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Found 103 results

  1. I have this pair of Cornwalls. The serials are consecutive. (3B63,3B64) Both are signed by the same people. They are the Vertical types (mid and tweet mounting) They have the K33J woofers. WHAT year were they made? Thanks for the HELP!
  2. Hi guys, Just want to ask, if you have to choose between Cornwall I or II, which one you prefer & why? Is it true that the CW I is easier to work with because all drivers are mounted from the back while CW II is front mounted? Both seller said they are in good working condition, so no need to upgrade Caps/Xover anytime soon, but I will do the upgrade anyway. Cosmetically, the CW I has few dings here & there and does't seat on riser while the CW II is excellent (from the pictures). I'm in a position that can not audition both CWs. Any suggestions & advices much appreciated. Thanks, Jimmy
  3. For Sale in Minneapolis, MN. Fantastic condition/sounding. All original drivers/Crites Crossover.
  4. Looking to buy a pair of Cornwalls (I II or III) near central Kentucky, ie: Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee... Prefer stock (or close to it) in excellent condition with a wood veneer (original finish preferred).
  5. Looking to purchase a pair of vintage 1975-1981 Klipsch Cornwall I speakers with cabinets that are very good condition. I live in Chicago but willing to make the drive for the right pair. Thank you!
  6. I am trying to figure out my options for a new center speaker. My current setup is: Left front and Right front: Cornscalas Center KLF C-7 Left rear and right rear: La Scalas Atmos ceiling CDT 5800-C-2 Left and right surrounds RP-252 I feel my center is holding my system back and am looking for something that is more appropriate. Some options I am considering are: 1) Cornscala 2) La Scala 3) Cornwall Those are the obvious contenders. Would a pair of Chorus work too? Are there any other options I should consider? I keep looking for a single of one of those, but haven’t found one secondhand yet.
  7. The AE TD15M is currently used in the Avalon Acoustics Tessaract, I'm wondering if it could replace the K-33 in the Cornwall, La Scala, or Klipschorn? Here's the specs: TD15M-8ohm Fs: 34.7Hz Qms: 5.09 Vas: 312 L Cms: .3 mm/N Mms: 70 g Rms: 3 kg/S Xmax: 6 mm(peak) Xmech: 10 mm(peak) Sd: 855 sqcm Vd: 1.02L (p-p) Qes: .35 Re: 6.6 ohm Le: .2 mH Z: 8 ohm Bl: 17 T/m Pe: 300W (cont.) Qts: .33 1WSPL: 97.8 dB 2.83V: 98.56 dB Would this be a fit or what?
  8. Selling a matched pair of 1985 Oak lacquered Cornwalls in excellent working condition. Used lightly in a non-smoking home. Not a scratch/dent on cabinets in like new condition. Have original boxes with all packing materials. Would prefer local pickup in Tulsa, OK, but will ship if buyer pays for common carrier freight and insurance. $1,200.
  9. $800. Selling for a good friend of mine who is not good with the computer. He has had them since new and now they just sit in the closet. Great Shape. Located in Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971. Call or text 302 547-5004.
  10. Here is a picture of some speakers that I just completed. You could call them Cornwall III clones or Cornwall inspired, but they are DIY scratch built speakers. The cabinets are Baltic birch covered in South African waterfall bubinga. They are filled with factory drivers and crossovers, so of course, they sound amazing. I'm trying them in different rooms with different amplification to determine where they are going to stay. I Love this hobby!
  11. I’ve had this pair of Quartets for a little over two years. They were my first legitimate speaker. Needless to say I was eager to get the most out of them and after replacing the tweeters with the crites titanium tweeters and installing new capacitors in the crossovers, these have served me well! My wife and I moved into a smaller home so these need to find a new home. The cabinets are in good shape, I haven’t done anything to the veneer. There’s one noticeable scratch on top of one cab that was there at the time of purchase. Grill cloths have some slight discoloration on them. Badges are tight and snug. A good warm bath would loosen whatever set into the grills. There is only one factory label left left on the rear of the cab. $525 and they’re yours. These reside in Edmond/Oklahoma City. Id prefer not to ship these. Local pickup only. If it’s not too far we could potentially meet halfway. They are listed on craigslist and Facebook marketplace as well.
  12. SOLD: 1978 Cornwalls in oiled walnut - $950 I bought these April 28, 2017 from @avguytx. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. But I recently acquired a pair of La Scalas, and I do not have room for the Cornwalls and the La Scalas. So, the Cornwalls are for sale. Serial numbers are 18S238 and 18S239. Before I bought them avguytx converted the crossovers from Type B to Type B-2 using Solen capacitors and Janzen coils. The badges were missing when I acquired them. I purchased a pair of the PWK "pie slice" badges from Klipsch and applied them to the upper right corner of each grill. I do not want to ship these. However, I am going to the Pilgrimage in Hope and can deliver them there. Pictures to follow....
  13. Would like to upgrade to Belles. Have a nice pair of Cornwall’s in Walnut as partial trade or to sell. In southern Ohio. Thanks peter
  14. WFP

