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Found 5 results

  1. I have just purchased The One (Klipsch Heritage) and simply cannot pair it with my Audio-technica AT-LP60-BT. Actually according to the light signals it does pair, but there's not sound coming out. Can someone help me out? Perhaps it's a firmware update or a Bluetooth version incompatibility truouble... Find the audio-technica specs in the attached file. tks in advance for the advise
  2. I am having problems pairing my Groove with my Lenovo Yoga Laptop (which is only 9 months old). I had it paired at one point but it no longer will pair. I have tried doing the factory reset. Sometimes the computer recognizes the Groove but other times it will not. Sometimes when it says it is paired the sound is still coming out of the computer speakers not the Groove. Earlier this year it was working fine. I have heard that Groove will only save 2 devices to pair with and if you want to pair it with something different you have to do the factory reset first to erase the current pairings. I have not been able to confirm this with Klipsch however. I love the speaker. It has a rich sound that is much better than many of the bluetooth speakers that I have heard. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Chuck Fredrick Durango, CO
  3. I've got a KMC3 and a pair of R-15PMs. How can I pair them to both play music from my turntable? I can get one or the other to play, but I can't get both. I also can't seem to pair both together to stream music via bluetooth, any ideas? Thanks, Ray
  4. I've got a set of R-15PMs and a KMC 3. How can I pair these together to play from one audio bluetooth source? Thanks, Ray
  5. I am putting together my first ever stereo system (turntable, speakers, receiver), and I recently purchased a pair of vintage 1980 Klipsch Heresy HWL speakers. My dad had a similar pair when I was younger, so I purchased them partly for nostalgia and sentimental reasons. My earliest musical listening experiences were through Klipsch. They had a tremendous impact on me and are a huge reason why I'm a musician today. My next step is getting a tubed receiver. All the research I've done on the vintage Heresy speakers suggest that the Heresys really sing through tubed instead of solid state, as that is what they were designed for. They also recommend getting a receiver or amp with a mid level controller. So far, I've been looking at Marantz (specifically the 2270 and 2275 model), Mcintosh, and Fischer. However, I'm also trying not to break the bank and am open to other suggestions. I will only be playing vinyl through this set-up. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions, recommendations, or advice. I'm brand new to this! Thanks!
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