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  1. Just disclosed my first buy via this forum succesfully, so I thought why not put out some feelers for the future? Not urgently looking for these parts, but if anyone is ever looking to sell them (or planning too), hit me up! Very interested! Ultimately looking for: 1) 5-9 Faital HF-200 or 20AT drivers. 2) another pair of K510 horns 3) a pair of K-402 drivers! Important! I'm located in Europe, so I can only do shipping. To be clear, a lot of stuff you guys sell and offer over here is: or never available in Europe OR still cheaper than buying it over here (prices or some products are hugely inflated over here)(the 2x horns I mentioned would have to be shipped from the US, even if I buy them new.. so shipping them second hand is still way cheaper than new). Thanks in advance
  2. Why on earth has Amazon moved from cardboard to those bubble wrap CD mailers??? This has been going on for quite some time. It used to be a small percentage of CD's I order would have a cracked case but I have a box full of old jewel cases that allows me to swap out cracked parts. I didn't complain because it was easier just to replace the cracked parts. But now most shippers are using bubble wrap mailers all the time and the percentage of cracked cases is getting ridiculous! The 3rd party sellers on Amazon are pretty bad about this too. It doesn't matter if the CD's are new or used they ship them in those thin flimsy bubble wrap mailers that don't protect them from much of anything. In the last two days I have received 3 separate orders of CD's and all 3 are cracked. I don't order as much vinyl but they haven't done a whole lot better protecting them. Yes, I actually received a record in a bubble wrap sleeve and I was surprised to find the record unharmed but the corners of the sleeve took some hits as if Wile E. Coyote was holding it when stepping off a cliff. I recently got a SACD from Music Direct in bubble wrap. I was surprised because they used cardboard boxes before. Sure enough, the nice SACD case was cracked and I don't have any spares so I let them know. They were very quick to send me a replacement case in a... you guessed it... a bubble wrap mailer. The case wasn't cracked thankfully but sheesh! These companies are really taking a chance with customer satisfaction by trying to save a few pennies on shipping! My encouragement to you, the CD buyer, is to not stand for even the smallest crack in your cases. Let the shipper know that they need to make it right and replace the case or give you a refund. When these bubble wrap mailers become too expensive for them because of complaints maybe they will stop the practice. Even putting a small mailer inside of a bigger mailer goes a long way to protecting the CD better. There certainly are a lot more important things going on in the world but it really bugs me seeing a brand new CD still in the shrink wrap with a big crack across the front.
  3. *Showcase* Your System

    Taking the opportunity to start a new thread Showcase you're system as it stands now Nothing stoping you from posting regular updates as new equipment is installed My system as it stands now ( I do apologise that the turntable was not ready for these photos )