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Found 6 results

  1. Fellow Forum Memnbers, in another thread i mentioned my long-term project of refurbishing a pair of Heresy Es; this one is more of short term project. A few months ago i got my pair KG1.5 back from my sister. They are the first speakers i bought from my own money, back in ´94. in 2001 they were replaced by RF3s and my sister got, moveed with them to France, came back and soon they went to a garage. Now i got them back because She does not have the space to keep them (having moved again.). Now i use them as my computer speakers, hoked them up to Yamaha A-S201, and they still play just as great as they did the first time i heard them! But all this moving and finaly storage in a garage have not been kind on the cabinets. The´re scratched and in places the paint chiped off the wood. So i started to strip them, i plan to just oil and wax them. I know, as far as natural wood goes, these came in oak and walnut. Maybe there´s someone here who, from the attached pictures, can tell me what kind of verneer this is? Stay healthy, Andre
  2. Prefer a pair of 3 Slant Risers, &/or Pair or 3 FLAT Risers in Walnut Oiled... One odd slant riser ok in Black. Greenback$, Trade, Partial Trade, &/or Firm Handshake OK.
  3. I have the opportunity to procure a set of Risers for my KG4's. Unfortunatly, they are in Oak Oil and not Walnut Oil. Has anyone ever successfully changed the Oak Oil finish to Walnut? I realize the grain is different, but its just the Risers so I'm not too concerned about the grain appearance. I'm not a wood worker, so I'd like to get an idea of just how much work this would be if it is indeed doable. Maybe I just need to be more patient and wait for a set Walnut Oil Risers to come available. I appreciate your input.
  4. I am looking for a pair of Forte 1 Risers to buy. Someone out there must have taken them off theirs and has them sitting around somewhere, Preferably Walnut finish but I'm not that picky.
  5. 2 Klipsch KG4's with sequential serial numbers and built in risers in good condition for sale in the So. Florida area. The pictures tell the story. $300 local/pickup Deerfield Beach. Cash only. (954) 993-2662
  6. Hey all, I just got a Quintet V system and so far am pretty happy. But, the center speaker is currently blocking the very bottom of my TV, which of course is not really acceptable. We don't want to wall-mount the television, so the solution is getting a riser with (a) sufficient clearance for the center speaker (4.9" height according to Klipsch) and (b) large enough to accommodate the base of my TV, which is about 23" wide and 10" deep. So far, (b) hasn't been too hard to find, but (a) is proving daunting. The closest thing I could find appears to be a smidge too low for the speaker to fit. There are a few other ones at Amazon with similar dimensions that also fail to make the cut. There are larger ones, too, but it looks like they'd be too tall (lots of empty white space), or I wouldn't be able to effectively center the speaker under them, because they're divided into two compartments. This one appears to be perfect, but also slightly overpriced. Presumably I'm not the first person to run into this issue, so I was wondering if anybody here had a positive recommendation. Thanks!
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