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Things I have learned on my hi-fi journey


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There is a "golden ratio" for applying capital investiments to you system: Spend 50% on source material. Spend 25% on speakers. Spend 25% on every thing else.

If you have a system that gives you great satification, it is a shame to not have enough music to appreciate it.

Valves sound better to my ear.

You don't have to spend mega $ to get great sound.

Listen to music new to your ear. Worst case, you don't listen to it again. Best case you have a new genre or artist you enjoy. I scored a T. Monk album last week. There will be more to follow.

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The chances of frying a tweeter or blowing a speaker fuse are directly proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed before a listening session...

Not if you have an MCM stack, where you get 110 db per watt in any room of a house. You'll blow your ears first.

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The album is Misterisos, which is several tracks recorded live. Besides the artist, it was produced by Teo Macero, who got the best out of Miles. I don't like to use hyperbole, but Monk is a genious. The album had a pretty bad scratch on one side, but when I played it on the stores turntable you could barely make it out. Best $6 spent this month.

Can you recommend other albums? Many thanks.

- Mike

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