    Cornwalls in Dallas

    No affiliation 1985 CBR - $1100 https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/d/1985-klipsch-cornwalls/6550608653.html
  15. Hello all. Would like to hear relative merits of the above mentioned speakers. I listen mostly to progressive/alternative rock/old metal (Genesis, Yes, AIC, Radiohead, Black Sabbath, etc), some jazz here and there. Not much pop music. Use both digital and LP sources. Room is about 16' wide by 32' deep. Sit about 8-10' feet from speakers. I enjoy a big soundstage and life like representation of drums/percussion is very important. Like to feel the slam of the bass drum right in my chest. Have/had Forte I and KG4s so those are my Klipsch points of reference. Also, if anyone knows where i can audition these speakers in PA, MD, Central NY state, I'd appreciate it. I'm right in the middle of PA which is a hi-fi wasteland. Thanks a lot!
  16. 1976 raw birch Cornwall I's for sale in Baltimore/DC. Crites CT120 tweeters. Original Klipsch midrange and woofers. Original Klipsch crossovers have been recapped with high-quality crossover caps. Gorgeous finish, the veneer is a little rough above the tweeter but could be fixed by anyone with a modicum of veneering skills. See photo. Dustcap on one is a bit tired but works perfectly. These are the best speakers I've ever had in this house, am selling in order to purchase another pair of Cornwalls. Original owner made grilles for these with approved Klipsch merlot fabric, but never figured out a way to fasten them and I've never used them. They will be included in sale. Photos exaggerate differences in veneer between two speakers, is not quite so obvious in person. Pick up only in Baltimore. $900.
  17. I really like this room. I told the guy it looked like it would be perfect for some Khorns. Check it out:
  18. Hi, everyone. Looking for some comparisons from other folks to help in making some decisions re: amplification. I'm currently running my Cornwalls in the bedroom with a Marantz 4300 Quad amp from the 70's. Very adequate power, with pre-outs for the EQ. These bench test in the 150-175 W RMS per channel range. I'm thinking about selling the Marantz and a pair of Forte 2's I have to finance this remodel and to upgrade the Cornwalls with Bob Crites crossovers, and uppers upgrades (mids and Highs). Is there anyone running Emotiva gear ( particularly Bas-X series) that can give me some feedback. Actually any comments would be appreciated. Thanks Larry
  19. I'm selling my barely used B2 crossovers by Aletheia Audio. I installed them mid August (sounded wonderful) and then bought khorns 3 weeks later. Maybe 20 hours on them max. Built with Jensen, Dayton, and paper in oil. See pics. There are holes in the mounting board as I did install them. Asking $585 plus shipping (net to me if using PayPal).
  20. Just saw this... https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-cornwall-grill/6477057832.html
  21. Hey there gents, I am new to this particular forum. Im looking to get some used La Scala's off craigslist. I am no stranger to the hobby, but I have only ever purchased a pair of Heresy II's for restoration. What are some of the checklist items that someone needs to look for when making an offer for the heritage speakers, in my specific case, the la Scala. Ill start off with some of the basics that I know of e.g. Crites components, serial numbers, finish. etc Thanks in advance, I would appreciate your expertise!
  22. They are in rough shape, but the price is right. Current bid is $176 for the pair. Bidding ends 1d 6 Hr. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/47055183
  23. INTRODUCTION: Here is My Klipsch-tory. Well, sharing was suggested by another member in regard to a recent purchase of Cornwalls and I guess I am bored or perhaps have too much time on my hands so I thought why not just make some feeble attempt at sharing my whole Klipsch-tory. Sure I may bore some of you and that’s ok, just hit the back button or finish reading this when you are having trouble falling asleep. This tale is going to go much farther back than these Cornwalls though, because it was another Klipsch speaker that caused my particular version of audiophilia. And yeah I’ll share pictures and essentially do a long term review as things evolve on these Cornwalls. I’ll also do the same for KG4’s. Because that’s were this story really begins. INTRODUCTION: THE LATE 80'S THE 90's Furlough – And Oh that BASS!!! Cornwall pre-initial impressions INTERMISSION – the buying experience.  The KG portion will resume after these messages College Post College – and the beginning of better equipment THE RETURN OF THE KG4’S CORNWALLS – FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Part 1 B.C. (Before Crites) INTERMISSION #2 SPEAKERS AND WOMEN, BUT REALLY JUST WIFE.. AND MOTHER FIRST IMPRESSIONS – AFTER CRITES – BURN IN PERIOD NEW
  24. A set of AlK engineering Crossover set. two ea. AP12-600, and two ea. ES 5800 extreme slope. AP12-600 This one is intended for the Belle Klipsch or the La Scala using squawker drivers or horns that will not safely go down to 500 Hz. The crossover is at 600 Hz. This the preferred crossover for The Klipsch Cornwall, Cornwall II, and Corn Scala , Corn Altec etc. These have the midrange level adjustable Autoformer 1 db steps. These are $350 new plus fedex shipping . ES 5800 The 5800 Hz crossover is the recommended frequency for most applications. All versions uses ClarityCaps in the signal path to the tweeter EXCEPT the ES7500. Solen astCaps are used as ClarityCaps are not available in the required value for that crossover frequency. All have adjustable tweeter level settings of 0, -3, -5, -7 and -9 dB attenuation. Auto former . The bi-amp version allows mid-range setting from 3 to 18 dB in 1 dB steps. These are $ 420 new plus fedex I will sell both sets together $700 fedex included to Continental/Contiguous USA call, text or email 5one2 590 9234 billzumwalt@hotmail.com
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