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Found 3 results

  1. I have three pairs of RP-140SA speakers in my 7.1.2 set up and I am having trouble with the crossover setting for the RP-140SA. According to the spec sheet, the frequency response for the speaker, "conforms to Dolby Atmos Specification." Apparently this is some secret thing because I can't find it anywhere, at least for home theaters. My pre/pro does the auto-eq routine but like most, it varies and sometimes the RP-140SA crossovers are calculated at 40Hz (yeah right!) and sometimes they are 120Hz + or - 40Hz. I don't know why it's some secretive thing, but it would be nice to know what the bottom range is so I don't over-drive them. Does anyone know what the low end of the frequency response is? I'm sorry to sound like this, but I just find it frustrating that this basic number isn't published on Klipsch's or Dolby's site.
  2. Sorry if all this will sound confusing and if its a big post... will try my best to explain all this without giving a headache. I'm new to better quality music listening so hope all this is not difficult to answer. I'm slowly moving from a Logitech Z-906 system to a more conventional one. Here is my current 5.1 setup: - Yamaha HTR-6160 - Klipsch R-14M main front left/rigth - Z906 subwoofer (6 ohms, at 52 Hz, at 10% THD) connected on the A/V subwoofer pre-out going to the Z906 sub's stereo RCA input - Z906 Rear left/rigth and centre (each: 67 watts, 4 ohms at 3.85kHz, at 10% THD) Yamaha A/V is connected to a Win10 PC using a Sound Blaster ZXR (optical + analog multi channels) and a Nvidia video card (DVI/HDMI). I'm trying to get the best settings for listing to 2.1 stereo music. I also play games but i'm more concerned about music quality. Anyone know the best setting i could use one the A/V receiver, Windows 10 and Sound Blaster software? I tried so-many different setting that i don't know anymore myself what sounds better lol think i also need a reset. Here are my main questions for music quality. - A/V receiver: It can support 6 ohms speakers but the Z906 rear L/R and centre speakers are 4 ohms. Can this damage something? Heard mixed stories on that. - Windows 10: What is best 16-bit bit depth or 24-bit? And sampling rate 48kHz, 96kHz or 192 kHz. Most of my CDs have been ripped to MP3s at 320kbps but also have others mostly at around 192kbps. - A/V and Windows: Should the R-14M be set as small or large speakers? And z906 satellites to small? - Windows: What usually sound best WASAPI push, WASAPI event or Direct Sound (using foobar 2000) - SB ZXR: In general, is it better to use SPDIF, Optical/Speakers or Analogue/Speakers - A/V receiver: When using DTS or DD the music sound canned. Can this be fixed or is it better to use PCM/Straight - If i missed other important settings that should be set please let me know Thank you very much for any help!
  3. dks5276


    hello all, Im running a Onkyo Tx-sr805 and I have th epleasure of owning rf-83's, my question is what should i set them at...full range? to a certain HZ like 80hz, i used the calibration mic but i feel as if my rf-83's arent putting out the sound that they can, i am a bass loving kinda of guy and like to feel it if you know what i mean....any help would be a GREAT help, also if anyone is a Receiver expert, should i keep the onlyo tx-sr805 or get the tx-sr636?
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