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Breaking News! Bob Carver & Rita Helm have opened a new repair shop!


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From the link above:

Hi Everyone,
I am Lisa from Rita's Vintage Audio Repair. Here is some helpful info:

Here is our info:

Rita's Vintage Audio Repair
1920 Bickford Ave.
Snohomish, WA 98290

Our Charges:

$175.00 Flat Fee
$175.00 for active drivers ONLY if it needs it
$75.00 for passive drivers ONLY if it needs it
$75.00 for tech labor time on unit over 3hrs.
$ 20.00 ONLY IF box & packing material are needed or wanted.
Customer pays Shipping & Handling both ways.
We ship UPS Ground for return UNLESS customer chooses otherwise, also we insure for $999.00 for return.
Please include all contact info when shipping to us. We will not ship your unit back until we receive payment.
Billing will occur at the time of return shipment. Please include the best time to contact you for payment.
We warranty any work We performed for one year.

Any questions please feel free to call.
P.S. Occassionaly Mr. Carver finds time to drop by & we can get him to sign units!:-"

Thank You,
Lisa Selph

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