NOS driver tubes ($10-$15/ea) JJ 2A3-40 output tubes ($260 new) Electro Harmonix 2A3 Gold output tubes ($130 new) Sovtek 2A3 output tubes ($100 new) Shorting plugs for setting hum pots Additional walnut base w/ Bottlehead logo Bottlehead Stereomour amp and Tekton Lore speakers by Audio Database, on Flickr Stereomour and JJ 2A3-40's by Audio Database, on Flickr Bottlehead Stereomour and Custom 12sn7 Preamp by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170805_081103 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170805_081113 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170801 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170832 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170840 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170902 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170918 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170929 by Audio Database, on Flickr
  25. Kyle565


    Hi this is my first time setting up a home cinema and I live in the UK. I just brought a YAMAHA RX-V677 7.2 Channel 90W RECEIVER - Black - Wi-Fi, 4K, what klipsch speakers could I run on this. As I won't klipsch as they look gd and sound gd. Thank you
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