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Found 2 results

  1. For 25 years I have loved my KG 4.5's. But, married, kids & wife was never a fan - changes happen. We purchased a new entertainment center and the speakers were just too wide. We have a new 7 channel receiver but had not hooked it up yet. It is this weekends project. I will eventually have 5.1 in living room, and a 2 channel zone for patio. I was about to get a KG2.2v center as a temporary solution ( and may still get to pair with the KF 4.5's and wherever they land ); but pulled trigger on RF 5's. They just fit on each side of entertainment center. Do I still use the KG 2.2v ( $40.00 ) until I can find a RC 7 which seems to be recommended, or I can pick up a used RC 64ii for $250 ( ask ) or RC 3 for $165 ( ask ). Any help is appreciated. If curious, I like the RF 5's, but would still prefer my old KG 4.5's. However, they were unused and I unpacked out of box, so they could need some breaking in, and I may not have the power drive to maximize them. That, combined with I am used to that 70's / 80's concert sound. But..I am very pleased with the speakers, purchase and Klipsch. They look great, wife will be happier!! I will pick up some rears or surround soon, I need to figure out wiring. With the RF 5's I acquired an RSW 12, but that is both more than I need and going to be hard to fit in the room. Will see if I can find a 8" or 10" sub that works, but it may not even be needed. I really appreciate any help. Thanks, Sean
  2. I'm in the market for Klipsch speakers and I came across a pair of KG 4.5 for $300 on CL that are in excellent condition. The guy is pretty firm on the asking price, and it seems like quite a bit more than others have paid for the same speakers lately. That being said, is $300 still a fair price (assuming they're truly in excellent condition)? Especially compared to buying new speakers, it seems like it's still a very good deal. I'm looking to power these with a vintage Onkyo TX-4500. I've read up a little bit on the KG 4.5's and it seems like the receiver/amp is important in order to not have treble issues.My dad bought the Onkyo TX-4500 new in the 70's along with Klipsch Heresy's, and the sound quality was incredible. Based on this, I'd think the TX-4500 will do just fine with the KG 4.5's. Thoughts?
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