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Found 2 results

  1. Hope you experts can give me some guidance as I am completely lost Trying to build a new cabinet for a 12" woofer (and a 14x8" horn). All info I have seen is very conflicting; showing volume sizes differing by up to 300% Background ... did not like my (small) Klisch KV2 center speaker (with KPT-904 mains), so was looking for another solution. Found a Yamaha stage monitor speaker (S112IV; 12" woofer and 14x8 horn w/ 2" diaphragm, pic at end of post), and was very pleased with the sound. FYI, forum veteran @Thaddeus Smith tried it with a similar (15") Yammie and I'm pretty sure he is impressed also. But; it is a stage monitor, meaning "rat fur" cloth covering which yields a 0/10 on the WAF meter. So; why not put the components in another (wife friendly) walnut box - haha with a Klipsch logo? (And, to keep the size small, I thought a sealed box would be OK as it is a center speaker and doesn't need low bass.) After days and days, I finally got the T/S specs from Eminence (mfg of the woofer; Yamaha model JAY51200). They are: 05-RE OHMS 5.66 13-FS HZ 47.72 06-LE MH .93 14-MMS GMS 34.80 07-QM 3.10 15-CMS mm/N .3195 08-QE .480 16-RMS NS/M 3.3707 09-QT .420 17-VAS LTRS 127.19 10-XMAX MM 3.00 18-SD SCM 532.36 11-BL TM 11.05 19-EBP 98.6 12-EFF % 2.75 20-SPL dB 96.4 So; plugged these into a couple of online cabinet size calculators and got 3-4 cuft as recommended for a SEALED box (over 7 cuft for ported). First comment; does not make much sense as the original Yammie box is ported and ONLY has an internal volume of about 2.0 cuft. (I "***-umed" that I could build a sealed box even smaller than that.) Anyone ???? Next it gets even more confusing. Eminence told me a "cheaper' replacement for this driver is their model "Beta-12A-2." Eminence shows a ported box volume for this at 4.75 cuft and a sealed box (with heavy polyfill) at 0.9 cuft. ????? 1/5th the size ???? Parts-Express recommends 2.36 cuft sealed and 7.35 cuft ported. PE's 2.36 vs Eminence 0.9 cuft just because of some polyfill ?????? Obviously these numbers are "all over the place" and I have NO CLUE why Furthermore, don't want to spend $200 (baltic birch and veneer) plus weeks building a box which is completely wrong My only "uneducated" solution is to "copy" the Yamaha design ... or throw it away as my wife will not allow a "rat fur" box Many, many thanks for any inputs/thoughts Cheers, Emile
  2. Trying to "transplant" a 12" woofer, 14x8" horn (w/ 2" diaphragm) and crossover from a (oops; blasphemy ) Yamaha stage monitor into a WAF friendly box. Planning on a sealed box to keep the size to a minimum - and not concerned about "low bass" since it will be a center speaker Calculated the required volume from the T/S parameters and it's about 2.5 cuft. (Actually does not make sense since the original PORTED monitor only has a 2.0 cuft volume ) But; seems "stuffing" is required, especially since I''d like to make the box smaller Lots of reviews on polyfill, fiberglass, denim insulation and others. Of course there is NO consensus, except that fiberglass seems to be "one of the best" but of course a pain in the azz - OK; hands/arms. And ... polyfill is overrated Any suggestions or comments? Much appreciated. Cheers, Emile
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