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Found 5 results

  1. Original owner 2018 build new Mullard tubes low hours $900 includes shipping (from Savannah)and PayPal G&S
  2. Dynavector 10x5 MC phono cartridge - as new $350. $300 shipped within USA. Legendary moving coil cartridge with great reviews. Comes with original box/packaging/instructions & needle cleaning brush. Needledoctor was selling these re-tipped for $600. Bought from friend, sent to re-tipping service/not mounted since getting it back. Here's the write up after service: "Hi Jim, I noticed that the original cantilever and nude diamond tip assembly was still hanging onto your cartridge. I inspected it under the microscope and it looked brand new. There was no detectable wear to the diamond. So instead of installing a new bonded tip, your cartridge has been reunited with its original nude tip. Working great now and testing perfect. Third photo shows perfect channel balance, fourth and fifth show respective channel separation figures approaching 40dB at 1000Hz which is quite high. Spec is only 25dB at 1000Hz. Photos 1 and 2 show suspension is fine and cantilever tracks straight. It’s as good as new! Joseph"
  3. Having trouble diagnosing the problem. A few weeks ago i was running a Pioneer SX 1010 (100% refurbished a few years ago) with an Orbit TT with Klipschorns (1974 all original except a new XO from Crites) The left speaker made a mild cracking sound, and it seemed like the K55V was having trouble. They are original from 1974, so I figured the diaphragm went bad, ordered a pair of A-55Gs from Crites (good reason to order these anyway) Noticed the sound still wasn't right, left side a bit bright or right side was muddy. Swapped out the SX 1010 for a Pioneer SX 535 (little brother) - sounded OK, but still off, at first I though it was just the down grade in receiver. Decided to hook the 1010 with the Orbit to some KG 1.5's - noticed the woofer cone was dancing a bit, and more on the left side. Swapped the 535 in and noticed the same thing, just less pronounced dancing. Did the same with some Forte II's 1010 and 535 same results. Next I grabbed an old Pioneer PL15 TT, and did the same tests with 1010 and 535 with the forte IIs Similar results, also noticed while i was touching the balance knob the woofer dancing was worse then it would settle down, again both the 1010 and 535. Thus I can't seem to find the problem, but something is not right. Last test was to go away from the phono stages and go ipod to aux, both 1010 and 535 - both sounded as they should. As always appreciate any insight/help before i spend some $s to have the 1010 phono stage looked at. Thanks
  4. I am starting a new build. This time around a phono stage to go with my line stage I just completed. Here is the chassis. There will be three tubes across.
  5. Hello, I'm new here and have couple Cartridges and a turntable for sale. They're all brand new in the box. I'm located in 90630 area code. I can meet local or will ship at buyer's expense. Please PM for pictures. DL103D DL304 DLS1 DP500M Thanks Wago
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