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Monster Receiver Stack


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Ahhh.. I just realized who you were and figured out you were being sarcastic. (as shown in your profile photo) LOL

I don't think he is kidding.

OCD can be a terrible thing, can't it? LOL

I kinda was and wasn't kidding. [:^)] [8-)] Earlier advice from the Tiger man was about my thoughts. [8-|]

If you can buy cheap, do some fixen up yourself, really enjoy the work and collecting, and have space and cash to do so- have at it mang! [Y]

Mine has gotten entirely out of hand. I needed to build a separate facility just to house the collection. That may be taking things a bit far. [:$][:o]

But then I've never been one to hold back. [;)]


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I prefer to collect money. It has cool pictures on them and is easy to store. Its fun and usually very liquid. If you store it in a bank, they usually will give you some more every month

I hear the Bernard Madoff bank is paying some handsome rates, if however, slightly illiquid at the moment...

As for collecting, I think if you want to do it and have the means, go for it. I'd hope you're doing it for the fun of it and not anticipating it as an 'investment' (I'm not suggesting you ARE) .

People collect stamps, coins, wives, speakers...why not receivers!

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she's a rust-free laser straight '66 21-window with 5 foot ragtop. In college in the early 80s I had a '67 that took me and as many as we could fit to many a Grateful Dead show. When I sold it, I promised myself I'd buy another someday. Someday finally came.

Now, instead of Dead shows, I pile the kids and dog in on Saturday mornings and we head to the deli for bagels before going to the lake.

Peace, TommyK

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Nice bus (if only I had the dough to restore one)...

I do have the beginnings to a monster receiver stack...well, only one receiver so far, a restored '78 Sansui G-7000 packin' 85Wpc (it's a start, especially on my tight budget).


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