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Found 34 results

  1. Fellow Klipsch comrades, I am happy to share that I got a pair of LaScala Industrial this weekend. These are my first and while I love my current set up of Forte II's, in the limited garage listening time, the LSi's (in my opinion) definitely have better detail to the sound and the dynamics are quite impressive. They are the single piece and in pretty good shape -- no damage to the doghouse and the drivers are all within specs. I will be entering them in to a rehab program and once completed they will be placed in the living room to displace my Forte II. I want to share and give special recognition to Matthews and JimJimbo, both of these guys are BEYOND awesome. Both of these guys provided some great advice and I wouldn't have felt the same level of confidence in getting the LSi's if it hadn't been for these guys. Thanks a million!!! So the plan for rehab is as follows: Paint a fresh couple of coats of duratex Buy some Crites tweeters Buy new caps to refresh the AL-3's. Buy some aluminum trim All told, i think I anticipate spending about $275 to get where I want to be. Any additional thoughts or suggestions are welcomed. And yes, I'll be documenting the rehab process... -Alex
  2. I bought these LSI's about a year ago. They need just about everything, woofers, wiring, fuse holders, and major cosmetic restoration. I decided to get them to play music first and replaced everything that was either broke or needed replaced. Bought K-33 woofers off that auction site and the rest from Parts Express. Put them back together over the past week. Turned them on this morning. My oh my they sound much better than I ever thought they could. My wife, who upon first seeing them said never bring them in the house, told me those ugly things sound really nice. So it looks like the upper and lowers are going to get refurbished. Here's what they look like now: I'll post more pics as I break them down and begin to work on the cabs. Mark
  3. From the album: Restoration La Scala Industrial (part 1)

    <p><p>This is how my LSI looks after restoration.</p></p>

    © Frank van Kasteren

  4. From the album: Restoration La Scala Industrial (part 1)

    The AL-3 crossover is in a very good shape, but not completely original. The Polyswitch tweeter protection is replaced by an electronic tweeter protection with… a light bulp!

    © Frank van Kasteren

  5. iSpotif

    XLR input

    From the album: Restoration La Scala Industrial (part 1)

    <p>The previous owner replaced the original banana binding posts by a professional XLR connector, so he had to drill a big hole.</p>

    © Frank van Kasteren

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