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How many ohms are KLF-10's


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I know the sticker on the back says "8 ohms", but my multimeter says 4. I have checked other speakers and they are reading about 8 on my multimeter.

I've heard that the ohm reading is under load, but under load is when I am having problems with my amp not being able to drive the speakers when connected to the 8ohm tap

Is this a normal condition for these speakers or did something change or go out in the crossover that would have caused the resistance to go up?

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It sounds OK on the 4 ohm taps, but I'm wondering why it doesn't work on the 8. If the speakers used to be 8 and now they are 4, it makes me wonder if they used to sound better. Does anyone with a pair of klf-10,20,30's have a multimeter to prove or disprove that I'm crazy?

That is wierd. I would think they would mate up? could it be something wrong with your amp?

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