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Things I have learned on my hi-fi journey


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Very Ture!! - In my opinion - if a 100% perect audiophile system is on a scale form 1-100 is a 100....

...then Cornwalls + up to spec Scott 29_ will get you around 95.

I think every point above that needs substantial (and really substantial) investment to make it sound that much better.

I have pair of Cornwalls with a Scott 296 hooked up to it - I often compare that to my Klipschorns w/ ALK ES + Welborns 300B DRDs (i.e. total investment of almost 4x the Cornwall set up) ---> So does my Khorn setup sound 4x better than my Cornwall setup? - No! - 3x better? - No! 2x Better? - No! - Any better in general? Yes.

There is definitely a difference. Was it worth the 4x the investment? To me, absolutely yes!

I love trying new gear. Even though at times I am totally satisfied with my system, I still end up selling my gear just for the sake of trying something new (I don't encourage this - too much hassel for most - but not enough to stop me).

I had a similar experience at GaryMDs place. His Cornwalls are set up with a Scott 299B and he also has a Khorn w/ DeanG crossovers, VRDs, highend turntable, Blueberry with Cream etc etc. system ---> IMO, although not totally on par with his Khorn system, the Cornwall system sound really really really good.

A nice pair of Cornwalls can be found anywhere between 600-800 + nice rebuilt Scott can also be found for 500-600. Hence for approximately 1100-1400, you can step up one amazing sound system. Sit back, enjoy, and save tons of money.

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Record deck=turntable

Some people think old volvos are beautiful. The same people think td 124's are too.

Copper speaker wire oxidizes much more slowly at my house than at many others.

Timbre matching is the only way to go with an ht rig.

Good speakers make excellent gifts to those whom you visit often.

Whiskey then beer, never fear. Beer then whiskey, mighty risky.

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Luther's Law of dimenishing audio return (never say always, but my general rule)
Given your budget of X and if audio nirvana is 100%
Spending 80% of X gets you 90% of nirvana
Doubling X will get you to 95%
After 95% each additional % doubles your budget again

Your system is always defined by the weakest link.

Think of it in terms of audio. $8000 Vallhala speaker cables will not make a difference between a Marantz 2270 and a set of JBL L100's but will between some Acapella Triolon Excalibur speakers and a pair of Audio Note Kegon mono blocks.

Value is what you perceive it to be.

Contentment comes not from what you have, but knowing what you can live without.

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That jacksonbart has been a pyrokinetic (what ever that is) since 1998.

Answer: Fire Starter with his mind (or in it LOL)

I have learned two things just recently!

1) I think Chicago_Pete should give that beutiful trail 50 to my 9 and 6 year olds for Christmas, and...

2) After seeing that Beelsibubs self photo, their are actually people in this hobby that I could enjoy slowly dismembering and leaving to ROT!!!


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I've learned to keep an open mind and ear. Just because I hate the way something looks doesn't mean I'll hate the way it sounds. After tremendous resistance, my dealer convinced me to audition Magnepan speakers. I always hated the look and thought there was no way they'd ever sound the way they do... boy was I surprised. Bought and loved them, had to sell them but someday I will own another. Smile

I agree, had a pair of Maggies years ago.
They do a lot of things right and someday I will have another pair.

Look on the Garage Sale area. Eminent Technology speakers are the ultimate statement of the Magnepan concept.

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