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Found 2 results

  1. I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself quickly, stop lurking in the shadows and share with you my quest with a recently acquired Heresy pair. My name is Robert (Rob) I live in the northern part of Mexico and I have been an audiophile by my father´s inheritance. My quest for music Nirvana guided me to try the Klipsch sound and since my listening space/study is a bit crowded....it serves as audio workshop/music room/informal office... the space is limited and thus a pair of Heresy (smallest from the Heritage series AFAIK) seem to be adequate for the space (10´x12´) After a quick hunt I got myself a well preserved pair of Heresy I with TYPE E xover, K22E woofer, K55M squawker & K77M tweeter. Consecutive S/N 137X935 (any history with the given S/N will be much appreciated). After a quick check to the Xover network and verifying good cable connections hooked them to my modded Adcom GFA535, crude first impression great mids, good top end but lean on the bottom and with a coldish sound signature. I was expecting a lean bottom but it lacked body for its size. Changed the Adcom for my upgraded NAD 3120 and things were warmer and mucho better in the low end. Listened for a week or so to adjust my ears and brain. Things for me were too front forwarded in the mid & upper end, very very good with a good amount of WOW factor with how this drivers and Horns present the music. Like it! but...YEs there is a but....I did not went to bed with a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day, they lacked body...fullness. After reading some in the forum opted to try the well known network mod by @JohnA (great stuff John!) to tame / balance the upper portion and things got better, the veil in the lower half was pretty much gone, more balanced all around...but, yes, another but...well actually the same from the start, the 12 inch woofer seems to be a bit lacking and IMO does not make justice to the upper portion of the speaker. I do not consider myself a bass head but in my room the Heresys always leave a sense of....they do not give me the full grin I am expecting for. Nothing new I know but they could have a little more body in its foundation. Yes I have played with speaker placement since I know bass is very tricky vs speaker placement. After reading some more I am very tempted to go for the Super Heresy mod by @ClaudeJ1, seems pretty straight forward...thumbs up for the mod Claude, you have a good amount of followers for what I have read and really walked the mile with the mod and overall design and testing) Will gather the info, part list and everything necessary and will keep you posted on the progress, doubts along the way and outcome of this new near future DIY adventure. Anyhow, sorry for the long intro and I will be around reading all the good stuff from you guys. Rob.
  2. Hi everyone! I’m interested in forum members thoughts on the situation I find myself in diving into my home theater build. I’m a long time klipsch lover and hifi audio system geek in general. After tossing around the idea of doing an all paradigm or all canton HT system I have finally decided that I just will not be too happy without that classic klipsch sound. My delema is should I go with an all legend series klf 30/20 for mains, side & rear surrounds, with klf c7’s as center and atmos front and rear height speakers which is what I had resolved to do. I currently have a pair of 30’s and I am planning on procuring another pair of 30’s this weekend. So I’ll have 4 of the six towers needed to get started. Then it’s just track down another pair and 5x c7’s (which are far more shipable than the towers). On the other hand I also have the opportunity to pick up a pristine pair of heresy 2’s and 3 pair of heresy 1’s that are in beater shape that need a ton of work. No matter the choice I will be doing crites upgrades on all of the speakers legends or heresies. Haven’t had any experience with crites upgrades, are heresy or legend upgrades more costly? Will there be a timbre matching difference between the heresy 1’s and 2’s after crites conversion? Also what would be the best recommendation on atmos speakers for the heresies? Theater room is about 28x30. Would drive the system with pioneer elite vsx-lx503 and b&k separate amps (on 5 channels). Plan on upgrading to either an arcam, marantz, or anthem processor in the future and finding the best amps for whichever series I go with. The heresies are gonna need a lot of restoration work but are available now. Legends I’m gonna have to go through the headache of tracking down and picking up/get shipped to me. What are you guys thoughts on which route to take, and why? Has anyone heard both an all legend and an all heresy home theatre? I helped a friend years ago set up an all legend series theatre which was amazing and that was back in the days of 5.1/6.1. (He got a pair of klf 30’s after babysitting mine for me for a month or so, then completed the full surround system) Btw having two pair of klf 30’s as extra stereo sets if I go with the heresy option is no problem and I have the gear to run two separate audiophile stereo configurations on the 30’s. Choices, choices, choices... Any thoughts, experiences, advice you guys have would be much appreciated.
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